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Best Teaching English Abroad Programs

Teaching is one of the best and only ways to make a real difference in the lives of people and education is the key to many things. What’s more, the English language is the national language in many countries. Teaching English as a foreign language has many programs that have been tried and tested to ensure that you really can make a difference.

Those who have used them have loved every second of the experience they have shared with their students and teaching English abroad. It is difficult to tell what makes these programs loved. Perhaps it is their flexibility, the fact that people of all ages find themselves in amazing locations, or maybe even the ratio of value to cost. However, finding the best teaching English abroad programs is not as easy as it sounds. This list will narrow down your search to find the right teaching positions for you.


Frontier is a nonprofit scientific research organization that has been in operation since 1989. You will love the fact that the organization has over 400 projects in over 72 countries all over the world. It does not just offer to teach programs abroad, it also offers internships, volunteer programs, and gap year travel to its members.

To make civil society better, the programs together with local communities and researchers to protect the ecosystem, promote economic growth, improve capacity building, and increase community development. The “teach abroad” program here allows you to extend your skills to completely underfunded schools as a volunteer or in well-funded schools where you get to share a variety of classroom activities depending on your experiences.

The language house TEFL certificate

The most incredible part of this program is that you do not just up and go just because you can speak the English language. This TEFL certfication program aims to deliver the best services to its clients. Therefore, as a volunteer, you will have to go through a rigorous training course that will allow you to polish up on your English language and teach you how to be an effective teacher.

After the four-week course, you will be posted at any one of their many worldwide locations to teach. This American-owned company has connections everywhere in the world so be ready to be posted anywhere. With TEFL certification under your belt, you are well on your way to your dream teaching job.

Maximo Nivel

Maximo Nivel is a volunteer program that offers study abroad opportunities, internships, and teaches abroad placements. These placements are mostly focused on Latin America. This organization has been in operation now for 15 years. During those years, it has found that the easiest way to children who need to learn English is by partnering with local NGOs and schools. Most of the schools and NGOs it partners with are in Peru, Rica, and Guatemala.

It offers a TEFL certificate and course that involves 150 hours of coursework, 6 hours observing other teachers and 6 hours practical teaching experience. The 150-hour course work is divided into 100 hours of in-class instruction, 35 hours of written assignments are reading and 15 hours practical experience. This will let you know what your teaching strengths are and how you can impact them to the students. After that, you are guaranteed a lifetime job placement assistance that will help you find the best-paid teaching placements all over the world.

Global Vision International

This program has been in operation since 1997. During this time, it has placed more than 20,000 interns and volunteers on programs that impact humanity all over the world. If you are worried that you may not find enough impactful adventure, you should not. This program has opportunities in Africa, Asia Europe, Americas, and Australasia.

There are numerous placements going on, even now. These placements allow you to sharpen your leadership skills, help out in classrooms and make a huge difference in the lives of the students you will be in contact with. In most internship placements, you will spend the first 12 weeks alongside other GVI members learning the basics of teaching in a classroom setting and in community centers. Thereafter, you will be placed with a trusted partner where you will learn further as you assist in day to day activities.

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Premier TEFL

Premier will still your heart because other than helping out needy children get an education and have fun while at it, you will also be paid. This program offers individuals paid internships. Of course, you will have to complete and pass the high-quality online course to qualify. After that, you will be placed in any country from Thailand, China, or Spain to Colombia depending on where you think you will bring the most value. Unlike most of the other programs where you are volunteering, this program allows you to earn while doing what you love.


I-to-I has been in operation since 1994. If you would like to be paid to travel the world and teach English, this is the program you should join. You will first have to pass the TEFL online courses. Don’t worry. The courses are not as difficult and more than 175,000 graduates have made it. The course involved 120 hours online training and an additional 20 hours of classroom training once you are assigned to a particular country.

After the training, you can now work as an English teacher in any country in the world. These certificates are recognized by thousands of employers worldwide. You also get amazing packages such as five months travel to China or Vietnam. There are also options where you go for shorter periods of time. You get a $700 completion bonus once you have successfully completed your internship. Depending on the country you are in, you may also get a week vacation where you can relax in beach resorts.

Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad have been in operation for more than 20 years. During this time, more than 10,000 volunteers have been placed in countries all over the world. This program does not just concentrate on teaching English, you can also teach IT, French, and physical education. This allows you to choose a subject you love and one you will be able to teach effectively. The subjects you choose will also determine where in the world you will be placed in work. Nonetheless, you will still be given a chance to impact on the lives of your students and bond with them in your own way.

Useful Tips For Teachers From All Over The World

It is probably not a secret that teachers have to spend a lot of free time to improve their skills and knowledge, especially when we talk about the twenty-first century. The period, when students can order essay writing services on special websites such as In fact, they can type an appropriate phrase in Google and get this paper for a nominal fee. Moreover, if you make an order on these sites, you can be sure that your paper will be written by an experienced writer with strong writing skills and deep knowledge in various spheres. In addition, there are many writers with science degrees in at least one field of science, that’s why your chances to get a high-quality text are the highest. Do not forget about the fact that all of these students have an unlimited access to the Internet. They can use this source not only for buying essays or studying, but also for cheating. As a result, it is really important for any teacher to know how to reveal these cheats.

Therefore, we decided that it is a very good idea to prepare an article, in which young teachers can figure out something new and interesting for their future professional activity. If you are really interested in this topic, you should read our article as soon as possible. So, if you do not mind, we are going to start right now without any hesitation.

Use Different Software

First of all, most teachers, who want to become a just and wise mentor, use different software which can help you to check the level of uniqueness. Only teachers who know how to use these plagiarism checkers, can ensure the highest level of quality of any studying process. It is connected with the fact that many students nowadays do not worry about writing assignments and they use samples of essays, which they found on the Internet. You should do everything possible to eliminate any ways to do that. Use plagiarism checker every time when you read texts of your students to be sure that they wrote these essay without any additional help.

Improve Everyday

Second, if you really want to become a successful teacher, you should improve your skills every day. It is probably not a secret that people usually do not want to develop themselves but it is extremely important not only for teachers but also for other people.  Just keep in mind the fact that you should do everything possible to increase your value in this specific market and that’s all. Set your goals or principles and follow your dream.

Online Services and Programs

Third, most teachers do not want to use the most progressive and innovative approaches to studying. For example, they decide that it is a good idea to rely only on traditional books, while all progressive people use different online services and programs to become better every day. You can do the same. For example, you can use Coursera or TED to do that. It is really comfortable because you can get new knowledge at home sitting on your favorite sofa.

Different Books

Finally, do not forget about different books. There are hundreds of different books for teachers on Amazon or in the closest books store, which you can use to figure out more about the newest techniques and strategies in teaching. Read some of them and try to implement this new knowledge in practice. If you understand that this hint is not working, you should forget about this alternative and continue searching.  We are sure that you will find your ideal way of teaching.

Therefore, we have already considered some simple but extremely useful pieces of advice for teachers. Remember these tips, try to follow them and you will gain success in the near future.

9 Top Reasons of Studying Abroad

studying abroad

Education is an integral part of every person’s life. Everyday job requirements get updated, job descriptions are changed from simple ones to complex ones. And these require the applicant to know more or have a certain qualification. In pursuit of their dreams, most people go as far as studying abroad, paying fees and finding ways to co-exist with others in a place far away from home and family.

The population of those traveling across the borders of their country to study abroad has increased over the past times. We decided to find out major reasons why, and here are 10 of such reasons:

1.Improved chances of employment after studies

Students generally tend to flock to those nations whose educational standard is more advanced than that of their home country. This means that on return to their home countries, they are accorded more respect, and get coveted internship placements compared to those who did not study in foreign countries. Although this does not apply to every country, most are known to hold foreign certificates in high regard.

2.Chances to meet other people

Some people want to use the learning podium to cross paths with different ethnicities, different cultures, and different life perspectives. They have an interesting outlook on life which focuses on learning from people around them while still balancing schoolwork and other things they have to do on a daily basis.

3.To get away from negative influences

Another reason why students want to study abroad is to get away from discouraging influences, conditions or people. This can include the state of family relations, friends who mock and abuse their dreams and aspirations, or even the level of effectiveness shown by their country’s educational system. If the educational system in their country is unstable, with teachers constantly complaining and institutions closing down because of indefinite strikes, this means that if one chooses a course of 6 years, and indefinite strikes happen at least twice during the six years, this student might end up finishing a year or a year and a half later after the designated date of completion. No student wants to experience through such, so they insure themselves by going abroad for higher studies.

