Bingo Trivia

20-25 minutes At least 6 Review class material by playing bingo style trivia

  • Use different categories for ‘W’ and ‘Q’
  • Use more than 2 categories
  • For large classes, have one person in each group be the leader and give them a complete grid with questions
  • Have students come up with their own questions and ask each other
  • If a team can’t answer correctly, give the questioning team a chance
  1. Draw a bingo grid on a piece of paper
  2. Fill the squares with ‘W’, ‘Q’, ‘+s’, and ‘-s’
  3. Draw the same grid on the board without the letters
  4. Divide students into groups and decide which team goes first
  5. One team decides how many points they want to use and chooses a square on the board
  6. ‘W’= give them a word to spell
  7. ‘Q’= question from the lesson’s story
  8. ‘+s’= automatically get the amount of points they bet
  9. ‘-s’= automatically lose the amount of points they bet
  10. Team with the most points wins