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How Can a Teacher Know If You Used an Essay Writing Service?

Do you feel exhausted from numerous writing tasks and think about buying a paper? You aren’t the only one who chooses this way to succeed in studies. In fact, getting writing help is the most effective way to get a positive grade spending minimum time and effort. But there are certain things to keep in mind when choosing an online essay writing service. Today, the demand for writing services is high. Many writers offer to write college papers at an affordable price. But the problem is that not all of them are reliable and trustworthy. 

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Essay Writing Service: Why Is It Crucial to Make the Right Choice?

All students use online essay writing services sooner or later. Some enjoy all the benefits of professional help while others fail. Why does this happen and how to avoid the negative experiences of buying papers online? The main fear all students have when hiring a custom writer for the first time is “What if my teacher finds out that I’ve paid for the paper?” There is nothing to worry about if you hire a responsible writing company. 

There are only two ways how your teacher may understand that it’s not you who has written the paper. The first one is if the writer doesn’t check the paper for plagiarism. And the second one is if you don’t check the testimonials about writers and they turn out to be not a legal service. You may face an unpleasant situation when a writer sends you the completed paper and then publishes it on the site as a sample or even sell it to someone else. 

It sounds horrible, doesn’t it? If you don’t want your college teacher to find out that you’ve got professional help, make several simple steps. You need to allocate some time to check whether the writing service is customer-oriented and takes responsibility for each order. On TimetoEssay.com website, you can hire American and British writers who will do any assignment on the top level. You can entrust them any kind of paper, including a dissertation and be sure that it’ll be free from plagiarism. Choosing these writers, you’ll get a paper that will meet all the tutor’s requirements and he/she won’t even guess that you’ve bought it. Have a quick look at the tips below. They will help you to make the right buying decision and not waste money in vain.

  • Request “Do my essay paper for me” only after reading reviews about essay writing company. Don’t think that it’s a waste of time. Search for the reviews on the third-party resources because some sites post false testimonials.
  • Make sure that the writer will deliver the paper with the plagiarism report. It’s your guarantee that the paper has been written from scratch and it is 100% authentic. 
  • Ask whether the service offers free paper revisions. Reliable writing companies provide clients with the right to request a revision. So, if you get the paper and you feel dissatisfied with something, you’re free to ask for a free revision. It’s one of the ways to ensure that the paper will be completed according to your personal requirements.
  • Make sure that you’re the only owner of the content. The best services in the USA never use essays they have sold already. When you get the paper, you become the sole author of the content. 

Using rushessay TimetoEssay, you can be sure that you’ll buy an essay and become the only author of every word written there. If the paper contains original ideas and is created according to the instructions given by your tutor, there is no way to find out that you’ve paid for help. So, choose a trusted service and forget about all the worries.

The Stages of Writing Development

writing development

From their first year, young children start their long journey to be able to read and write. However, this journey isn’t a straightforward process. It passes through different stages of development.

Whether you’re a parent or a caring teacher, you’ll find everything you need to know about these stages here. Today, we’re going to explain the stages of writing development and the best ways to make the most out of each stage. Let’s dive in!

What Do the Stages of Writing Development Mean?

When young children learn to write, they pass through a lot of stages. Each one of these steps reflects the growing knowledge in the child’s brain. This knowledge is among other multiple aspects, where they all share in the final process of writing.

These aspects include the different rules of literacy. This also includes the children’s ability to add letters, sounds, and including spacing between words within a sentence.

Almost every interaction a child has with the surrounding world can help them to become a writer and a reader.

Are Stages of Writing Development the Same for Every Child?

It doesn’t necessarily need to happen in the same way among all children. A child may find difficulties through a specific stage, while the other doesn’t. However, the second kid may find a generally easier step a harder task, while the first kid considers it easier.

They can also vary at the time of development. This indicates that there isn’t a definitive barrier between the stages. As a result, we conclude that these stages of development are more fluid than we think.

What Are the Different Stages of Writing Development?

In the past, several models of writing development used different words to label these stages. Not only did they use different labels, but they also had various descriptions for them.

However, they were all close in meaning and carry the same general idea. This helped researchers rename, merge, and expand these stages over time.

Since then, we have more robust terms to describe each stage. These stages are the foundations of writing. Here’s a list with each one of them in order:

  • Drawing
  • Scribbling
  • Letter-like forms
  • Strings in letters or random letters
  • Writing with invented spelling
  • Conventional spelling

Students start in the preliterate stage. This stage includes drawing and scribbling. Then, they move to the early emergent stage, where start making letter-like forms and structures.

By the end of the early emergent, the students mature into the full emergent stages, where they begin writing strings in letters or random ones.

After the emergent stage, students start using inventive spelling, which is known as the transitional stage.

Finally, they reach the fluency stage, where they find themselves flowing writers who can use standard spelling.


This is where most children begin their writing careers. Before this stage, toddlers, aged 1 to 2 years old, hold on crayons but in a clenched fist.

Although they gradually understand the purpose of crayons, they don’t seem to correlate it with writing. This is mainly because they don’t fully understand language yet, as it’s just beginning to take off.

However, this stage is followed by the preschoolers’ stage, in which kids (aged 3 to 4) continue to grasp the crayons with a full fist. But, they start to explore differently as they continue to learn from their surroundings.

When they first begin to draw, they can start anywhere on the page. These drawings are in the form of some wavy lines or large circular strokes. They can also use random marks that don’t resemble anything.

The drawings look like any random assortment of strokes on a child’s paper. Sometimes, these marks are larger or more circular. With time, they shift to the symbolic stage, in which these random strokes might have some resemblance with a drawing or carry a meaning.

They start to tackle different drawings and forms. These drawings are a record of their thoughts and ideas. You might also find them extremely proud of their accomplishments. The best tools at that stage are crayons, thick markers, pencils, and white paper.

When students start drawing, they believe that their drawings represent words and writing. They always convey a message that has a specific meaning.

That’s why whenever you ask them to read out what they’ve drawn, they can always read these drawings as if it were writing to them.

There’s no surprise in that. parents and teachers teach children this technique when they read picture-books to them. Although it’s indirect and there aren’t any words, they start to tell the story by reading these pictures to children.

Even when students are learning to write naturally, they keep doing this behavior. When they shift from drawing to scribbling, these scribbles carry definitive meanings as well.

Helpful Teaching Tips for the Drawing Stage

To help children speed up the transition to meaningful drawing and scribbles, you can do the following:

Set a Regular Time for Drawing Sessions

You should dedicate a specific amount of time every day for this purpose. Give the child a large sheet of unlined paper along with colorful markers and crayons.

Ask them to draw anything they want. These sessions should last for at least 10 minutes every day. Remember to call this session a writing session. “Let’s write!“

Engage with the Drawing

You should be there when they’re drawing. As the children start scribbling, engage them in a conversation about things that make sense to them. For example, ask them to write a “ball” or a “bike”.

After they’re finished drawing these items, ask them what are they. When they say what the drawing means, you can write the word next to the picture. This can help them get exposed to more words.

Scribbling and Letter-like forms

In this stage, they gradually stop holding crayons in a clenched fist. Instead, they start to hold their writing tools in a similar fashion of how they see adults hold them. It’s usually common for kids at that age to use both techniques at the same time.

They can also combine scribbling and drawing together. At this point, kids begin to understand what is a word and what isn’t. This means that from here on, scribbling as well as drawing are both intentional and mean something.

By this stage, the children gradually move towards the directional scribble stage. They become more aware of the direction of words. They know that words are written from left to right in a linear way.

They continue to develop in their writing, in which they reach the stage of the symbolic or mock letters. As children are exposed to more prints, their scribble starts to take more letter-like formations.

This represents the beginning of the early emergent stage. The students also grow more aware of the different symbols and shapes that make up words.

While their scribbles might resemble letters at this stage, it isn’t intentional. It usually features numbers and has less spacing between each scribble.

