Top 7 Romantic Places To Visit in South Korea

Sumptuous cuisine, dazzling architecture, flowery scenic strolls, and couples in love in all places you turn — no, we’re not talking about Rome or Paris. 

Are you bored with your typical dinner and a movie date? If you’re searching for an international romantic getaway or honeymoon destination that sets the stage for love, level up your plans by visiting the romantic getaways of South Korea! 

Journey to Love

If you’d like to travel with your date, Korea offers a lot of exciting romantic spots for couples. Not only will you have that exclusive bonding; you can also enjoy activities, get great food, and bask in the scenery while having a great time. Here are the top romantic destinations for you and the love of your life:

N Seoul Tower

A must-visit for all the lovers out there, N Seoul Tower is a symbolic landmark that is situated on top of Namsan Mountain. If you ever visit this sweet place, the best time to go would be before sunset or at night. 

This is the best place to make yourselves feel like a drama character since it’s a famous filming spot for Korean dramas. You can ride a cable car up to the top while overlooking the beauty of Seoul. While you’re at it, you can also buy a love-shaped padlock, and signify your love by hanging them at the love lock fences. Don’t forget to put romantic messages on those locks and make your wish at the wishing pond on the second floor, too! 

Han River 

Another popular spot for lovers in Korea is the Han River. In the morning, this place works as a recreational area so you can have your date for a morning jog, take a tandem bike, or have an exquisite picnic. At night, this place enchantingly transforms into a romantic destination where you can laze around on Seoul’s magnificent city nightscape. 

While you’re at it, you must not miss exploring out the Banpo Rainbow fountain, where you can see a display of colors as the water bombards out from the bridge. 

Ihwa Mural Village

Do you want an instagrammable date spot instead? If you’re looking for a scenic destination to get a picture-perfect capture of your date, Ihwa Mural Village is the best destination to go. It was once an old neighborhood fixed for demolition but has been magically transformed into a vibrant playground which attracts visitors from around the globe. 

When getting to the village, you can wonder at the murals, metal sculptures, and art installations from over 70 artists as you explore around! 

Lotte World 

Who said that theme parks aren’t romantic? Lotte World will keep you and your date a rollercoaster journey of activities that would make your heart skip a beat. If you ever want to have a reason to hold hands, they have a large skating rink. This is the perfect opportunity for you. 

Trick Eye Museum 

If you want to have a dreamlike experience with your date, the Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae is absolutely for you! You can defy gravity, lose your way in a Mirror Maze, and blend into traditional paintings. You can also take sweet and cheesy snapshots of each other while interacting with the artworks.

For extra travel inspiration, you can check out

Cheonggyecheon Stream

Want to have a peaceful time while delighting in nature? Loosen up at Cheonggyecheon Stream with your date instead. This once a minor hidden watercourse was later converted into a hidden sanctuary away from the busy city. 

Many couples relish wandering by the stream during nighttime because of the romantic ambiance that the pretty fountains and lights add to the scene.

Nami Island

Exploring Nami Island and the Garden of Morning Calm is essential when going on a South Korea romantic getaway. The island is superb all year round, with spectacular Korean greenery in autumn and attractive cherry blossom trees in spring. This iconic Nami Island was popularized by the Korean drama “Winter Sonata,” wherein many couples walk through the lovely path, even recreating scenes from the drama.


For those couples who like to escape from the city and spend time in nature, Korea is home to scenic countryside, stunning sunsets, and romantic ocean views that are perfect for a passionate drive. Koreans are very romantic people; their love for love can’t help but rub off on you.

101 Guide to Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

If you’re operating a business in 2018 without a proper email system, you’ll be missing out on the best opportunity to appeal to your target audience. Emails are some of the best way to keep track of your business’s marketing campaigns and how well it is performing.

Here are some of the greatest benefits of having email for your business:

  • It delivers the best ROI at an average of 3800%.
  • Improved sales.
  • Generating leads.
  • Improved conversion rates.
  • Reduced overhead costs.
  • Ability to track sales and user engagement.

According to Statistica, the number of email users rose to 3.7 billion in 2017 and is expected to grow to 4.1 billion 2022. If email isn’t optimized for mobile, 80% of users will delete it.

In hindsight, you’ll miss a huge boat if you didn’t include email as part of your marketing campaign.

So hope on board the email bandwagon as we run you through some of the best email marketing tips out there:

  1. Inspect Your Subject Lines

Investpro reports that 47% of email recipients open emails based on subject lines and that 69% of email recipients report email as spam based on subject lines. Ensure that your subject lines are brief and also informative enough to encourage a user to click through.

