how many seats are there in tempo traveller

Question 1: What is a tempo traveller?

Answer: A tempo traveller is a commercial passenger vehicle that is widely used for group travel. It offers comfortable seating and is equipped with various amenities to ensure a pleasant journey.

Question 2: How many seats are there in a standard tempo traveller?

Answer: A standard tempo traveller usually has a seating capacity of 9 to 12 passengers, including the driver.

Question 3: Are there tempo travellers with more seating capacity available?

Answer: Yes, there are tempo travellers available with higher seating capacities. They can range from 15-seaters to as high as 26-seaters, depending on the model and configuration.

Question 4: Is it possible to customize the seating arrangement in a tempo traveller?

Answer: Yes, many tempo traveller models offer flexible seating arrangements that can be customized according to the specific requirements of the passengers.

Question 5: What are the different types of seating arrangements available in a tempo traveller?

Answer: The seating arrangements in a tempo traveller can vary, but commonly available options include standard pushback seats, recliner seats, and convertible seat-cum-beds.

Question 6: Does a tempo traveller have enough legroom for the passengers?

Answer: Yes, tempo travellers are designed to provide sufficient legroom for passengers, ensuring their comfort during the journey.

Question 7: Can a tempo traveller accommodate passengers with disabilities?

Answer: Some tempo traveller models are equipped with provisions to accommodate passengers with disabilities, such as ramps for wheelchair access and designated spaces for wheelchair placement.

Question 8: Are there specific safety features in a tempo traveller?

Answer: Yes, tempo travellers are equipped with safety features such as seat belts, fire extinguishers, emergency exits, and first aid kits to ensure passenger safety.

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Question 9: Can a tempo traveller be used for long-distance travel?

Answer: Absolutely, tempo travellers are often used for long-distance travel as they provide comfortable seating, ample storage space, and several amenities for an enjoyable journey.

Question 10: Do tempo travellers have air conditioning systems?

Answer: Yes, most tempo travellers come equipped with air conditioning systems to provide a pleasant and comfortable environment for passengers.

Question 11: Are there any luggage storage facilities available in a tempo traveller?

Answer: Yes, tempo travellers usually have overhead luggage compartments and under-seat storage spaces to accommodate the passengers’ luggage.

Question 12: Can you hire a tempo traveller for a wedding or other special events?

Answer: Certainly, tempo travellers are often hired for weddings and other special events as they provide convenient transportation for a group of people.

Question 13: Are tempo travellers suitable for mountainous terrains or rough roads?

Answer: Yes, tempo travellers are designed to handle various terrains, including mountainous areas and rough roads, making them suitable for such journeys.

Question 14: Can I rent a tempo traveller with a driver?

Answer: Yes, tempo travellers are commonly rented with drivers who are experienced in handling the vehicle, ensuring a safe and hassle-free journey.

Question 15: Are tempo travellers fuel-efficient?

Answer: Tempo travellers generally have decent fuel efficiency considering their seating capacity and size. However, it can vary depending on the specific model and driving conditions.

Question 16: What amenities are typically available in a tempo traveller?

Answer: Amenities available in a tempo traveller can include comfortable seating, music systems, charging points, reading lights, curtains, and sometimes even a small refrigerator.

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Question 17: Can I book a tempo traveller online?

Answer: Yes, many rental services and travel agencies offer online booking facilities for tempo travellers, allowing you to conveniently reserve them for your desired dates.

Question 18: How much does it cost to rent a tempo traveller?

Answer: The cost of renting a tempo traveller can vary depending on factors such as the seating capacity, duration of the rental, distance to be covered, and additional services required. It is best to check with rental agencies for specific pricing.

Question 19: Are tempo travellers available with entertainment systems?

Answer: Yes, some tempo travellers are equipped with entertainment systems such as audio/video players and LCD screens to enhance the passengers’ travel experience.

Question 20: Can I use a tempo traveller for corporate outings or team building trips?

Answer: Absolutely, tempo travellers are often utilized for corporate outings and team building trips as they offer a convenient and comfortable mode of transportation for a group.

Question 21: Are there any restrictions on tempo traveller usage?

Answer: Certain rental agencies or local regulations may have specific restrictions on tempo traveller usage, such as mileage limits, speed limits, or designated travel areas. It is essential to check with the rental provider regarding any restrictions.

Question 22: Can I drive a tempo traveller with a regular driving license?

Answer: In most cases, driving a tempo traveller requires a commercial driving license. However, regulations may vary depending on the country or state. It is recommended to consult local transportation authorities for accurate information.

Question 23: Are tempo travellers suitable for overnight journeys?

Answer: Yes, tempo travellers can be suitable for overnight journeys as some models offer convertible seat-cum-beds, allowing passengers to rest comfortably during the trip.

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Question 24: Can I hire a tempo traveller for airport transfers?

Answer: Absolutely, tempo travellers can be hired for convenient airport transfers, providing a hassle-free transportation option for groups arriving or departing from airports.

Question 25: Are tempo travellers equipped with GPS navigation systems?

Answer: While it depends on the specific model and rental provider, some tempo travellers may come equipped with GPS navigation systems, which can assist the driver in reaching the desired destination efficiently.

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