how to prepare mppsc at home

Question 1: What is the MPPSC exam?

The Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) exam is a state-level competitive examination conducted by the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission. It is held to recruit candidates for various administrative positions in the state government of Madhya Pradesh, including the State Civil Services, State Police Service, Revenue Service, and more.

Question 2: What are the eligibility criteria for MPPSC?

To be eligible for the MPPSC exam, a candidate must:
– Be a citizen of India.
– Have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized university.
– Meet the age criteria set by the MPPSC, which varies for different categories.

Question 3: What is the exam pattern for MPPSC?

The MPPSC exam consists of three stages:
1. Preliminary Examination: It is an objective type exam with two papers. Paper 1 comprises topics like General Studies, General Science, Geography, History, etc. Paper 2 focuses on General Aptitude, Reasoning, and Analytical Ability.
2. Main Examination: It consists of six papers, including General Studies-I, General Studies-II, General Studies-III, General Studies-IV, General Hindi, and an optional subject chosen by the candidate.
3. Interview: Candidates who qualify the main examination are called for a personal interview to assess their overall personality, communication skills, and knowledge.

Question 4: How can I start preparing for the MPPSC exam at home?

To start preparing for the MPPSC exam at home, you can follow these steps:
1. Understand the Syllabus: Get a thorough understanding of the MPPSC syllabus for both the preliminary and main exams. It will help you plan your preparation effectively.
2. Create a Study Plan: Prepare a study plan that includes all the subjects and topics you need to cover. Distribute your time wisely and set achievable goals.
3. Refer to the Right Study Material: Gather relevant books, study guides, and reference materials for each subject. You can also explore online resources and video lectures for a comprehensive understanding.
4. Practice Previous Year Papers: Solve previous year question papers to get an idea about the exam pattern, difficulty level, and types of questions asked.
5. Mock Tests and Self-Assessment: Take mock tests regularly to evaluate your preparation and identify areas that require improvement. Analyze your performance and work on weak areas.
6. Stay Updated: Keep yourself updated with current affairs, national and international events, and relevant news. Read newspapers, magazines, and reliable online sources regularly.
7. Time Management and Revision: Manage your time effectively and allocate dedicated slots for each subject. Regularly revise what you have studied to retain information for a longer duration.

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Question 5: Are there any recommended books for MPPSC preparation?

Yes, here are some highly recommended books for MPPSC preparation:
1. “MP Samanya Gyan” by Dr. H. S. Chaudhary
2. “Madhya Pradesh General Knowledge” by Dr. C. L. Khanna
3. “Lucent’s Samanya Gyan”
4. “General Studies Paper I” by Arihant Experts
5. “General Studies Paper II” by Arihant Experts
6. “General Studies Paper III” by Arihant Experts
7. “General Studies Paper IV” by Arihant Experts

It is advisable to refer to the latest editions of these books and supplement your preparation with current affairs magazines and newspapers.

Question 6: How important is current affairs for the MPPSC exam?

Current affairs play a crucial role in the MPPSC exam. A significant portion of the Preliminary and Main examinations is dedicated to evaluating the candidates’ knowledge of national and international news, government schemes, social issues, and more. Staying updated with current affairs will help you answer questions related to general awareness, historical events, policy decisions, and recent happenings, thus enhancing your overall performance in the exam.

Question 7: Should I join a coaching institute for MPPSC preparation?

Joining a coaching institute for MPPSC preparation is a personal choice and depends on your individual preferences and circumstances. While coaching institutes can provide guidance, study material, and a structured approach, it is not mandatory to enroll in one. With the right resources, self-discipline, and dedication, you can effectively prepare for the MPPSC exam at home.

Question 8: How can I improve my answer writing skills for the MPPSC mains?

To improve your answer writing skills for the MPPSC mains, you can follow these tips:
1. Understand the Question: Read the question carefully and ensure that you have a clear understanding of what is being asked.
2. Structured Approach: Organize your answers in a structured manner. Begin with an introduction, followed by main points in the body, and conclude with a logical summary.
3. Use Relevant Keywords: Highlight important keywords in your answers to showcase your knowledge and understanding of the subject.
4. Provide Examples: Whenever applicable, support your answers with relevant examples, case studies, or statistical data to strengthen your arguments.
5. Practice Time-bound Writing: Set a time limit for each answer and practice writing within that duration to improve speed and time management during the actual exam.
6. Self-Evaluation: After writing answers, evaluate them critically. Identify areas where you can improve, like clarity of expression, content relevance, and overall presentation.

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Question 9: How should I handle negative marking in the MPPSC preliminary exam?

Negative marking is applicable in the MPPSC preliminary exam, wherein 1/3rd of the marks allotted to a particular question are deducted for every incorrect answer. To handle negative marking effectively, follow these tips:
1. Be Selective: If you are unsure about an answer, it is better to skip the question or mark it for review later to avoid negative marking. Focus on attempting questions you are confident about.
2. Elimination Technique: Use the elimination technique to rule out obviously incorrect options and increase your chances of getting the answer right.
3. Guess Wisely: If you can narrow down the options to two or three, take an educated guess by analyzing the question and using your knowledge. However, avoid blind guessing as it increases the probability of negative marking.

Question 10: Is it possible to crack the MPPSC exam in the first attempt?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to crack the MPPSC exam in the first attempt with the right approach, dedicated preparation, and consistent efforts. Many candidates have successfully cleared the exam without multiple attempts. However, it requires a focused study plan, thorough understanding of the syllabus, effective time management, and regular practice.

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