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Best Teaching English Abroad Programs

Teaching is one of the best and only ways to make a real difference in the lives of people and education is the key to many things. What’s more, the English language is the national language in many countries. Teaching

Say Hello in Korean

The first thing you learn in any new language is the basic 'hello' greeting.To say 'hello' in Korean you say 'ahn young ha se yo'Written in hangul it looks like this: 안녕하세요Here's a video to show you proper mouth movement…

16 Excuses That Slow Down Your English Learning

‘Actually, I wanted to go to the lecture. But I had a headache. I felt better in an hour, but nevertheless, I made the decision to stay at home. Health is way more important for me!’ Students invent excuses so…

Why are a few authors so popular?

When you finish reading a book, and you’ve enjoyed checking every word of it, your entire life is transformed. Books like Harry Potter, Twilight, Fifty Shades of Gray, etc. have given the most wonderful tales to the readers. It is…