4.To learn new ways to improve their homelands

Countries like the USA, UK, Germany and other prominent nations that are looked at as “first-world countries” have designed and followed a lot of ideas, strategies, and projects that have been responsible for their improved economies over the years. They have researched new constitution amendments, new treatment ideas, new health – improving techniques and applied them to boost the standard of living in their nations, and by doing this, they have set a standard, highlighting the importance of studying. Therefore, a lot of students travel out to learn new things relevant to the field of their dreams and then come back home to implement these ideas in order to improve the living standard of their homeland.

5.The cost of studying is cheaper compared to their home country

Germany, for instance, offers free education in certain fields of study, and this appeals to the students, especially those who have lost one or both parents, or whose parents cannot support them through the whole program. So they gather their little resources and travel out in the hopes of getting educated and spending less so they could have funds to sustain themselves.

6.Chances of finding a job online or in person as a student

This is also a major factor students consider when choosing a country to study. Due to the easy availability of basic amenities like light, water, electricity and most importantly, internet, a student can study and work as a part-time cashier, caretaker and even as an essay birdie in his free hours. In some places, a student is allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week. This also serves as a means for the student to learn accountability as he gets to earn and decide how the money is used up in sustaining himself.

Some students travel out to study because they want to obtain the country’s permanent residence permit, or even citizenship by either marrying a native or securing a job and obtaining a work permit. For them, this can be the most genuine reason.

7.To teach English

English is becoming a ‘language with extensive reach’ and students who travel to study in non-English speaking nations find this a useful platform to participate in helping eager natives learn the language. A lot of nations have their students participating in exchange programs where they also get a chance to teach English abroad and get paid for turning their knowledge of the language into a source of revenue. We also recommend Tuition center in Singapore.

8.For the fun of the process

For some students, the aim is to convert their learning experience into something enjoyable by traveling out and visiting tourist attractions in that country in their free hours or traveling to neighboring nations and getting to see and encounter new cultures as a student and experience the thrill in exploring.

9.To secure their children’s future.

For some students who are family driven by default, the main objective is to settle down in the countries where they finish, get married and raise a family there. They believe that by making their children obtain a particular citizenship, they expose them to better opportunities in the future, and give them the ability to get all those things the students themselves never got to make their lives cozy and fun.

Great Reasons to Teach English in Japan

Teaching English in abroad can be a fantastic experience that will look great on your resume and will give you a great opportunity to be paid to travel. In this article from professional writers of newton essay, you will find information about the advantages of teaching English in Japan which is like a ticket to an adventurous life abroad while having a well-paid and stable job.

Japan is a top market and a popular destination for aspiring English teachers from English speaking countries and worldwide because this beautiful, spiritual, and welcoming country is famous for its state-of-the-art technology, unique traditional culture, low crime rate, and beautiful countryside. Besides, Japan’s capital Tokyo is a fascinating city and one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world that blends ancient with modern and boasts exquisite eating, fantastic shopping, and centuries of history.

Learning Languages

Although you are going to teach English, you will learn a lot about the language in the teaching process because your students are sure to ask you a lot of question and some of them may make you stumped. You will have to find answers to those tricky questions and teach beyond the textbooks. On the other hand, you will learn some Japanese expressions or slang from your colleagues and students. You will have to learn to communicate effectively in the situation when there is a language barrier so you will need to be creative and find ways to simplify your own speech.

Delicious and Healthy Food

Would you like to try exotic new flavors? Japanese are dedicated to perfecting their foods and finding the perfect balance of textures and flavors. In Japan, you can find the freshest food you could ever imagine. Japanese food is simple and safe to eat and in the busiest cities like Kyoto or Tokyo which are considered a paradise for lovers of food and drink, you will be able to taste different specialty foods practically every night for about a month without repeating yourself. Tokyo is especially known for its seafood with the biggest wholesale fish market in the world – the Tsukiji Market that is a must-visit destination for anybody visiting the city.

