ESL Games

Only 5 minutes until class starts and you still need to find an EFL/ESL game to play.

We have all been there and trying to find an ESL game that is appropriate for your students always takes more time than you have. In order to help everyone find the right English game quickly, is compiling a database of EFL/ESL games. Each game will be listed in the same format and organized into several categories so that you will easily be able to find what you need.

Here are the game categories:

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Each individual game is listed below:

[post id=”5″ anchor=”yes” text=”Secret Word”]
[post id=”8″ anchor=”yes” text=”Telephone”]
[post id=”13″ anchor=”yes” text=”Word Challenge”]
[post id=”108″ anchor=”yes” text=”Alphabet Card Game”]
[post id=”109″ anchor=”yes” text=”Alphabet Card Spelling Game”]
[post id=”110″ anchor=”yes” text=”Alphabet Word Game”]
[post id=”111″ anchor=”yes” text=”Angry Swimming, Sleepy Dancing”]
[post id=”112″ anchor=”yes” text=”Assebly Line Monster”]
[post id=”113″ anchor=”yes” text=”Back Writing”]
[post id=”114″ anchor=”yes” text=”Bingo Trivia”]
[post id=”115″ anchor=”yes” text=”Black Out”]
[post id=”116″ anchor=”yes” text=”Blow That Fish!”]
[post id=”117″ anchor=”yes” text=”Bowling”]
[post id=”118″ anchor=”yes” text=”Building Block Stories”]
[post id=”119″ anchor=”yes” text=”Clap/Don’t Clap”]
[post id=”120″ anchor=”yes” text=”Colored Ballons”]
[post id=”121″ anchor=”yes” text=”Country Dash”]
[post id=”122″ anchor=”yes” text=”Crazy Face”]
[post id=”123″ anchor=”yes” text=”Dice of Fortune”]
[post id=”124″ anchor=”yes” text=”Dicovering Sentences”]
[post id=”125″ anchor=”yes” text=”Dictation Game”]
[post id=”126″ anchor=”yes” text=”Fly Swatter”]
[post id=”127″ anchor=”yes” text=”Guess Who aka Guess What”]
[post id=”128″ anchor=”yes” text=”How Many Words Do You Know?”]
[post id=”129″ anchor=”yes” text=”Human Alphabet”]
[post id=”130″ anchor=”yes” text=”I Went to the Market”]
[post id=”131″ anchor=”yes” text=”In The Mix”]
[post id=”132″ anchor=”yes” text=”Janken Slap”]
[post id=”133″ anchor=”yes” text=”Kabura-Nice”]
[post id=”134″ anchor=”yes” text=”Love Triangles”]
[post id=”135″ anchor=”yes” text=”Minsweep”]
[post id=”136″ anchor=”yes” text=”Nim”]
[post id=”137″ anchor=”yes” text=”Run and Write”]
[post id=”138″ anchor=”yes” text=”Running Dictation”]
[post id=”139″ anchor=”yes” text=”Sentence Jumble”]
[post id=”140″ anchor=”yes” text=”Shiritori”]
[post id=”141″ anchor=”yes” text=”Spell from a Bag”]
[post id=”142″ anchor=”yes” text=”Spin the Coin”]
[post id=”143″ anchor=”yes” text=”Stand and Spell”]
[post id=”144″ anchor=”yes” text=”Team Spelling”]
[post id=”145″ anchor=”yes” text=”The Hot Seat”]
[post id=”146″ anchor=”yes” text=”Three Kingdoms”]
[post id=”147″ anchor=”yes” text=”Typhoon”]
[post id=”148″ anchor=”yes” text=”Words in Words”]