Dice of Fortune

d10-20 minutes Any Hangman meets Wheel of Fortune to review vocab and sentences

  • Allow students to “bank” their point at the end of the round and use them in the next one
  • ‘1’ and ‘3’ = lose a turn, ‘2’ = $200, 4 = $400, ‘5’ = Bankrupt, ‘6’ = $600
  • Charge a ‘fee’ for guessing a vowel
  • Have students play in groups and let one person be the ‘leader’
  1. Play individually or in pairs for smaller groups; form teams for larger groups
  2. Write a standard ‘Hangman’ blanks phrase on the board
  3. Students must roll a die right before they guess a letter
  4. They are awarded points according to how many of their chosen letters appear in the puzzle
  5. For example, if a student rolls a ‘3’ and guesses the letter ‘t’, they would get 3 points for every ‘t’ found in the puzzle
  6. If a student rolls a ‘1’ they go bankrupt and lose all of the their points