Alphabet Word Game

30 minutes Groups of 2-4 Practice vocabulary through themes

  • Change around the categories based on level of students
  1. Divide class into groups of 2-4 students
  2. Each group assigns a writer
  3. The writer makes a chart with headings such as ‘Boy’s name’, ‘Girl’s name’, ‘Place’, ‘Animal’, etc.
  4. The teacher says a letter
  5. Each group has 1-3 minutes to write a word in each category that starts with the letter
  6. Using the example above: Bill, Betty, Brooklyn, Bedroom, Bat
  7. Teacher asks each group for answers 1 category at a time
  8. Groups get 10 points for each answer
  9. If two groups have the same answer, they gey 5 points each
  10. The team with the most points wins