Shopping in Tokyo

Tokyo is a dream city for any shopaholic. Although lots of people consider Tokyo to be outrageously expensive, it not always true. You can find many bargains around the city and buy anything from second-hand fashion to the latest factory electronics.

Japan offers an unparalleled combination of history, culture, delicious cuisine, and stunning natural beauty. If you accept a challenge of teaching English in Japan, it can become one of the most rewarding experiences that will have a great impact on your personal development. You will learn what it means to be a teacher and a student at the same time because you will need an open mind and willingness to learn about Japanese culture, your students, and work environment. In this way, you will embrace the country’s uniqueness and beauty.

App For Finding A Job Abroad

Working internationally is a dream for many young people, and now it is easier than ever to realize that dream.  You don’t have to conduct your European job search through a huge, bureaucratic agency.  You also don’t have to deal with sketchy recruitment firms that charge you hefty fees before you even get hired.  Instead, there is an app that lets you browse listings and connect with employers in five European countries with great job markets.  With StepStone, you can search for jobs throughout Western Europe right from your mobile phone.

What Kinds of Jobs Are Listed on the StepStone App?

The StepStone mobile app lists jobs in a variety of industries and geographic locations.  It lists highly technical jobs in fields like engineering and information technology.  It also has jobs in more everyday fields like sales, marketing, and human resources.  Companies of all sizes list jobs on StepStone, from international corporations to local family businesses.

StepStone lists jobs in some of the most attractive job markets in Europe:

  • Popular locations in France – Paris, Marseilles, Lyon
  • Popular locations in Germany- Berlin, Munich, Hamburg
  • Popular locations in Belgium – Antwerp, Brussels, Gand
  • Popular locations in Austria – Vienna, Linz, Graz
  • Popular locations in the Netherlands – Amsterdam, the Hague, Rotterdam

Convenient Features of the StepStone App

The StepStone app helps you apply for jobs as well as searching for them.  You can use Dropbox or Google Drive to upload your CV and personal statement to the StepStone cloud.  Then you can access your documents from the cloud and send them to prospective employers from your mobile phone.  When you use the StepStone app, you are no longer tied to your computer when you send job applications.

StepStone is a convenient way to apply for jobs in some of Europe’s most popular cities.

What Is The Secret To Student Success

What does success mean to you? It can have different meanings for different people. For some, it may be getting fantastic grades, and for others, it might be looking at bigger goals of life. Most of the people think that getting good grades makes a student successful. However, success can be measured in different ways. When we look at youngsters carefully, we find out that those, who are working extra hard to get good grades are the ones, who are unhappy. We have seen many people, who were not good in studies but they achieved success after leaving high school or college. They became known personalities without attaining fantastic marks in college or school. A bright career requires basic education. Education is not about solving math sums or doing a Biology practical in the lab. Here is a knockout post that will help you understand the secret to student success. The secret has been revealed through this post. Let us take a quick look!

student success

Never Compare Yourself With Others

This is for the parents, teachers and the youngsters. Motivation is a positive tool that can help a poor student to do well. We find teachers motivating the bright students but the need of the hour is to help those, who are weak. You need to motivate them because that is the only way to help them succeed. When the parents and teachers pay attention to the academically bright students, the weaker students feel inferior, and they lack motivation. You must never compare! Students can achieve success by getting motivation from their teachers and parents. As a student, you must never compare yourself with others. You may have a gift that the other student does not possess. You may be excellent in sports, and another person may be brilliant in Science. Every student has their own special gifts.

student success

Make A Study Plan

How about making a plan for your studies? Most students study one night before the exam which will not help you to get good grades. Life is not about getting top grades, but you should be prepared for the exam. You must make it a habit of studying every single day. If you are a Sociology student, read the theories like it is an interesting story. Never study everything two days before the exam. It is best to be prepared beforehand. If you study one night before, you will forget everything, and on the exam day, you will feel sleepy.


Do not like take exams or assignments as a challenge. One day you will miss writing exams and completing assignments. Never criticize yourself that you cannot do it. You need to realize your potential and give it your best. Do not think about the result or output before giving it your best shot. If you wish to achieve success, you need to think positive and make the IMPOSSIBLE – POSSIBLE.

