how to stop policybazaar calls

1. How can I stop receiving unwanted calls from PolicyBazaar?

Unwanted calls from PolicyBazaar can be frustrating, but there are several steps you can take to stop them:

1. Register your number with the Do Not Call Registry: The first step is to register your contact number with the National Do Not Call Registry in your country. This will prevent registered telemarketers, including PolicyBazaar, from contacting you.

2. Block their number: If you receive calls from specific numbers repeatedly, you can block them on your mobile device. Most smartphones have built-in features that allow you to block unwanted numbers. Simply add the PolicyBazaar contact number to your block list.

3. Contact PolicyBazaar directly: Reach out to PolicyBazaar’s customer support and ask them to remove your number from their calling list. Provide them with your contact details and politely request cessation of any further calls.

4. Opt-out through SMS: Look for an opt-out option in the messages you receive from PolicyBazaar. Sometimes, they include an SMS code to unsubscribe. Send the specified code to the provided number to unsubscribe from their future marketing calls.

5. Email the customer support: Send an email to PolicyBazaar’s customer support team and request them to cease contacting you through calls. Ensure you clearly mention your name, contact number, and ask them to update their records accordingly.

6. Third-party call-blocking apps: Install call-blocking apps available for your mobile operating system. These apps filter out unwanted calls based on their database of known spam numbers, including those associated with PolicyBazaar.

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7. Report to authorities: If you continue receiving calls from PolicyBazaar even after following the above steps, report the issue to the relevant consumer protection authorities. They will investigate the matter and take appropriate actions against the company if found guilty of violating telemarketing regulations.

Remember, staying calm and assertive while communicating with PolicyBazaar can yield better results.

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