how to find chevvai dosham in horoscope

Question 1: What is Chevvai Dosham in horoscope?

Chevvai Dosham, also known as Manglik Dosha, is an astrological condition that is believed to bring challenges and obstacles in marriage. It is caused by the unfavorable placement or alignment of Mars (Chevvai or Mangal) in a person’s birth chart.

Question 2: How is Chevvai Dosham determined?

Chevvai Dosham can be determined by analyzing the position of Mars in the individual’s birth chart. It is primarily assessed by examining the house where Mars is located and its relationship with other planets in the chart.

Question 3: Which houses are considered for Chevvai Dosham?

The first, fourth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth houses in a birth chart are especially significant when assessing Chevvai Dosham. The placement or influence of Mars in these houses is carefully examined to determine the presence and intensity of the dosha.

Question 4: Does everyone have Chevvai Dosham in their horoscope?

No, not everyone has Chevvai Dosham in their horoscope. It is specific to the individual’s birth chart and depends on the placement and aspects of Mars. Only individuals with certain alignments of Mars are said to have this astrological condition.

Question 5: Does Chevvai Dosham affect both male and female individuals?

Yes, Chevvai Dosham can affect both male and female individuals. It is not gender-specific and can impact anyone who has an unfavorable placement of Mars in their birth chart.

Question 6: How does Chevvai Dosham affect marriage?

Chevvai Dosham is believed to bring various challenges and obstacles in marriage. It is associated with delays in finding a suitable life partner, compatibility issues, discord, financial difficulties, health problems, and even divorce or separation in extreme cases.

Question 7: Can Chevvai Dosham be nullified?

Yes, Chevvai Dosham can be nullified or minimized. There are astrological remedies and rituals that are believed to counteract the negative effects of this dosha. Performing specific prayers, wearing gemstones, conducting pujas, and following certain rituals are some ways to alleviate the impact of Chevvai Dosham.

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Question 8: Is Chevvai Dosham the only factor affecting marriage compatibility?

No, Chevvai Dosham is not the only factor affecting marriage compatibility. While it is an important consideration, factors such as overall horoscope matching, planetary aspects, the strength of other beneficial planets, and personal compatibility should also be taken into account.

Question 9: Can Chevvai Dosham be indicated in other ways?

Yes, apart from the placement of Mars, Chevvai Dosham can also be indicated through specific aspects in the birth chart. These aspects include the position of Mars in relation to other planets, its conjunction with malefic planets, and the presence of certain planetary combinations.

Question 10: Is Chevvai Dosham always malefic?

Chevvai Dosham is generally considered malefic in nature. However, its intensity and impact can vary depending on factors such as the strength of Mars, its placement in different houses, and the overall planetary alignment in the birth chart.

Question 11: Can Chevvai Dosham be canceled by matching horoscopes?

Yes, in some cases, Chevvai Dosham can be canceled or reduced by matching horoscopes. If both partners have compatible horoscopes or if specific planetary combinations are present, the negative effects of Chevvai Dosham can be mitigated.

Question 12: Can Chevvai Dosham cause health issues?

Chevvai Dosham is often associated with potential health issues, specifically related to Mars’s influence. It is believed to contribute to ailments such as blood-related disorders, inflammations, accidents, surgeries, and other physical ailments. However, it’s important to note that individual health is influenced by multiple factors, and professional medical advice should always be sought.

Question 13: Does Chevvai Dosham affect career and professional life?

Chevvai Dosham is primarily associated with marriage and relationships. However, it is believed by some that it can also have an impact on an individual’s career and professional life, causing obstacles, delays, and setbacks. Again, it’s essential to consider other astrological factors and personal efforts in professional growth.

Question 14: Can Chevvai Dosham be resolved through conscious efforts?

While astrological remedies are often suggested for Chevvai Dosham, personal conscious efforts can also contribute to minimizing its effects. Practicing patience, open communication, understanding, and mutual respect in relationships can help overcome potential challenges caused by this dosha.

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Question 15: What are the remedies for Chevvai Dosham?

The specific remedies for Chevvai Dosham vary depending on an individual’s birth chart and astrological beliefs. Some common remedies include performing prayers, reciting certain mantras, wearing gemstones like coral, conducting pujas, participating in specific homas (rituals), and seeking blessings from elders and spiritual gurus.

Question 16: Can remedies for Chevvai Dosham completely eliminate its effects?

The effectiveness of remedies for Chevvai Dosham is subjective and varies from person to person. While these remedies are believed to reduce the impact of the dosha, complete elimination of its effects cannot be guaranteed. Individual actions, personal growth, and other astrological factors also play a role.

Question 17: Can two individuals with Chevvai Dosham marry each other?

In certain cases, two individuals with Chevvai Dosham can marry each other. Some belief systems suggest that when both partners have the dosha, its negative effects are canceled out, leading to a harmonious and balanced relationship. However, it is always advisable to consult with an experienced astrologer for a comprehensive analysis.

Question 18: Can astrology predict the severity of Chevvai Dosham?

Astrology can provide insights into the severity of Chevvai Dosham based on the planetary alignments and the strength of Mars in an individual’s birth chart. A skilled astrologer can assess the intensity of the dosha and provide guidance on the potential challenges it may present.

Question 19: Is it necessary to consider Chevvai Dosham in every horoscope match?

Considering Chevvai Dosham in horoscope matching is a personal choice. In some cultures and belief systems, it is considered crucial to assess this dosha along with other compatibility factors. However, modern-day approaches encourage a comprehensive analysis of multiple compatibility factors to make informed decisions about marriage.

Question 20: Can Chevvai Dosham be detected without an astrologer’s guidance?

While basic knowledge of astrology can provide insights into Chevvai Dosham, it is advisable to seek guidance from an experienced astrologer for an accurate assessment. Their expertise in analyzing birth charts and considering various factors ensures a more precise understanding of the dosha’s presence and impact.

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Question 21: Can the presence of Chevvai Dosham be a deal-breaker in relationships?

The significance of Chevvai Dosham as a deal-breaker in relationships varies among individuals and cultures. Some may consider it as a crucial factor, while others may prioritize personal compatibility, understanding, and mutual respect. It ultimately depends on the beliefs and values of the individuals involved.

Question 22: Are there any exceptions where Chevvai Dosham is not considered significant?

In certain cases, Chevvai Dosham may not be considered significant based on the overall strength and placement of other beneficial planets in an individual’s chart. If the positive and harmonious aspects outweigh the negative effects of Mars, the dosha’s significance may be diminished.

Question 23: Can Chevvai Dosham impact the overall happiness in a marriage?

Chevvai Dosham is believed to introduce challenges and obstacles in marriage. However, the overall happiness in a marriage is influenced by various factors such as love, understanding, compatibility, communication, and personal growth. While the dosha may present challenges, a strong foundation and conscious efforts can lead to a happy and fulfilling married life.

Question 24: Should one solely rely on astrological factors like Chevvai Dosham for marriage decisions?

Marriage decisions should never solely rely on astrological factors like Chevvai Dosham. It is important to consider a holistic approach that incorporates personal compatibility, emotional connection, shared goals, values, and open communication. Astrological factors can provide guidance, but they should supplement rather than dictate the decision-making process.

Question 25: Can Chevvai Dosham be the sole reason for divorce or relationship failures?

While Chevvai Dosham is believed to contribute to marital challenges, it cannot be considered the sole reason for divorce or relationship failures. The success or failure of a relationship depends on multiple factors, including individual efforts, communication, maturity, personal growth, and the ability to overcome obstacles.

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