Best College Essay Editing Tips That Make Your Paper Perfect

Do you want to get a high score for your paper? Editing and proofreading can make your paper perfect. How to edit your essay? Here are some practical tips.

Edit Your Paper Before Submitting It

Editing and writing are always together. After having written something, you should edit it. Editing helps you to eliminate minor errors, to make your writing smoother and readable. You want your essay to be perfect, that is why you can edit it better than the best college essay editing service does.

Editing and proofreading are not just about reading the text. There are some tips for editing your essay if you want it to be perfect.

Spellchecker Helps You to Notice Errors

This is actually the first and the easiest thing to do after you have finished your essay. Spellchecker is now available in the majority of software that is used for writing. Grammar checker is available in most cases as well, so, why not use it? In case of the grammar checker, you’d rather make own judgements based on the software suggestions, as the software mostly checks for passive voice, suggests where to put commas, etc.

Reprint Your Paper and Check It

A paper version of your paper will make you look at it in a different way. Reprint your essay and read it once more. Sometimes you can see mistakes on paper rather than on a screen. You can even make notes there and check later with somebody to get some help on improvement.

Check All Parts One by One

  • Begin with your thesis. Is it clear enough? Is it easy to perceive? Have you written all that should be there? Does your thesis support all that is written in the essay?
  • Continue with the introduction. Does it catch the attention of your reader? Does it introduce the problem clearly?
  • Then continue with the structure of the paragraphs. Does each paragraph describe a different approach? Are transitions from one paragraph to another one smooth enough? Are all paragraphs relevant ot the topic?
  • Conclusion check is the final stage of the structure revision. Is it clear enough? Does it reflect the essay idea? Does it state clearly your idea?

Now, after you are ready with the structure revision, you can go to the next stage.

Read Your Essay out loud

You may be surprised, but when you read your paper out loud, you will discover many things. You will see if it sounds clear enough. Check if you perceive the sentences easy or you have to make efforts to understand them. If they are difficult, better rewrite and simplify them. Make pauses as the punctuation indicates. Do the sentences sound appropriately?

The Last Stage Is Checking Everything Once More

Read your paper one more time. Check each word, each punctuation sign. Make sure you haven’t missed any error. Check subject/verb concord, tenses, if they are used according to the rules, comma application. At this stage you make sure that not a single error is missed in your paper.

Feedback from Another Person

You have done all that depends on you. Now, it is time to ask for feedback. Think who can read your essay and give advice on how you can improve it. Ask that person to evaluate if the essay is easy to perceive. Ask to let you know which parts are difficult to understand. You better modify them.

Some Useful Tips About Editing Process

  • Do not delay writing till the last day, make sure you have enough time for editing. Without editing, you may fail even if you have selected the best topic for your essay.
  • Follow the rules. When you are given an assignment, you get clear instructions as well. You better follow them. After you have written your paper, read the instructions once more, check one by one, if you complied with all of them.
  • Before you start writing, create a detailed outline for your paper. This will simplify the writing process and your essay will look more structured.
  • Do not hurry when proofreading. Take your time, as in a hurry you may miss some minor errors and typos.


With the completion of the writing process, the work with the writing assignment is not over. Editing and proofreading shall follow the writing process. Editing is not just reading the paper once more. Only when you have edited your paper following all stages described here, you can be sure that it will be successful.