Reducing Time Spent On Social Media

How about keeping your phone and laptops away for a while? You would do a favor to yourself by concentrating on what is important. Social media distracts the youth because they want to check every like and every post that their friends have posted. Whose responsibility is it? You need to prioritize and keep the phone away while studying or finishing assignments.

student success

Keep Your Mind Fresh

You cannot study the whole time. Focused learning will help. However, you need some exercise to keep your mind fresh. You can join a dance class which lasts for an hour. You can go out for a bicycle ride. You can take your dog out for a walk. This will keep your mind fresh. Your body will suffer if you stay home all day. Physical activity is essential for a healthy mind and body.

Meditate and Release Stress

You will find many yoga videos on YouTube. You will find many yoga instructors around you. Join a yoga class and breathe. Meditation can help in improving focus. Anybody can meditate, and it only requires few minutes in a day. This will help you to relieve stress. It is good for your body!

Never Stop Exploring

Never listen to what people have to say! You have many career options to choose from. You are young, and you have the right to explore the best field as per your interest. You can teach English abroad, write for travel websites, become the President of your country or even pursue music. In a nutshell, you must do what you love. What interests you? You can pursue the career of your choice. It is YOUR dream, and you have to live with it. Make wise choices!

Wasn’t this a great post? There is only one way to find out! You have to try the above-mentioned tips and apply it to your lifestyle. Time management and positive thoughts are important. You should never think that you are inferior. If a student is getting good grades, it is because they live with positive thoughts and they manage their time. You can do it too! Start from today, and you shall achieve success too.

Getting into an Academic-Centric International School

There are clear advantages to studying in an international school. Not only are they forward-thinking institutions, but they provide students with a diverse environment. Take, for instance, the Indian international schools in Dubai, attracting over thousands of students across the United Arab Emirates. This has provided each student with a multicultural landscape, allowing them to learn from each other’s traditions and perspectives.

However, getting into an international school, especially one that positions themselves as ‘academic-centric’, can be very competitive. There are a lot of promising students who equally deserves a spot in the best international school in town. To be able to secure a slot for your kid, you have to know what an academic-centric school is and what you need to prepare if and when they want to transfer.

To help guide you, we will talk about what academic-centric means and two of the most important requirements when applying.

What is ‘academic-centric’?

Basically, what it means is they give full weight on a child’s academic performance. Which means they will look at their final grades in each subjects. This is clearly different from GRE-centric schools – institutions that focuses on general standardised test results.

Academic-centric schools also value comments from teachers and how they would describe their relationship with your kids. So if you are enrolling your child in an international sixth form school, for example, so that they can get a good preparation for GCSEs, then you will have to make sure that they have performed well in each subject in their previous school and have formed a good working relationship with their teachers.

This leads us to two of the biggest requirements for academic-centric schools:

Good grades and notable achievements

Of course, this does not meant pressuring your child to bury their nose in books and kissing away social lives by pushing them to join school organisations. What parents should do is encourage the kids to have fun while learning and being involved. The great thing about international schools is even the teaching methods are unconventional. Some would follow what is called Bloom’s Taxonomy, and this can be a good technique to use to tutor kids. It involves the following:

  • Remembering – Recalling topics discussed in class and memorisingdefinitions
  • Understanding – be able to explain ideas and concepts in their own words
  • Application – using the knowledge by applying or demonstrating it in projects or
  • Analysis – connecting theoretical ideas with the application
  • Evaluation – taking a stance and justifying it
  • Creation – producing a new thought or work

Through this, parents will be able to turn boring class discussions into engaging discussions and project making. In no time, your kid will earn those golden stars needed to get into an international school.

Great letters of recommendations from teachers

This is really simple to do, and one that does not include pandering to teachers. Students should just pass all exams, participate in class, and follow instructions. However, this requirement should not hinder you from defending your child when teachers are being unfair. While you need shiny recommendations from them, they are not the only teacher in the school, you can always just ask someone else.

Yes, competition is very steep when applying for an international school, but do not let the pressure get to you or your child. Have fun learning and preparing for it, that is key to your application’s success.

The Main Purpose of Essay Writing in Education

Be it high school or college, classrooms around the world require writing of at least a few essays during coursework. For some students, the tasks may be tedious, grueling, and possibly even futile in writing essays. And while writing my essays can be a very long and boring process, its practice is anything but tough. The skills needed to successfully craft an essay are skills that transcend into many other areas of life.