At this stage, students can talk about their scribbles and drawings. They slowly start moving from mock letters to real letters. However, the letters stay random.

Helpful Teaching Tips for the Scribbling Stage

Similar to the drawing stage, there are some helpful tips that can aid children and students in this stage.

Relate a Story to Words

Write simple stories along with the students and repeat the words as you speak them. This encourages them to be exposed to more letters and words.

Use Labels on Items

You can also add labels to items such as fruits, toys, and school supplies. Additionally, you can label the children’s desks with their name.

Similarly, you can have a morning message every day for the children, and read it out as you write it.

Ask the Children to Write Lists During Pretend Play

For example, if you’re playing shopping, ask them to write a shopping list. You can also ask them to write a list of things they want in other games. This can help them to ad more space between their scribbles, and you’ll notice letter-like forms quicker.

Strings in Letters or Random Letters

Through the late stage of letter-like scribble and the beginning of the random letters, children achieve remarkable growth. They learn how to write their names. They also learn to write the same letters differently and read their own writing.

They become able to write simple forms of writing, such as letters, messages, and lists. Their language is simple and close to the oral structure of the words. This means that they began to correlate between spoken and written words.

They also realize that these printed words carry a message that they should understand. Upon more development into this stage, children become able to write understandable letters. Despite their little development in the sound-to-letter relationship, they still can’t match all sounds.

You can notice long strings of various letters that go left to right. Children at that stage usually write in capital letters and are yet to fully understand the spacing concept. You might also notice that children label the picture with a letter that matches the word.

It’s also at that stage that you’ll notice that they copy letters and words from their surrounding environment. It’s also observed that they use letter sequences that are mostly learned from their name.

Helpful Teaching Tips for the Random Letters Stage

To help children through this stage you should continue using the tips from the previous stage. Additionally, you should add new applications to your method.

Provide a Dedicated Writing Spot

Prepare a writing center at home and provide more chances for the children to use it. It should contain different types of writing materials. For example, it should have glitter crayons, markers, envelopes, magnetic letters, and a whiteboard.

Engage Them with Real Writing

Let them see you write down shopping lists, messages, letters, and fill out forms. Also if they’re students in a class, you can use various methods such as word cards and pen-pals within the class.

Writing with Inventive Spelling

At this stage, the children should know most of the alphabet and correlate them with letter sounds. They’re able to write their names consistently and label pictures with their first letter at the very least.

They occasionally use a single letter to represent an entire syllable. When they don’t know the conventional spelling, they create their own invented spelling to make up for it. However, they advance in using spacing but not completely.

They advance from writing the first sound to writing the final sound. Eventually, they’ll be able to write the middle sound. For example, the word “brown” is initially written as “B”, then “BN”, and finally “BRN”.

Helpful Teaching Tips for the Invented Spelling Stage

Practice makes champions. It’s highly essential to keep the writing time on a daily basis. This provides the children with more time to develop their writing towards the fluency level.

Here are some additional tips to implement on this stage.

Don’t Spell Every Word

Now that the children can have some sort of spelling for each word, it’s advisable to fight the urge of spelling every word for them. Give them time to improve their sound-to-letter relationship.

Alphabet Chart

Bring a simple chart with letters and pictures to give the children a reference for the spelling-sound.

Conventional Spelling

As the writing level matures, the number of invented letters decreases. At a certain point, the children enter the fluency level. At this stage, they’re able to write more words with correct spelling and standard letters.

Helpful Teaching Tips for the Conventional Spelling Stage

Now that writing itself is getting out of the way, it’s time to develop the ability to write for different purposes. You can apply this through the following:

Expand on Writing Structure and Word Sources

Teach the children to use spelling dictionaries when they don’t know how to write a word. Additionally, whenever they’re ready, introduce basic punctuation and capitalization rules to them.

Teach Them Writing for different Purposes

This includes letters, messages, and notes. You can also teach them to write journals and choose topics for them.

