how to book ttd accommodation

Question 1: What is TTD accommodation?

Answer: TTD accommodation refers to the lodging options available for those visiting the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) temple located in Andhra Pradesh, India. The TTD provides various accommodation facilities to cater to the needs of the devotees who visit the temple.

Question 2: Why should I book TTD accommodation in advance?

Answer: Booking TTD accommodation in advance is highly recommended due to the high demand during peak pilgrimage seasons. By booking in advance, you secure a place to stay and avoid any last-minute hassles or the disappointment of not finding available accommodation.

Question 3: How can I find available TTD accommodation options?

Answer: To find available TTD accommodation options, you can visit the official website of the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam, where they provide detailed information about the available accommodations along with booking procedures and tariffs. The website is the most reliable source for accurate and up-to-date information.

Question 4: What are the types of TTD accommodation available?

Answer: TTD offers various types of accommodation options to suit the preferences and budgets of different devotees. These include choultries, guest houses, cottages, kalyana mandapams (marriage halls), and dormitories.

Question 5: How do I book TTD accommodation?

Answer: To book TTD accommodation, follow these steps:

1. Visit the official TTD website.

2. Navigate to the accommodation booking section.

3. Select the preferred location and type of accommodation.

4. Check the availability for your desired dates.

5. Fill in the required details such as the number of occupants and duration of stay.

6. Make the payment online through the provided payment options.

7. Once the payment is confirmed, you’ll receive a confirmation message with your booking details.

Question 6: Can I book TTD accommodation offline?

Answer: Yes, apart from online booking, TTD also allows offline booking of accommodation through their Centralized Reservation Counter (CRC) located in different cities. You can visit the CRC, fill in the required details, make the payment, and book your preferred TTD accommodation.

Question 7: What documents do I need for TTD accommodation booking?

Answer: For TTD accommodation booking, you typically need to provide identification details such as Aadhaar card, PAN card, or any other government-issued ID proof. Additionally, you may also need to provide details like the names of all the occupants and their ages.

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Question 8: Is it possible to modify or cancel a TTD accommodation booking?

Answer: Yes, TTD allows modification and cancellation of accommodation bookings. You can visit the official website’s accommodation section, log in using your credentials, and choose the modify/cancel option to make any necessary changes to your booking.

Question 9: Can I book TTD accommodation on the spot without prior reservation?

Answer: While TTD provides some accommodation options on a first-come, first-served basis, it is recommended to have prior reservations, especially during peak pilgrimage seasons. Booking in advance ensures a confirmed place to stay and avoids any inconvenience.

Question 10: What is the ideal time to book TTD accommodation?

Answer: The ideal time to book TTD accommodation is as soon as your travel plans are finalized. It is advisable to book accommodation several weeks or even months in advance, especially during festive seasons or other significant events.

Question 11: Are there any discounts available for TTD accommodation?

Answer: TTD sometimes offers discounts or special rates for certain categories of devotees, such as senior citizens, physically challenged individuals, or those attending specific religious events. These discounts, if available, will be mentioned on the official TTD website or during the booking process.

Question 12: What are the check-in and check-out timings for TTD accommodation?

Answer: The check-in and check-out timings for TTD accommodation vary depending on the type of accommodation. Generally, the check-in time starts from early morning, typically around 6:00 AM, and the check-out time is before 24 hours from the time of check-in.

Question 13: Is there a limit on the duration of stay for TTD accommodation?

Answer: Yes, TTD imposes a limit on the duration of stay for accommodation bookings. The maximum duration allowed may vary depending on the accommodation type, and it is usually between 2 to 3 days. You can check the specific duration limit during the booking process.

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Question 14: Can I book accommodation for someone else using my account?

Answer: Yes, you can book TTD accommodation for someone else using your account. However, ensure that you provide accurate information, including the details and identification proofs of the actual occupants who will be staying at the accommodation.

Question 15: Can I book TTD accommodation on behalf of a group?

Answer: Yes, TTD allows group bookings for accommodation. While making the booking, you will need to provide the details of all the individuals in the group, including their identification proofs. The availability of accommodation for groups may vary, so it is advisable to book well in advance.

Question 16: Are children allowed in TTD accommodation?

Answer: Yes, children are allowed in TTD accommodation. However, some accommodations may have specific age restrictions or requirements, so it is essential to check the details and policies of the chosen accommodation before making the booking.

Question 17: Can I avail of additional services or facilities during my stay in TTD accommodation?

Answer: Yes, TTD provides additional services and facilities to enhance the stay of devotees in their accommodations. These may include 24×7 water supply, room service, transportation arrangements, and access to common areas like dining halls or prayer halls. Specific services offered may vary depending on the type of accommodation.

Question 18: Is it safe to stay in TTD accommodations?

Answer: Yes, staying in TTD accommodations is generally safe. TTD takes necessary measures to ensure the safety and security of the devotees. However, it is always advisable to take personal precautions, secure your belongings, and follow any instructions provided by the accommodation staff.

Question 19: Can I find TTD accommodations near other popular tourist attractions?

Answer: Yes, TTD accommodations are often located near or within reasonable proximity to popular tourist attractions. However, the availability of such accommodations may vary depending on the specific location. It is recommended to check the details of each accommodation option to find one that suits your desired itinerary.

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Question 20: Are there any food options available within TTD accommodations?

Answer: Yes, TTD accommodations generally provide dining halls or canteen facilities where devotees can avail of food services. You can either opt for these in-house dining options or explore nearby restaurants and eateries depending on your preferences.

Question 21: Are TTD accommodations suitable for physically challenged individuals?

Answer: Yes, TTD offers accommodations specifically designed to cater to the needs of physically challenged individuals. These accommodations are equipped with facilities such as ramps, elevators, and other accessibility features to ensure a comfortable stay for such individuals.

Question 22: Can I book TTD accommodation for a single day?

Answer: Yes, you can book TTD accommodation for a single day. However, it is essential to check the specific policies of the chosen accommodation, as some may have a minimum duration of stay requirement. The availability of single-day bookings may also vary based on demand and availability.

Question 23: Can I contact TTD for any assistance regarding accommodation booking?

Answer: Yes, if you require any assistance regarding TTD accommodation booking, you can contact their dedicated helpline or customer support. The contact details can be found on the official TTD website, and the support team will be able to address your queries or issues.

Question 24: Is advance payment necessary for TTD accommodation booking?

Answer: Yes, advance payment is necessary for TTD accommodation booking. The exact amount and payment process may vary depending on the type of accommodation and the total tariff. The advance payment ensures the confirmation of your booking and guarantees the availability of the chosen accommodation.

Question 25: What is the refund policy for TTD accommodation bookings?

Answer: TTD has certain refund policies for accommodation bookings, allowing for the cancellation or modification of bookings under specific conditions. It is advisable to go through the refund policies mentioned on the official website or contact their customer support for detailed information regarding refunds.

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