25 Reasons Why Now is a Great Time to Teach English Abroad

While many countries have a shortage of jobs, English teachers in Asia are still in high demand. Here are 25 reasons why right now is a great time to teach English in Asia.

Photo of English Students, South Korea
Photo of English Students, South Korea © Kai Hendry

1. The job market in most countries isn’t very good but English teachers are in high demand in many non-English speaking countries..

2. Many countries include inexpensive and comprehensive health care packages for their English teachers.

3. Many countries will give you free housing or accommodate your salary with a housing allowance.

4. It’s easy to build up your savings account when your expenses are low. English teachers in South Korea, for example, can realistically save $10,000 or more in a year because of their high salary and low cost of living.

5. Get paid to travel.

Photo of Jeongbang Waterfall onJeju Island, South Korea
Photo of Jeongbang Waterfall, Jeju Island, South Korea © The Daily Ornellas

6. Enjoy paid vacations.

7. Teaching English abroad will give you access to cheaper travel. Most people who teach English abroad take advantage of being so close to new countries and travel extensively throughout the region.

8. It is much easier to learn a foreign language when everyone around you is speaking it. Speaking more than one language will give your resume a boost and help you in your future job searches.

9. Living abroad increases your awareness of the world.

10. See how people in other countries live.

Photo of a Monk English Student in Thailand
Photo of Monk English Student, Thailand © jchong

11. Gain a world perspective and shape your view of other countries first hand.

12. Teach others about your country and culture.

13. Gain valuable work experience.

14. Enjoy working 25 -35 hour weeks for full-time pay.

15. Enjoy having a job that pays you enough to have disposable income.

Photo of My English Students at Jeju Island English Camp, South Korea
Photo of My English Students, Jeju Island,South Korea © Basha

16. Earn extra money by teaching English to individuals or small groups on the side.

17. Living and working in a new country and culture encourages inner growth.

18. Meet new people.

19. Living abroad is an adventure.

20. Learn to work with people with different cultures and customs.

Photo of Korean Food
Photo of Korean Food © Photocapy

21. Discover new foods in your host country.

22. Develop new skills.

23. Paid sick leave.

24. Some countries will include free round trip airfare as part of your teaching contract.

25. Gain valuable life experience.. There is only so much you can learn from books, TV and school. Immersing yourself in a new country is the only way to truly know what the world is like.