how to download hotstar videos in gallery

1. How do you download Hotstar videos in the gallery?

Hotstar does not offer a direct download option for its videos. However, you can follow the steps below to download Hotstar videos in your gallery:

1. Install a video downloading application: Start by installing a reliable video downloader app on your smartphone or computer. Some popular options include VidMate, Snaptube, and TubeMate.

2. Launch the Hotstar app or website: Open the Hotstar app on your phone or visit the Hotstar website on your computer.

3. Find the video you want to download: Browse through the available videos and select the one you wish to download.

4. Copy the video URL: Once you have chosen the video, copy its URL from the address bar at the top of your browser or from the share options within the app.

5. Open the video downloader app: Launch the video downloader app you installed earlier.

6. Paste the video URL: In the video downloader app, look for a designated area to paste the video URL. Paste the copied URL into this field.

7. Select the download quality and format: Choose your preferred video quality and format for the downloaded file. Typically, options range from standard definition (SD) to high definition (HD) and come in various file formats like MP4 or FLV.

8. Initiate the download: Finally, click on the “Download” or “Start” button to begin downloading the Hotstar video to your gallery.

Remember, downloading copyrighted content may infringe upon intellectual property rights, so ensure you only download videos for personal use and adhere to copyright laws in your country.

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2. Can I use screen recording to download Hotstar videos in my gallery?

Yes, you can use screen recording as a method to download Hotstar videos in your gallery. However, it is important to note that this approach may be considered a violation of Hotstar’s terms of service and could be subject to legal consequences. It is always recommended to respect the terms and conditions set by content providers.

If you still choose to use screen recording, follow these steps:

1. Ensure you have screen recording capabilities: Most smartphones and computers have built-in screen recording features. However, if your device doesn’t have this functionality, you can install screen recording apps from app stores or use desktop software like OBS Studio or Camtasia.

2. Launch the Hotstar app or website: Open the Hotstar app on your phone or visit its website on your computer.

3. Start the screen recording: Activate your device’s screen recording feature or launch the installed screen recording app or software.

4. Play the Hotstar video: Find the video you want to download and start playing it.

5. Record the screen: While the video is playing, record the screen using the screen recording function or app.

6. Stop the recording: Once the video is finished or you have captured the necessary footage, stop the screen recording.

7. Save the recorded video: Locate the recorded video file in your device’s gallery or the designated location set by the screen recording app or software.

Remember to use screen recording responsibly and respect Hotstar’s terms of service.

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