Black Out

10 minutes Groups of 3-5 Review vocabulary/grammar structures with dice and flashcards

  • Have more advanced students say a full sentence using the structure or vocabulary indicated on the flashcard
  • Make a dialog with 6 lines and have flashcards represent lines 1-6
  1. Prepare six flashcards (numbered 1-6) for each group
  2. Each flashcard should have a picture/clue on it
  3. Give each player a paper cup, a standard die, and 6 chips/pieces of the same color (squares of paper, etc.)
  4. Students place the die in their cup, shake it up and roll the die
  5. If they roll a 1, they place their marker on card #1
  6. Students must say the word indicated by the flashcard
  7. If they are answer correctly, they leave their chip on the card
  8. The first player to have a chip on all 6 flashcards is the winner