When learning essay writing skills in school, you learn how to develop arguments, transform your thoughts into concise, fluid sentences, and organize, along with improving grammar, spelling and punctuation. Which later on helps you with nearly everything in life – from future employment to daily tasks, it even helps improve reading proficiency. Due to its ability to prepare students for the “real world” it’s an important skill to be learned in the classroom.

Simply put, the main purpose of teaching and reinforcing writing is to prepare students, but the practice has many other purposes and benefits, such as: Enhancing communication, teaching organization, Improving grasp of the language (grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling), Encouraging self-expression, etc. Now a word about each of these:

Enhancing Communication

Essay writing enhances communication skills by helping students learn how to transform their thoughts into well-informed and crafted sentences. If they’re able to write it out on paper or type it on a computer, then they should be able to express it in both casual conversations and intellectual debates. However, for some, writing their thoughts is a lot easier than communicating them aloud to another person. This is due to two reasons: First, writing is easier for an individual to express (a young girl or boy writes in their diary) or, second, expressing thoughts out loud follows the initial process of writing (a presidential nominee writes out their speech before delivering it).

In either regard, communication is being, not only learned, but practiced. Like in the pages of a diary, emotions and memories are recorded, allowing its writer to better understand themselves and better express or explain their emotions to others. In the same way, speech is written with the intent of orating it, typically to a group of people, and so the written words are transcending from their initial drafting process to the activity of speaking them. This furthers communication skills by introducing the necessities of essay writing first. If essay writing is mastered, then formulating thoughts, ideas, and arguments into clear sentences is mastered.

Teaching Organization

When drafting an essay, especially a lengthy one, organization it is always emphasized by teachers to their students. If the arguments and thoughts of the essay aren’t structured in a way that makes sense, important points are ignored. Therefore essay writing in education is to help master the ability to not only write, not only formulate ideas but to make those ideas as easy to understand as possible. Even if the grammar and punctuation were perfect – no comma out of place, no misuse of present or past tense – it would all mean nothing to a teacher if the essay did not exhibit proper organization and flow. Learning to organize helps students become better at processing information and arranging it in their mind in a way they can understand and let others to understand. A systematized essay is a persuasive essay, and a persuasive essay indicates a student who is learning and succeeding.

Improving Grasp of Language

While teaching students a language that is not their native tongue, writing is always a big part of the curriculum. This is because you will learn the proper spelling of words, sentence structure, proper grammar, correct forms of punctuation. And mastering of all of these skills will allow you to write credible emails, resumes, reports, and any other form of writing a future career may require.

Encouraging Self Expression

Another purpose of essay writing is to teach them to be creative and express their thoughts clearly. Even for academic essay writing, a great deal of creativity is required, possibly encouraged by the company like All of these steps call for a certain amount of creativity and the freedom of choice. If a student becomes particularly interested or excited in their topic, their urgency to express their ideas on the subject matter will really show in their essay writing.

Essay writing in education is important for students to learn more about themselves as writers and individuals, as it teaches them how to communicate, express their ideas, and, of course, improves their capabilities as students in learning organizational skills and the language arts. Instructors enforce the practice of essay writing for their students’ greater benefit.

Cutting edge education method: advantages of e-learning and its future.


Today, it is possible combining education with full time employment as e-learning provides an invaluable chance to become smarter at any time we want.

What are the principles of virtual learning?

With the level of our technological development we are, literally, living online: shopping, dating, learning and many more. Facebook, YouTube, Skype offer invaluable opportunities to gain or share knowledge and billions of people across the world are now have access to tons of information as well as can share own ideas within seconds. Today, there is no need to attend classroom as any student can communicate with professor online and receive all the necessary instructions, therefore, manage own time wisely. This type of education is more and more practiced nowadays and many well-known traditional universities are offering their courses online for free, making them available for everyone. Literally, anyone can become a student of the best university and have access to all learning materials 24/7. This is a huge advantage for those, who can’t afford the time, money or have physical disabilities and can’t attend old fashioned classes.

