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Automated Immigration Clearance: Korean Travellers to Enjoy the Service of Singapore

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Singapore is a country with so much to offer. The country’s modern art and architecture, iconic Marina Bay skyline, family-friendly destinations, diverse culture, and vibrant cuisine are just some of the country’s attractions. The nation also hosts Changi Airport, an ultimate Asian stopover. If You have a long layover, Singapore is one of the best locations to endure the long wait. If the delay is longer than a few hours, visitors can opt to register for a three-hour guide of the country, especially travelers who don’t want to check out of the airport.

Travel clearance varies typically from state to state. There are some countries where one doesn’t need a visa to visit as long as they meet the minimum requirements such as having a specific country’s passport. Travel regulations are put in place to ensure that immigration services maintain a database of who is coming in and who is leaving a particular nation. Information about the nature of travel is also collected. Korean citizens are now enjoying automated immigration clearance anytime they chose to visit Singapore. 

Here are some more details on this system:

Minimum requirements

Korean nationals who intend to enjoy this must have a Korean passport that has been in existence for at least six months and a minimum of two past entries into Singapore. They must also have a minimum age of six years to qualify. 


This has created a lot of opportunities in trade between the two countries. Singapore is known to be a tech hub of the world and South Korea is also known to be a tech city that hosts the Samsung headquarters, a company that is known to produce among the best smartphones in the world. 


The tech that enables all of this is known as Immigration Automated Clearance System (eIACS). The technology is entirely automatic and as efficient as the Visa Express service. Other countries such as Japan have also been granted this service to seamlessly check themselves into Singapore as long as they meet the minimum requirements. 

Ongoing process

The countries involved have been bouncing the idea back and forth. This was until they got a breakthrough in late August, whereby the law was passed and enforced immediately. 

Application Process

Any interested parties can apply at an enrollment center at Changi Airport terminal three. One can also apply at the visitors’ service center at ICA and finally at the Woodlands and Taus checkpoints. 


This is definitely a step in the right direction since it takes away the process of filling in endless application forms just to get a visa, which in some cases, you may be denied. The service saves on time, money, and resources. Another great thing is that you don’t have to share confidential information with the authorities when you are journeying if you want to keep a low profile. After reading the information mentioned above, you may have a reason to celebrate being a Korean citizen upon the passing of this law.

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