Your subject line has to address the needs and concerns of your audience. If for instance, you’re sending an email to rookie marketers who don’t have enough time, you can write the subject line as “Time-saving tips to market your business.” By acknowledging their main problems, you can pique their interests.

MailChimp says you can enhance the open rates of your emails with time-sensitive words such as urgent, breaking, important and alert. For personalized emails, including a name in the subject line can increase open rates by 29.3%. Personalized subject lines for consumer products and services companies have a 41.8% increase in email open rates and travel industry at 40.8%.

  1. Construct a Targeted List

Whenever a business takes off, an entrepreneur’s first priority is to attract as many people as they can towards their brand. The thing about sending emails in fire-blind mode is that it will target those who are not even interested in a company’s product or service and will very likely be annoyed for getting emails they’re not subscribed to and report it as spam.

What you want to do instead is build a list of buyers who are actually interested in what your business is trying to sell. These should be the very customers who upon visiting your site, will immediately purchase from you and ask about the next sales event. You can develop a landing page that rewards visitors a 15% discount in exchange for their email addresses.

  1. Personalize Your Emails

It is pivotal for customers and clients to receive emails, but they’ll be less interested if it turns out to be too generic or promotionally. That’s why you have to learn as much as you can from your customers and gather as much information as you can such as their names, ages, interests, addresses as well as social media information. Don’t overdo it as people turn away from something that takes too long.

Remember to use customizable fields to personalize each of your messages. You can customize the “To” field so that instead sending customers an email that begins with “Dear Customer,” it has to begin with their first name like “Dear Tom.” It doesn’t matter if it from a company’s CEO or a private tutor, because this is what will boost your email’s engagement and encourage a follow-through.

  1. Make Compelling Short Body Copies

You have to treat your emails like an elevator speech in which you have a few seconds to penetrate their minds about what you’re trying to tell them. To put it bluntly, your email body copies have to be concise, convincing and valuable.

You can tell a short story, use statistics to give a clear illustration of your point and use strong language. It is also essential for you to break your information down to short paragraphs and bullet points to save up time on reading.

  1. Utilize Call-to-Action

An email’s call-to-action is by far the most crucial element to get your emails to click through and convert. In fact, the whole purpose of your email is to entice your visitors and potential customers enough to the point where they are prompted to click on the call-to-action so that they can be sent to your landing page and are converted into leads.

You decide on the kind of call-to-action you want to give, whether it is in the form a link or a button. But you have to ensure that your CTA is kept “above-the-fold,” as in it is featured so prominently that users won’t miss it when they scroll down.

  1. Focus on Automation 

In the days gone by, businesses would send one email at a time to a single customer online. With that in mind, it was quite the chore for having to write so many of the same email copy, designing its layout and then selecting the person whom we wish to send it to.

But thanks to email automation tools such as MailChimp, OptinMonster and Sendloop among others, it is possible to send multiple emails to everyone in the targeted email list at once. Not only that, but we can also send emails weeks or months in advance and at the peak hours of customers living in different time zones.

Author Bio: Hamza Shahzad is a freelance writer, experienced blogger. Currently, He’s working with which provides home tuition. Furthermore, Hamza assists in the business creation and control social media content planning.

Why Do Asians Wear Masks (Maybe You Should too?)

Living in Korea for a while now I’ve come to realize that airpollution aint no joke. I’ve had terribly itchy scalps after my head was exposed to rain and a constant congestion after walking around town for just an hour.

My wife convinced me to start wearing a mask for the air pollution. Its the flimsy paper surgical masks that doctors wear. I thought it was kind of ridiculous at first but now I think it kinda looks cool.

So, Why do Asians Wear Masks?

First, the pollution. Asia has some crazy air pollution. China and Korea are among the worst from what I hear.

Second, it looks cool. Here’s some pictures to convince you:

Third, a lot of schools require it. My kids’ school asked to put disposable masks in their backpacks incase they decide to go outside.

Fourth, to protect others when they are sick. This is super kind. I’ve worked with people who all of a sudden are wearing a mask to work. When asked they respond, I don’t want to get you sick. So instead of staying home they come to work with a mask on to not spread their sickness.

There you have it. So the next question is…

Should You Wear a Mask Too?

Absolutely, join the club!


4 Best Cities to Teach English in China

If you dream of traveling the world but high travel expenses bar you from doing it, you can consider the opportunity to teach English in a foreign country.

It can be a great way to see the world, experience new cultures, learn a foreign language, save money, and get valuable international work experience for your resume. If you are in your early 20s and are about to graduate from college, it’s time to start an amazing adventure of living abroad and taking part in new experiences.

