how long do highlights last

1. How long do hair highlights typically last?

Hair highlights typically last around 6-8 weeks. The duration can vary depending on factors such as the type of highlighting technique used, natural hair color, and maintenance routine.

2. Do highlights fade over time?

Yes, highlights do fade over time. As new hair grows, the color of the highlights may fade and blend with the natural hair color. It is recommended to touch up the highlights every 6-8 weeks to maintain their vibrancy.

3. Can I make my highlights last longer?

Yes, there are a few things you can do to help your highlights last longer. Avoid excessive heat styling, use color-safe shampoos and conditioners, and protect your hair from sun exposure. Additionally, regular deep conditioning treatments can help maintain the health and longevity of your highlights.

4. Will highlights become brassy over time?

Highlights can become brassy over time, especially if your hair has a natural tendency to pull warm tones. To combat brassiness, you can use purple or blue toning shampoos specifically designed for highlighted hair. They help neutralize unwanted warm tones and maintain the desired coolness of the highlights.

5. How often should I get my highlights touched up?

It is recommended to get your highlights touched up every 6-8 weeks to maintain their freshness and avoid a stark contrast between the new growth and existing highlights. Regular touch-ups also help preserve the overall look and dimension of the highlighted hair.

6. Can I get rid of my highlights without waiting for them to grow out?

If you want to get rid of your highlights without waiting for them to grow out, you have a few options. You can try a color-removing product specifically designed for hair, visit a professional colorist for color correction, or dye your hair with a shade close to your natural color to blend the highlights.

7. Are balayage highlights more long-lasting than traditional highlights?

Balayage highlights are generally considered more low-maintenance and long-lasting compared to traditional highlights. The technique involves hand-painting the color onto the hair, creating a softer, more blended effect. Balayage highlights tend to grow out more gracefully, requiring less frequent touch-ups.

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8. Can I refresh my highlights at home?

While it is possible to refresh your highlights at home using DIY kits, it is generally recommended to visit a professional colorist. They have the expertise and knowledge to achieve the desired results while minimizing damage and ensuring even color application.

9. Do highlights fade faster on certain hair types?

Highlights can fade faster on hair types that are more porous, such as bleached or damaged hair. Porous hair tends to absorb and release color more readily, causing the highlights to fade more quickly. Proper hair care and using color-protecting products can help extend the life of highlights on all hair types.

10. Can I swim in chlorinated water with highlights?

While swimming in chlorinated water with highlights may cause some fading or color alteration, taking precautionary measures can minimize the damage. Rinse your hair with clean water before swimming to saturate it, apply a protective leave-in conditioner, and wear a swim cap to reduce exposure to chlorine.

11. Are there any specific hair products that can extend the life of highlights?

Using hair products specifically formulated for color-treated or highlighted hair can help extend the life of your highlights. Look for shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that offer UV protection and are free from sulfates and harsh chemicals that can strip color.

12. Can frequent washing affect the longevity of highlights?

Excessive washing can indeed affect the longevity of highlights. Washing your hair too frequently can strip away the color and natural oils, causing the highlights to fade more quickly. Try to limit washing to every other day or use dry shampoos in between washes to maintain the vibrancy of your highlights.

13. Will highlights last longer on virgin hair?

Highlights can potentially last longer on virgin hair (hair that has not been previously dyed or chemically treated). Virgin hair tends to have a more stable and consistent base color, allowing the highlights to adhere and last longer without interference from previous color treatments.

14. Can heat styling tools affect the lifespan of highlights?

Excessive use of heat styling tools can accelerate the fading of highlights. High temperatures can cause the cuticle of the hair to open, allowing the color molecules to escape more easily. To preserve the longevity of your highlights, use heat protectant products and minimize the use of hot tools.

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15. Can highlights be re-touched without applying color to the previously highlighted sections?

When getting highlights touched up, a colorist can apply color only to the new growth, avoiding the previously highlighted sections. This technique aims to reduce unnecessary overlapping to prevent over-processing and damage to the hair.

16. Do highlights last longer on dark or light hair?

Highlights tend to last longer on darker hair shades due to the higher contrast between the highlights and the base color. Lighter hair colors may require more frequent touch-ups as new growth becomes more noticeable against the highlights.

17. Can I use DIY highlighting kits for long-lasting results?

While DIY highlighting kits are available, achieving long-lasting results can be challenging without professional expertise. It is recommended to consult with a professional colorist who can accurately assess your hair type, desired outcome, and use high-quality products to ensure optimal results and durability.

18. How can I maintain the health of my highlighted hair for longer-lasting results?

To maintain the health of your highlighted hair and prolong the lifespan of the highlights, follow a proper hair care routine. This includes regular deep conditioning treatments, gentle handling of the hair, minimizing heat styling, and protecting your hair from environmental factors such as sun exposure and chlorine.

19. Will using clarifying shampoos affect the longevity of my highlights?

Using clarifying shampoos occasionally can help remove product buildup and impurities from the hair, but they can also strip away some color. It is best to use clarifying shampoos sparingly and opt for color-safe or sulfate-free alternatives to protect the longevity of your highlights.

20. Can highlights last longer if I avoid washing my hair frequently?

Avoiding frequent hair washing can indeed help extend the lifespan of your highlights. The natural oils on your scalp act as a protective barrier and help preserve the color. However, it is important to strike a balance between maintaining cleanliness and minimizing color fade, so find a washing frequency that works for you.

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21. Can coloring my hair before getting highlights affect their longevity?

Coloring your hair before getting highlights can potentially affect their longevity. If the base color is significantly darker or lighter than the desired highlighted shade, it may require more frequent touch-ups to maintain the overall look. It is advisable to consult with a colorist to determine the best approach for your hair.

22. Are there any aftercare tips to ensure longer-lasting highlights?

Yes, there are several aftercare tips that can help ensure longer-lasting highlights. Avoid excessive sun exposure, use color-protecting products, avoid harsh chemical treatments, and protect your hair from chlorine and saltwater. Additionally, regular trims and deep conditioning treatments can help maintain the health and vibrancy of your highlights.

23. Can I make my highlights last longer by avoiding heat styling altogether?

Avoiding heat styling altogether can certainly help prolong the life of your highlights. Heat can cause color to fade faster, and minimizing its use can significantly extend the vibrancy of the highlights. However, if you prefer to use heat styling tools, ensure you use heat protectant products and set them to lower temperatures.

24. Do different highlighting techniques affect the longevity of highlights?

Yes, different highlighting techniques can affect the longevity of highlights. Techniques like balayage or ombre create a more blended effect, allowing for a softer grow-out and longer-lasting results. Traditional foil highlights may require more frequent touch-ups since they create a more defined contrast with the base color.

25. Can environmental factors like pollution affect the durability of highlights?

Environmental factors like pollution can contribute to the fading or dulling of highlights. Some pollutants can stick to the hair strands, causing unwanted discoloration or altering the tone of the highlights. Regularly cleansing and protecting your hair can help minimize the impact of pollution on the longevity of your highlights.

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