Daycare in Korea – Some Interesting Facts

Daycare in Korea

Daycare in Korea is cheaper than the US. ¬†I know that you are likely a single teacher and don’t care much about daycare but listen up because this may be a game changer for you in the future when you meet that someone special in Korea and decide to live here for life. ūüôā

Daycare in the United States of America

So just to give you some perspective, when my son was born in the United States we sent him to a small daycare when he was 4 months old. 4 months old! I know what you thinking but it is not because he was that much of a pain but mostly because my wife and I both were working full time.

He stayed at that daycare for about 2 months and really liked it. ¬†They had a really good security system, great teachers/people who take care of the kids. ¬†We had a wonderful experience there except for one thing… the bill.

It cost roughly $170 USD per week.  Which works out to about $736 per month.  Compared to our house rent at the time which was about $800 per month.  Woah! But according to this article I guess we were paying less than average.

But that wasn’t all. ¬†If we left our son their past their normal leaving time (which we never did… it was 7pm I think) then they would charge us an extra $3.00 per minute that we were late… that’s per Minute yup.

Daycare in Korea

As life moved on we left the US of A and moved to Korea to be closer to family. I don’t know all the details of it but because my wife is a Korean citizen, when we moved here she registered our son as a Korean citizen and then she started getting some money each month from the government.

Someone might want to tell me if this is something new or not because I am not exactly sure.  But we got about $167 per month (200,000 KRW) for about a year.  Then my wife decided to get a job and we put my son in daycare in Korea.

Daycare is free but they don’t send you that $167 per month anymore. It goes to the daycare. ¬†Also some daycares will ask for a bit of extra money for extra activities they do. ¬†This is no more than $40 or $50 per month. ¬†Plus there may be a fee to put them on the bus. Like those yellow vans you see in the morning around Korea.

Daycare in Korea

Now just to be clear, not all daycares are free. ¬†I’m talking about the one’s that you see built into an apartment building. ¬†These are usually sponsored by the government AKA public daycares. ¬†The other¬†one’s will be much more expensive.

Daycare in Korea

Overall, I am happy with our experience.  The security and the care is great.  The teachers are very caring and they do tons of activities.  They give us this little booklet everyday with pictures and a description of the activities they did. We write back every day as well to keep a good communication line open.