how to register as a seller on zomato

1. What are the requirements to register as a seller on Zomato?

Answer: To register as a seller on Zomato, you need to meet certain requirements including:

  • A valid business license or registration.
  • Compliance with the local food safety and hygiene standards.
  • Availability of a commercial kitchen or food establishment.
  • Adequate infrastructure to fulfill online orders efficiently.

2. How can I begin the registration process on Zomato?

Answer: To start the registration process, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Zomato website or download the Zomato for Business app.
  2. Click on the “Register as a Restaurant” option.
  3. Fill in your restaurant’s basic details, such as name, location, contact information, and cuisine.
  4. Submit any required documents as per Zomato’s guidelines.
  5. Complete the verification process, which may include a physical inspection.
  6. Agree to Zomato’s terms and conditions, and your registration process will be initiated.

3. Can I register multiple outlets under the same account?

Answer: Yes, you can register multiple outlets under the same account on Zomato. During the registration process, you will have an option to add multiple locations.

4. How can I manage my menu on Zomato?

Answer: Zomato provides a user-friendly interface to manage your menu. After registration, you will receive access to the Zomato for Business dashboard. From there, you can easily add, edit or delete items from your menu, set prices, update descriptions, and even add food photos to attract potential customers.

5. What payment methods are available for customers on Zomato?

Answer: Zomato offers various payment methods for customer convenience, including:

  • Cash on delivery (COD)
  • Online payments through credit/debit cards
  • Payment wallets like Paytm, PhonePe, etc.
  • Net banking

6. How does Zomato handle customer reviews and ratings?

Answer: Zomato has a review and rating system wherein customers can provide feedback on their dining experience. These reviews and ratings are transparently displayed on your Zomato restaurant page. As a seller, you have the opportunity to respond to reviews, resolve issues, and maintain a good reputation.

7. Are there any fees associated with being a seller on Zomato?

Answer: Yes, Zomato charges certain fees for being a seller on their platform. The fees may vary based on your location, business type, and the services you choose, such as delivery or promotion. It is advisable to check with Zomato directly or refer to their seller terms and conditions for detailed information.

8. Can I offer discounts or promotions to customers on Zomato?

Answer: Yes, as a seller, you have the flexibility to offer discounts or promotions to Zomato users. You can create special offers, combo deals, happy hours, or exclusive discounts to attract more customers. These promotions can be managed through the Zomato for Business dashboard.

9. How does Zomato handle food delivery for sellers?

Answer: Zomato provides delivery services through its own delivery fleet in many areas. However, it also allows sellers to use their own delivery services if preferred. You can choose to opt for Zomato’s delivery services or manage deliveries independently. The choice depends on the availability and feasibility in your area.

10. Is it possible to track orders and delivery status on Zomato?

Answer: Yes, Zomato’s platform enables sellers to track orders and monitor delivery status in real-time. Through the Zomato for Business app or dashboard, you can stay updated about incoming orders, assign delivery partners, and track their progress until the order reaches the customer.

11. Can I update my restaurant’s information after registration?

Answer: Certainly, you can easily update your restaurant’s information after registration. Simply log in to your Zomato for Business account, make the necessary changes to your restaurant details, menu, or other relevant information, and save the updates. The changes will reflect on your Zomato restaurant page shortly.

12. How long does it take for my registration to be approved?

Answer: The approval process duration may vary depending on the location and the completeness of the provided information. Generally, the verification and approval process takes a few days to a couple of weeks. It is recommended to ensure all required documents and details are correctly submitted to expedite the approval process.

13. Can I offer online ordering exclusively without dining-in option on Zomato?

Answer: Yes, if you prefer to offer only online ordering without dine-in services, you can opt for the “Delivery Only” option during the registration process. Zomato allows sellers to choose between full dine-in services, online ordering with dine-in options, or exclusively online ordering and delivery.

14. Is it compulsory to mention prices on the menu displayed on Zomato?

Answer: Yes, it is necessary to mention the prices of the items on your menu displayed on Zomato. Clear and accurate pricing helps customers make informed decisions while placing their orders. Ensure that the prices mentioned on Zomato match the prices charged at your restaurant.

15. What marketing support does Zomato provide to sellers?

Answer: Zomato offers various marketing support options to help sellers enhance their visibility, reach, and customer engagement. Some marketing tools and features include:

  • Promoted listings
  • Sponsored banners and advertisements
  • Featured placements in search results
  • Customer reviews and ratings

16. How does Zomato handle customer complaints and issues?

Answer: Zomato takes customer complaints and issues seriously. When a customer reports an incident or expresses dissatisfaction, Zomato’s customer support team investigates the matter. As a seller, you will be notified of the complaint and have the opportunity to respond and resolve the issue directly with the customer.

17. Can I change my restaurant’s category or cuisine type after registration?

Answer: Yes, you can request a change in your restaurant’s category or cuisine type after registration. Contact Zomato’s customer support or your account manager to discuss the required changes. They will guide you through the process and update the information accordingly.

18. Are there any restrictions on the photographs I can upload for my restaurant?

Answer: Zomato has specific guidelines for photographs uploaded on the platform. It is important to use high-quality images that accurately represent your restaurant, ambiance, and food. Avoid copyright infringement by using original or authorized photographs. Explicit or offensive content is strictly prohibited.

19. Can I offer customized menus for Zomato orders?

Answer: Yes, you can provide customized menus for Zomato orders. The Zomato for Business platform allows you to define specific menu items, special packages, limited-time offers, and more as per your convenience. Offering customized menus could attract a wider range of customers.

20. What level of control do I have over order preparation time?

Answer: Zomato provides full control over order preparation time. The Zomato for Business dashboard allows you to set the expected preparation or cooking time for each menu item. This helps manage customer expectations, avoid delays, and deliver a better overall experience.

21. How are the delivery charges determined on Zomato?

Answer: Zomato determines the delivery charges based on multiple factors, including the distance between your restaurant and the customer’s location, prevailing market rates, and current demand. These charges contribute to the overall delivery cost and are displayed to the customers during the ordering process.

22. Can I create my own online promotions and discount codes on Zomato?

Answer: Zomato provides sellers with the flexibility to create and manage their own online promotions and discount codes. This allows you to run exclusive offers, discounts, freebies, or reward programs directly through your Zomato page to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

23. How can I keep track of my restaurant’s performance on Zomato?

Answer: Zomato offers detailed performance tracking and analytics to help sellers monitor their restaurant’s performance. Through the Zomato for Business dashboard, you can assess various metrics including order volumes, customer reviews, ratings, delivery performance, and more. This data can assist in making informed business decisions and improving overall operations.

24. Can I temporarily pause online ordering through Zomato if required?

Answer: Yes, if needed, you can temporarily pause online ordering through Zomato. For example, if you are experiencing a staffing shortage, limited supplies, or renovation work, you can request Zomato to temporarily suspend orders. Once ready, you can resume online ordering seamlessly.

25. Is it possible to offer exclusive deals to corporate customers through Zomato?

Answer: Yes, Zomato’s platform allows sellers to offer exclusive deals and discounts to corporate customers. This helps attract corporate events, catering orders, or large group orders. You can connect with Zomato’s corporate team or account manager to discuss possible collaborations and promotional opportunities targeting corporate customers.

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