Wrap Up

It’s important to remember that every child learns at their own pace. This means that there will be variations between each kid moving through these writing stages.

With that said, you now know everything about the different stages of writing development. By applying the valuable tips we provided for each stage, you’re going to ensure the maximum learning capacity for the children.

How to Motivate Yourself to Compose a Catchy Essay That Hooks

When students write their essays, they have to give heed to various aspects. It’s necessary to write a great opener, craft a strong thesis, conclude effectively, and so on. One of the most complex parts of essay writing is a topic selection. If you don’t choose a relevant and catchy topic, nobody would like to read your paper at all. Not all students possess the art of defining a proper theme and so, they fail before they even start. At times, they struggle because they lack self-motivation. Therefore, we’ll show how to choose a great topic and motivate yourself.

To choose the right theme, it’s necessary to determine what makes an essay catchy. You should question the possible topic and get clear responses.

  • Is your topic relevant?
  • Is it helpful?
  • Will it solve a problem?
  • Can you narrow it?
  • Will there be enough information?

These are essential and reasonable questions. Your main question should be interesting for readers, focus on some important problems and solve them. Make sure the data you want to use is trustworthy.

Some Tips to Motivate Yourself

If you lack the motivation to choose a topic and disclose it, use a few tips to manage this task.

Firstly, you should choose the issue, which is interesting to you. If it’s appealing, you will be more enthusiastic about writing. Accordingly, your motivation will enhance.  Think about an issue, which really matters and is important for you too.

Secondly, set competitive deadlines. It’s a great motivational method because most people like challenges. The way they overcome different obstacles tells them what they’re capable of. You should schedule the working process step by step. Include to it every stage, which are a topic selection, research, introduction, thesis statement, main plot, and conclusion. Set timers for every stage and try to complete those stages faster than you’ve done it before.

Thirdly, keep away from distractions. You will not be able to focus on your writing if you pay your attention to something else. If you constantly play games or watch TV, you will never finish your essay on time. Therefore, turn off your phone, TV, and laptop. Don’t play video games, and so on. Thus, you’ll be fully devoted to what you do.

Fourthly, collaborate with someone else. At times, it’s good to challenge another author. Find another student who struggles with his/her essay. Discuss some terms of your competition. For example, promise to one another to write 200 words every day minimum. Afterward, try to write a bit more. Even if your competitor beats you, it positively reflects on your progress. You will be interested in winning the competition every day.

If you still cannot regain motivation to write, try online support. Many students ask – Can I pay someone online to write an essay for me – according to my requirements? They really grow desperate as they can’t choose a relevant idea to disclose. This is when they may use online support. There are a lot of online essay writing services. They can tackle any academic issue, including a selection of topic. They will provide 100+ ideas and each will be effective. Moreover, they offer a wide range of other benefits and conditions. Such help is worth a try.

Great Websites to Generate Ideas

If you still have no idea about how to choose a great theme for a discussion, surf the Internet. There are numerous websites, which offer relevant and interesting ideas to cover. We have also studied a few resources and so, we offer 3 great websites that offer multiple essay topics.

  1. Edgalaxy.com. This resource offers the latest ideas to cover in the year 2019. Students will enjoy 25 outstanding topics.
  2. Owlcation.com. If you visit this website, you will find 150 ideas for English essays. You will find topics divided into several categories. These are health, technology, social media, high school life, education, crimes, business, entertainment, sports, family, etc.
  3. Thoughtco.com. You simply cannot ignore this website. It will surely become a great source of ideas and inspiration. It offers 440 topics for essay writing! They are divided into logical blocks that are suitable for different kinds of essays – persuasive, argumentative, compare and contrast, etc.

Things to Avoid

While students try to choose a good point to cover, they make some mistakes. You should be aware of them to never repeat them in the future.

