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Alphabet Card Spelling Game

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10-15 Minutes Groups of 2-3 Practice spelling and review/preview vocabulary

  • Use lower case cards
  • Use upper case cards
  • Include punctuation marks and have more advanced students make sentences
  1. Prepare sets of alphabet cards with one letter on each card
  2. Prepare a list of vocabulary words from class
  3. Divide the class into groups of 2 or 3 of roughly equal ability if possible
  4. Give each group 2 sets of cards (10 groups = 20 sets of cards)
  5. Have students scatter the cards face down in front of them
  6. Tell the students a word to spell and write it on the board if necessary
  7. Students look for letters to spell the word in order
  8. After spelling it correctly, students raise their hand
  9. Check their spelling and if its correct, give them the next one
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