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Tips for Learning a Foreign Language Easily

Below is a guest post from Anthony Maldonado: Learning a new language is not always easy even with motivation. It is a source of enrichment and personal development between vocabulary, grammar, and accent. You will have a lot of difficulties…

Teaching English In India

Teaching English in India is a lot different from teaching in the US. Although English is a part of the curriculum in most schools, almost 70% of the students still struggle to speak and write in English fluently. In most…

Tips for Student Travelers in Southeast Asia

The popular tourist routes are laid in the Southeast Asia: people like to travel here in winter, as most of this region is in the tropics, where there is always good weather. There are exotic, ancient cultures, reasonable prices for…

Daycare in Korea – Some Interesting Facts

Daycare in Korea is cheaper than the US.  I know that you are likely a single teacher and don’t care much about daycare but listen up because this may be a game changer for you in the future when you…
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