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Guess Who aka Guess What

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10-20 minutes Any Form questions and identify a person or thing

  • This game can be played as ‘Guess What’, in which case students are playing to identify an object, animal, etc
    • It is often good to start with an object in the room until students get the hang of it
  1. Identity a student leader for the class or individual groups
  2. Ask leader to think of a famous person
  3. In turn, group members will ask yes/no questions to get information about the target celebrity
  4. If a group member receives a ‘yes’ to their question, they can ask one follow up question
  5. If the answer to a group member’s question is no, play passes to the next student
  6. Play continues until a student is ready to guess who it is
  7. Students can only guess who it is when it is their turn
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