Students, who struggle to succeed in the traditional classroom find this new method rather beneficial as it is more flexible and teachers can share all needed learning materials via the web. Great examples are Moodle, WebCT, Blackboard. There are a lot of other practical reasons to choose this type of education and the main one that students can study at their own pace and time. There is also an access to numerous academic fields and it boosts self-motivation and improves organizational skills. Nonetheless, students still have to write and submit their academic papers and, in order to have a flawless one it is possible ordering it at Another major advantage is that now you have a chance to participate in various forums, discussion threads, polls, surveys and receive an instant feedback. Teachers can create dynamic home pages to increase popularity of own subject as well as embed such content as podcasts and videos.

Lack of human interaction, absence of competition between students is a major downside as well as possible difficulties in apprehending of subjects that require practice. Personal contact is invaluable and working in groups will never be completely replaced with e-learning.


What does the future hold for e-learning environment?

In 2016 online learning market was worth over $160 billion and, it is expected, that in 2017 it will reach a staggering amount of $255. It is easily can be explained by the enlarging amount of students, who choose to work full-time and combine employment with education. Almost every student is taking online courses of some kind and attending bricks-and-mortar institution at the same time. Taking into account that we are getting more and more addicted to our digital environment and inseparable with our gadgets and the fact that attending university is rather expensive – e-learning is here to stay. Here are great examples of how e-learning is used today and why it will preserve its popularity in future:

  • Mobile learning is introduced by top managers and business owners, who are interested in providing their employees with access to training resources, available at any time and any place. This e-learning trend is getting extremely popular in business environment where people, usually, don’t have the luxury of time to attend real lessons;
  • Adults spend hours watching videos online and due to its popularity they are widely used in online learning. Video-based trainings are used in 98% of all digital learning programs by various organizations;
  • Competency based trainings and evaluation procedures are as well provided by means of e-learning. Such approach saves time and assists in quick promotions. Without leaving own desk every employer has a chance to improve own career prospects.

E-learning offers great chance to become smarter and manage time wisely as available almost everywhere and ready to present new trends in nearest future.

Why teach English in Vietnam?

teaching english in vietnam

English is a popular language and widely spoken across the world. In fact, this is one language that is most understood. It is no surprise to see English gaining popularity, and there is a steady rise in the member of students aiming to learn English as well as the number of teachers providing English lessons.

English in Vietnam

Teaching English is rapidly gaining popularity in Vietnam. The place boasts of colorful markets, a fascinating culture and friendly people. Bordering three other countries and located up the coast of the South China Sea, Vietnam has become a hub for travelers and backpackers.  Thus, it is no surprise to see the demand for English speakers growing in the region. The country is already a hub for English teachers, and the area needs English speakers who can tutor both adults and children. For the locals, learning English is a great way to break the poverty circle they feel trapped in.

It is easy for a fluent English speaker to get a job teaching English in Vietnam. The difficult part would, of course, would be to teach and control a class of noisy kids. Many European and English teachers find it difficult to live and work in a completely different culture. Still, one can earn a good salary as an English teacher in Vietnam, and one can easily make around $20 per hour depending on their experience and qualifications. One gets opportunities to teach all ages. They can get a full-time or part-time contract at one of the major schools or take multiple part-time contracts at smaller centers.

While one is asked to use English only in the classroom, it can be tough for the grade one and two students, who are just five and six-year-olds and speak almost no English at all. Thus, at times it can be incredibly challenging to teach English to children from scratch, and Vietnamese teaching assistants are often used to translate instructions. English classes are generally held on evenings and during weekends. Class sizes can be from a few students to well over fifty. Students here are very energetic and competitive, and it is fun to teach them.

It is advisable for the English teachers to secure a job before they arrive in Vietnam. An essential qualification they would need is a degree and the second most important factor is being a native English speaker. As a non-native English speaker, one may find it a bit difficult to find teaching work as compared to the native English speakers.

If you need to move from one centre to another, to teach, then travel shouldn’t be a worry. Taxis are very cheap by international standards, and Kiwitaxi is a good and reputed name. You can get very affordable rates and for excellent transfer services. It is advisable to travel only with reputable or recommended companies. One can also use buses or cycle around.

Vietnam is constantly changing and adapting and relatively new in the world of teaching and learning English. This is just the right time to dive in as the demand is rising steadily.