  • Out-of-date ideas. Of course, you may use some topics that are always relevant. For example, these are love, friendship, finding yourself, etc. Nonetheless, your readers would like to read something new and special. Offer them an original idea and approach.
  • Too broad theme. You should narrow your topic if you want to complete it. If you cover a too broad topic, you won’t have enough space because the length of essays is limited. Therefore, choose a specific topic to focus on a small but concrete issue.
  • Reusing old topics. Some students are lazy to generate new ideas and try to play smart. They reuse some old topics. However, your professors will quickly understand that you’ve simply paraphrased something old.
  • Not checking the potential. Many students begin to cover a topic without researching. They don’t know whether they’ll find enough data to disclose it properly. Always research your topic!

Memorize these mistakes and never make them. Don’t forget about motivational tips to be focused and committed to your writing. We know you can succeed.

How to Write an Excellent Psychology Paper without Losing your Mind

If you are a psychology student, you must be aware of the various papers you have to submit as part of your course. 

Psychology is the study of “mind and behavior” but when you’re met with a psychology paper writing assignment, it’s enough to make you lose your mind. Yes, all the study material and different kinds of papers one is expected to write often tend to overwhelm students. 

Well, thanks to psychology paper writing experts – https://writersperhour.com/psychology-papers, there is nothing to worry. 

From research and reaction papers to case studies and lab reports – students are met with different kinds of writing assignments. Here are 5 tips to help you write an outstanding psychology paper – 

Conduct In-depth Research

Your final paper will be as good as the research you do. Ensure you do your own research, understand the assigned topic or prompt and avoid summarizing existing research. 

Originality is pivotal in such an assignment and your paper needs to state your thesis statement and findings on the given topic. You can refer to credible sources such as scholarly journals, reports, case studies and articles. 

Give yourself ample time to read and refer to various sources before you go on to the next step. 

Work on an Outline

You may be enticed to start writing on the topic once you have done your research but wait, it’s important to first organize your thoughts and findings.

So, work on an outline first and enlist the points you want to include in the introduction, body, and conclusion. The introductory paragraph needs to introduce your topic of study, its importance, provide contextual information and end with your clearly stated thesis statement.

The body needs to include the method and materials you used to conduct the study. End with the conclusion wherein you need to discuss the results and implications. Don’t introduce anything new in the conclusion – it needs to reinstate your thesis statement while discussing the implications of the study. 

Writing the paper will seem easier to you if you have the outline created. That way you know you aren’t missing out on any critical detail and your paper follows a logical sequence. 

Coherent Sentences

This is a formal writing assignment but that does not mean you crowd it with jargons, fancy words and empty sentences. The best papers are those that are easy to understand with coherent sentences and a logical flow. 

Demonstrate Critical Evaluation

Remember – the purpose of psychology papers is for students to think critically. Hence, if there is one important element professors seek in psychology papers, it’s your critical evaluation ability.

In order to meet that goal, you need to dive deep into every step of the research process, highlight both strengths and weaknesses and have a rational take on it. Make sure everything you state is substantiated with examples, facts, and data.

It is also a good idea to examine alternative approaches as it shows that you considered a holistic approach. 

Use Neutral and Inclusive Language

Even if the research is done is impeccable, it’s important to pay equal attention to the language used. Psychology papers need to be written in gender-neutral and bias-free language. That means, you should avoid using “he/him” or “she/her” when you are unsure of the person’s gender. It’s best to use “they” in such cases.

Apart from gender neutrality, you need to ensure your writing does not hurt sentiments or discriminate. The key is to be politically correct and embrace diversity on all grounds. 

Cite Sources Accurately

A lot of times while doing research, students get drowned in the barrage of information while forgetting to highlight important sources of information in an accurate manner. This results in a poorly written bibliography which is enough to hurt your grades.

So, while doing research, it’s always recommended to make notes by the side and highlight all the sources you will be citing. Doing this helps you write a more accurate bibliography which is properly cited and prevents ‘unintentional’ plagiarism in the process. 

Writing papers is an integral part as part of your psychology course whether it’s for your major or a general educational class part of your curriculum. 

Once you have followed the above tips, it is always helpful to proofread read the paper out loud once to understand the tweaks and edits it may require. 

