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App For Finding A Job Abroad

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Working internationally is a dream for many young people, and now it is easier than ever to realize that dream.  You don’t have to conduct your European job search through a huge, bureaucratic agency.  You also don’t have to deal with sketchy recruitment firms that charge you hefty fees before you even get hired.  Instead, there is an app that lets you browse listings and connect with employers in five European countries with great job markets.  With StepStone, you can search for jobs throughout Western Europe right from your mobile phone.

What Kinds of Jobs Are Listed on the StepStone App?

The StepStone mobile app lists jobs in a variety of industries and geographic locations.  It lists highly technical jobs in fields like engineering and information technology.  It also has jobs in more everyday fields like sales, marketing, and human resources.  Companies of all sizes list jobs on StepStone, from international corporations to local family businesses.

StepStone lists jobs in some of the most attractive job markets in Europe:

  • Popular locations in France – Paris, Marseilles, Lyon
  • Popular locations in Germany- Berlin, Munich, Hamburg
  • Popular locations in Belgium – Antwerp, Brussels, Gand
  • Popular locations in Austria – Vienna, Linz, Graz
  • Popular locations in the Netherlands – Amsterdam, the Hague, Rotterdam

Convenient Features of the StepStone App

The StepStone app helps you apply for jobs as well as searching for them.  You can use Dropbox or Google Drive to upload your CV and personal statement to the StepStone cloud.  Then you can access your documents from the cloud and send them to prospective employers from your mobile phone.  When you use the StepStone app, you are no longer tied to your computer when you send job applications.

StepStone is a convenient way to apply for jobs in some of Europe’s most popular cities.

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