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Cutting edge education method: advantages of e-learning and its future.

Today, it is possible combining education with full time employment as e-learning provides an invaluable chance to become smarter at any time we want.

What are the principles of virtual learning?

With the level of our technological development we are, literally, living online: shopping, dating, learning and many more. Facebook, YouTube, Skype offer invaluable opportunities to gain or share knowledge and billions of people across the world are now have access to tons of information as well as can share own ideas within seconds. Today, there is no need to attend classroom as any student can communicate with professor online and receive all the necessary instructions, therefore, manage own time wisely. This type of education is more and more practiced nowadays and many well-known traditional universities are offering their courses online for free, making them available for everyone. Literally, anyone can become a student of the best university and have access to all learning materials 24/7. This is a huge advantage for those, who can’t afford the time, money or have physical disabilities and can’t attend old fashioned classes.

Students, who struggle to succeed in the traditional classroom find this new method rather beneficial as it is more flexible and teachers can share all needed learning materials via the web. Great examples are Moodle, WebCT, Blackboard. There are a lot of other practical reasons to choose this type of education and the main one that students can study at their own pace and time. There is also an access to numerous academic fields and it boosts self-motivation and improves organizational skills. Nonetheless, students still have to write and submit their academic papers and, in order to have a flawless one it is possible ordering it at Another major advantage is that now you have a chance to participate in various forums, discussion threads, polls, surveys and receive an instant feedback. Teachers can create dynamic home pages to increase popularity of own subject as well as embed such content as podcasts and videos.

Lack of human interaction, absence of competition between students is a major downside as well as possible difficulties in apprehending of subjects that require practice. Personal contact is invaluable and working in groups will never be completely replaced with e-learning.


What does the future hold for e-learning environment?

In 2016 online learning market was worth over $160 billion and, it is expected, that in 2017 it will reach a staggering amount of $255. It is easily can be explained by the enlarging amount of students, who choose to work full-time and combine employment with education. Almost every student is taking online courses of some kind and attending bricks-and-mortar institution at the same time. Taking into account that we are getting more and more addicted to our digital environment and inseparable with our gadgets and the fact that attending university is rather expensive – e-learning is here to stay. Here are great examples of how e-learning is used today and why it will preserve its popularity in future:

  • Mobile learning is introduced by top managers and business owners, who are interested in providing their employees with access to training resources, available at any time and any place. This e-learning trend is getting extremely popular in business environment where people, usually, don’t have the luxury of time to attend real lessons;
  • Adults spend hours watching videos online and due to its popularity they are widely used in online learning. Video-based trainings are used in 98% of all digital learning programs by various organizations;
  • Competency based trainings and evaluation procedures are as well provided by means of e-learning. Such approach saves time and assists in quick promotions. Without leaving own desk every employer has a chance to improve own career prospects.

E-learning offers great chance to become smarter and manage time wisely as available almost everywhere and ready to present new trends in nearest future.

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