how to sell old coin in quikr

Question 1: What is Quikr and how does it work for selling old coins?

Quikr is an online classifieds platform that allows users to sell their old coins and other items. To sell old coins on Quikr, you need to create an account, post an ad with details and pictures of your coins, set a price, and wait for potential buyers to contact you. Quikr provides a wide reach to potential buyers and offers a user-friendly platform to facilitate the selling process.

Question 2: Are there any fees involved in selling old coins on Quikr?

No, Quikr does not charge any fees for listing and selling old coins on their platform. However, they do offer additional paid services, such as premium advertisements and featured listings, that can enhance the visibility of your ad.

Question 3: How to create an effective ad to sell old coins on Quikr?

Creating an effective ad is crucial to attract potential buyers. Follow these steps to create an impactful ad:
1. Start with a catchy title that mentions the type and uniqueness of your old coins.
2. Provide detailed information about the coins, including their history, condition, and any other pertinent details.
3. Use high-quality images that clearly depict the coins, their front, back, and any notable features.
4. Set a reasonable and competitive price for your coins.
5. Include relevant keywords in your ad description to improve search visibility.
6. Highlight any special offers, discounts, or unique selling points of your coins.
7. Provide your contact information and preferred mode of communication for potential buyers to reach you.

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Question 4: How should I price my old coins on Quikr?

Determining the right price for your old coins can increase the chances of a successful sale. Consider the coin’s rarity, condition, historical significance, demand in the market, and similar recent sales. You can also do research on similar coins sold on Quikr or other platforms to get an idea of the market value. Pricing your old coins competitively can attract more potential buyers.

Question 5: How to attract potential buyers for my old coins on Quikr?

To attract potential buyers for your old coins on Quikr, consider following these strategies:
1. Use high-quality images and accurate descriptions to showcase the unique features and historical significance of your coins.
2. Share your listing on social media platforms and relevant online forums to reach a wider audience.
3. Offer competitive prices or consider running limited-time promotions to attract more buyers.
4. Respond promptly to inquiries and provide additional information or images if requested.
5. Maintain a positive and professional demeanor when communicating with potential buyers.
6. Consider requesting feedback from satisfied buyers and showcase it in your future ads.

Question 6: Can I negotiate the price when selling old coins on Quikr?

Yes, buyers on Quikr often negotiate prices when purchasing old coins. You have the flexibility to negotiate and come to a mutually agreed-upon price with potential buyers. However, ensure that your initial asking price is reasonable and reflective of the coin’s value to leave room for negotiation.

Question 7: How long does it take to sell old coins on Quikr?

The time it takes to sell old coins on Quikr can vary depending on various factors, including the uniqueness and demand of your coins, your pricing strategy, and market conditions. While some coins might sell quickly, others may take longer to find the right buyer. Be patient and ensure your ad remains active and up-to-date to maximize your chances of a successful sale.

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Question 8: What safety precautions should I take while selling old coins on Quikr?

To ensure a safe and secure selling experience, consider the following precautions:
1. Share only necessary personal information with potential buyers and avoid disclosing sensitive details.
2. Meet buyers in safe and public locations for in-person transactions.
3. Inspect and authenticate any currency notes or paper bills exchanged during the transaction.
4. Consider using Quikr’s chat and messaging platform to communicate, as it offers a layer of security and traceability.
5. Trust your instincts and avoid transactions that seem suspicious or involve unusual requests.

Question 9: Can I ship old coins to buyers when selling on Quikr?

Shipping old coins to buyers can be risky, as they may be lost or damaged in transit. It is generally recommended to conduct in-person transactions for such valuable items whenever possible. However, if shipping is the only option, ensure you package the coins securely, use a trusted shipping service with tracking, and consider insuring the package against loss or damage.

Question 10: What are the advantages of selling old coins on Quikr?

Selling old coins on Quikr offers several advantages, including:
1. Wide reach: Quikr has a large user base, increasing the chances of finding potential buyers.
2. User-friendly platform: Quikr provides an easy-to-use interface for creating and managing ads.
3. Cost-effective: Quikr does not charge fees for listing and selling old coins, offering a cost-effective selling platform.
4. Local and national reach: Quikr allows you to sell to both local buyers and those from different parts of the country.
5. Enhanced visibility: Quikr offers additional paid services to enhance the visibility of your ad, increasing the likelihood of a successful sale.

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