So, if you pay attention to your professor’s instructions, conduct thorough research and write with clarity, you are sure to ace the paper and get the desired grades in this assignment. 

Choosing a Research Paper Help Service: What to Look For?

Students use term paper writing services pretty often. Good services provide the best writers available on the platform; the ones who are familiar with the chosen topic and are able to deliver cheap research papers and high-quality essays for affordable prices.

Students choose online services to get their research done by professionals. It helps to increase the value of research. We should always keep in mind that a writing assignment plays an important role in evaluating students. If a student does not know how to write well, he/she may seem like a bad student to the one who grades them. In order to avoid that, writing services were created. They have authors, who are able to write different types of papers on various topics. And there is nothing wrong about seeking their help.

How to Choose the Best Writer for My Assignment?

Students use term paper writing services pretty often. Good services provide the best writers available on the platform; the ones who are familiar with the chosen topic and are able to deliver cheap research papers and high-quality essays for affordable prices.

Students have their own requirements for cheap term papers. It may be a subject, language, research field, etc. But before you ask yourself: “Who would do the best work for me?”, you need to make sure you know about the criteria for choosing a dissertation/research writing service.

Cheap term paper writing service often can be a good one, like AffordablePapers.com. A cheap research paper does not mean a work full of plagiarism or spelling errors. The truth is that it all depends on the writer and on the service itself. Some of the services decide to put reasonable prices in order to get more customers, hence profiting.

Do not assess the liability of term paper writing service only by price. Do research before choosing your author, and check the feedback from previous clients. That would be much more helpful during the process of searching for a cheap research paper writing service.

When looking for a chance to buy a research paper from a writing company, do not search for a particular subject or type of research papers. Find a service where they have writers who specialize in various topics and types of term and research papers.

This way, it would be much easier for you to find someone who will be able to do your assignment. Instead of hours of desperate googling, you just find one service where different professionals are gathered, and you choose from them.

It also would be good if the author would ask you for a sample of work written in your style. You may have submitted your essay before, and your tutor may be able to recognize your style. If the author asks for a sample of your own work, feel free to provide it. It will help the author to add your style to your paper, and it will be easier to provide you with professional help in your writing style.

It is important for the client to check the status of the term paper. 24/7 support services help the customer to get this information at any time. If the customer wants to make changes to the requirements, it will be easier with websites, which provide non-stop service to students. So, make sure the writing service you have chosen has that option available, like AffordablePapers.com.

Also, find out if the service provides free revision. You will not benefit if this option costs additional money because there is a high chance you will need a revision of a cheap research paper. It does not mean that the paper necessarily will contain errors. The revision also helps to improve the term paper, and this can be done only in collaboration with the service provider and the writer.

Do not forget to check out the writer’s specialization. Term paper writing services should provide detailed information about the writers available on the platform. To get a true pro in writing, choose a website that provides information about their authors. Before choosing a writer, read their profile and reviews left by their previous clients.

As we can see, there are lots of things that indicate a good writing service. All you need to do is to be careful and choose a service you find to be the most reliable.

Improve Your Essay Writing in College with Our Help

If you have ever been struggling with a complicated essay, you know that sometimes, even the best student needs help. It doesn’t mean that you are lazy or bad or whatever else. It simply means that you have some difficulties and you need professional help.

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Some Questions You Should Ask Any Service Provider

Writing is a specific activity, and there are many requirements that should be applied to college papers. Not all writing companies can provide you with a paper compliant with all the valid standards and requirements. That’s why we recommend you ask some questions to check if you can move on or it is recommendable to look for a different company to buy your assignment from:

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Staying in Shape While Teaching Abroad

Ok, this one is mostly for you ladies.  I know that teaching in Korea, China, Japan, or other Asian countries is fun.  Sometimes too much fun.  You get lazy forget about exercise. This makes you depressed and slowly your fun time turn into sad times.

But don’t worry. You can get back into shape. I found this cool infographic that shows some great tips for women to get into shape:

Please include attribution to healthlisted.com with this graphic.