Blow That Fish!

10 minutes Groups of 5-7 Practice spelling vocabulary words and blow a paper fish around the room

  • Have students start on the other side of the room away from the board and WALK to the board before spelling
    • This will give weaker students more time to think of the word before everyone starts to write
  • This
    game is sometimes known as ‘Flap the Fish’ or ‘Fan the Fish’, in which
    case the players try to direct their fish using a piece of card or a
    rolled-up newspaper to ‘fan’ the fish across the room

    • Make sure to have these extra materials to add variety to the game
  1. Bring students up to the board and provide with chalk/dry erase marker
  2. Call out a word form the current spelling list
  3. The first student to spell the word correctly is awarded one point
  4. When on student reaches an pre-agreed upon number of points (ie 5) you play one fish race round
  5. Give each student a tissue and scissors and tell them to quickly cut out a fish shape
  6. Students line their fishes (fish?) up at one end of the room and kneel or crouch on the floor next to their fish
  7. The teacher calls “Go!” and the student who won the spelling game tries to blow their fish to the other side of the room
  8. Five seconds later, the teacher calls “Go!” again and the rest of the students join in
  9. Whoever is the first student to get their fish to the other side of the room is the winner and gets one ‘Fish Point’
  10. Return to the board, record the winner, and play another round of the spelling quiz