how did you know meaning in telugu

Question 1: What is the meaning of “How did you know?” in Telugu?

Answer: “How did you know?” in Telugu translates to “మీకు ఎలా తెలుసు?” (Mīku ēlā telusu?) which is used to inquire about how someone came to know or acquire a certain piece of information.

Question 2: How can I use “How did you know?” in Telugu in a conversation?

Answer: In a Telugu conversation, you can use “మీకు ఎలా తెలుసు?” (Mīku ēlā telusu?) to express surprise or curiosity about how someone obtained knowledge. For example, if your friend predicts something accurately, you can ask them, “మీకు ఎలా తెలుసు?” (Mīku ēlā telusu?) meaning “How did you know?”

Question 3: What are alternative phrases to express the same meaning in Telugu?

Answer: Some alternative phrases to convey a similar meaning in Telugu include:
– “మీకు అంత క్రమంలో ఎంత తెలుసు?” (Mīku anta kramallo entha telusu?) which translates to “How do you know so much?”
– “మీకు ఎలా అర్ధం అయ్యింది?” (Mīku ēlā ardhāṁ ayyindi?) meaning “How did you understand?”

Question 4: Can “How did you know?” be used in formal situations in Telugu?

Answer: Yes, “How did you know?” can be used in formal situations in Telugu as well. It is a polite way to inquire about someone’s source of information or knowledge without sounding too direct.

Question 5: When is it appropriate to use “మీకు ఎలా తెలుసు?” (Mīku ēlā telusu?)

Answer: It is appropriate to use “మీకు ఎలా తెలుసు?” (Mīku ēlā telusu?) in Telugu when you want to know how someone acquired a particular piece of information. It can be used in both informal and formal situations, depending on the context and relationship between the individuals.

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