When it comes to teaching English abroad, China is a very popular destination because it offers diverse possibilities for both experienced TEFL practitioners and complete teaching novices like you.

Do you want to teach English in China but are not sure which city to choose? To help you in this challenging process, experts from the educational portal at have made a short list of the best places to teach English in China.


Are you fond of pandas? Then you will enjoy living in this city. It is famous for its Panda Reserve which is one of the world’s leading panda breeding facilities and the major tourist attraction. The city has a population of 4.7 million people and there are lots of universities.

The cost of living in Chengdu is quite affordable. You can find here a lot of live music venues, nightclubs, karaoke bars as well as traditional tea houses. The local Sichuan cuisine is known to be very spicy.  You can enjoy your life here, especially if you prefer to spend time outdoors. You will be able to visit nearby national parks and other natural attractions.


Having a population of 20 million people, China’s capital offers great job opportunities for ESL teachers. But although the salaries for English teachers are higher here, the cost of living is higher too. So you should be prepared to spend more money on food, dining out, and renting an apartment.

Beijing has a lot of tourist attractions such as the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and Tiananmen Square. It makes a good choice for a city lover who enjoys the luxuries of urban living.


The city is surrounded by greenery covered mountains and rice terraces known for their stunning beauty. It is considered to be one of the most picturesque places in the country and you will enjoy teaching English there if you are a nature enthusiast or a promising photographer. You are sure to like the magnificent landscapes and be excited with a buzzing nightlife in a modern city center.

Besides, Guilin is situated only an hour away from Yangshuo where you will have an opportunity to swim in a mud cave.


Being the financial heart of the country, Shanghai is an ultra-modern city with plenty of skyscrapers and it is very comfortable for foreigners who are looking for entertainment and top-notch amenities. It’s a paradise for shopaholics because it is one of the new world’s fashion capitals. There are a lot of well-paid teaching jobs in Shanghai but the competition is very high.

China is a wonderful destination to become an English teacher and it has something for everyone. No matter what city you choose, you can expect to have a great adventure.

Street Styles in Seoul: Fashion Ideas for Spring and Summer 2016

There’s no room for the timid in Seoul’s trendiest streets. This spring, the fashion-conscious in the South Korean capital are taking every opportunity to celebrate the season with layers of bold hues, classic and eye-popping color combinations, and even metallic fabrics. The upcoming summer, on the other hand, is a great time to flaunt a bit of skin and a whole lot of color.

This love affair with playful hues and prints, however, doesn’t mean that you have to be prepared for a visual overload every time you hit the streets. It’s quite the opposite, actually. Korean fashion has an affinity for classic styles and utilitarian shapes and cuts that highlight their soft, dewy skin. These qualities give their street ensembles a generally clean and well-organized look.

Your interest in Asian fashion may be a follow up to adopting the Korean skincare routine. It may also be fueled by a profound love for K-pop idols (despite living half a world away) or a fascination with street styles and trends around the world. Regardless of your reasons and wherever you may be, feel free to try out these street-approved styles for the current and upcoming season:

Jacket + Dress

We’re just a few days from summer but the weather’s not hot enough to completely forgo wearing a jacket. At the same time, the rising temperature gives you every chance to wear short dresses and miniskirts. Combine your love for both articles of clothing when you need to do a bit of shopping and walking about. Studded leather jackets may be paired with just about any type of fabric. You can also go with tweed if you want to play around with colors and textures. Your top can be as short as you want it to be. But if you want more coverage, use stockings or find long dresses and skirts made of sheer fabric.

Suit Jacket + Matching Shorts

Wearing a suit jacket over a pair of matching shorts looks more fun than professional, so you probably shouldn’t wear it to the office anytime soon. But feel free to bring this slightly formal ensemble out in the streets, cafes, or the mall. Instead of a suit jacket, you can also switch it up with denim jackets and shorts.

seoul city


It’s perfectly fine to go out and about in a neutral-colored overcoat on a cool or rainy day. This choice is great if you’re travelling to your office on a regular weekday. Still, no one will question you even if you walk around the park with your overcoat billowing in the spring breeze.

Long-sleeved Dresses

If you’re simply done with layering clothes for the season, then long-sleeved dresses are for you. This season favors long-sleeve dresses that reach down to one’s knees. Make up for the simplicity of the cut by going with highly textured fabrics and materials, such as knitted wool or velvet. Colors can be as basic as variants of gray to gold and silver. Pair the dress with a statement bag and high boots, long socks, or stockings.