My area of Gwangju has been experiencing a boom in construction over the last few years. Most of the buildings being put up are either 4-story apartment buildings or restaurants and other businesses. What’s cool is that a few of the newest buildings in my area house the Gwangju FC soccer team, so I always see the players lurking about the streets. Given that the area isn’t exactly Gwangju’s most exclusive, it’s a surprise these guys aren’t being barraged regularly by hordes of young succubi seeking their courtship.

Guess they ought to start winning more. Until then, they’ll continue to live by English teachers like me. Ha!

What’s also interesting about the mini construction boom here is what’s done with the small parcels of undeveloped land between buildings. Close to my place, there’s an ajumma patch which is tended to regularly by a squad of glitzy old ladies. Nothing goes to waste here in Korea: