how to save money on zomato

1. How can I save money on Zomato?

Saving money on Zomato is easy if you follow these tips:

Answer: One way to save money on Zomato is to keep an eye out for discount codes or promotional offers. Zomato often collaborates with restaurants to provide special deals to its users. Look for these codes and offers either on their website or through their app.

2. Are there any exclusive offers for new Zomato users?

Yes, Zomato frequently offers exclusive deals for new users.

Answer: As a new user, you might find special discounts or offers specifically designed to attract new customers. These offers could include discounted delivery fees, cashback on your first order, or discounted prices on selected menus. Be sure to check Zomato’s website or their app for any ongoing promotions for new users.

3. Can I save money by using Zomato’s loyalty program?

Using Zomato’s loyalty program can be a great way to save money.

Answer: Zomato offers a loyalty program called “Zomato Gold” that provides exclusive discounts and benefits. By subscribing to Zomato Gold, you can enjoy 1+1 on food and 2+2 on drinks at participating restaurants. This program can significantly reduce your dining expenses.

4. Is it cheaper to order food through Zomato or dine-in at the restaurant?

The cost-effectiveness of ordering food through Zomato versus dining in depends on various factors.

Answer: Generally, dining in at a restaurant might incur additional costs such as service charges, taxes, and tips. Ordering through Zomato reduces these additional expenses, making it a more cost-effective option. However, some restaurants might offer exclusive discounts for dine-in customers. It’s always advisable to compare prices and offers before making a decision.

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5. Can I save money by ordering during off-peak hours on Zomato?

Ordering during off-peak hours on Zomato can definitely help you save some bucks.

Answer: During off-peak hours, many restaurants offer discounted prices or special promotions to attract more customers. Utilize this opportunity by placing your order when demand is lower. By doing so, you can avail yourself of discounts and deals that are often only available during specific time periods.

6. Are there any specific days where Zomato offers extra discounts?

Zomato occasionally provides extra discounts and offers on specific days of the week.

Answer: Keep an eye out for days like “Monday Madness” or “Wednesday Specials” where Zomato collaborates with restaurants to offer exclusive discounts and deals. These promotions often change, so regularly check Zomato’s website or their app for any current weekly specials.

7. Is it more economical to order individual dishes or combo meals on Zomato?

Choosing between individual dishes or combo meals on Zomato largely depends on your preferences and appetite.

Answer: Combo meals typically provide better value for money as they offer a combination of dishes at a lower overall price compared to ordering individual items separately. However, if you have specific food preferences or a smaller appetite, ordering individual dishes might be a more economical choice.

8. Can I save money by opting for pickup instead of delivery?

Opting for pickup instead of delivery can help reduce overall costs.

Answer: Delivery charges, along with additional service fees, can significantly increase your bill when ordering through Zomato. By choosing the pickup option, you can avoid these extra charges and save money. Keep in mind that pickup might not be available for all restaurants or in your particular location.

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9. Does Zomato offer any cashback options or wallet offers?

Yes, Zomato frequently provides cashback options and wallet offers to its users.

Answer: Zomato offers various cashback options and wallet offers when you make payments through their partnered payment gateways or use specific wallets like Paytm. These cashbacks or discounts are typically credited back to your wallet or bank account after the completion of the transaction.

10. Is it beneficial to subscribe to Zomato’s newsletter for saving money?

Subscribing to Zomato’s newsletter can be advantageous for saving money.

Answer: Zomato often sends out promotional newsletters that include exclusive discounts, coupon codes, and updates about ongoing deals. By subscribing to their newsletter, you’ll be among the first to know about these offers and can take advantage of them to save money on your food orders.

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