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Is Da Nang worth visiting ?

Is Da Nang worth visiting ?

Is Da Nang worth visiting ?
Is Da Nang worth visiting ?

Are you wondering whether Danang, the third largest city in Vietnam, is worth visiting? Well, let me tell you why this vibrant city should be on your travel radar. Known for its bustling commerce, thriving tourism industry, and excellent educational opportunities, Danang has captured the hearts of locals and has recently gained international recognition as one of the top 10 most worth-living places for foreigners. This accolade was bestowed upon Danang by the renowned travel magazine “Live and Invest Overseas” (LIO), further solidifying its position in the global tourism market.

Now, let me share with you 12 compelling reasons why Danang is a city worth visiting and even considering as a place to live.

1. The Cleanest City

When it comes to tourist destinations, Danang stands out for its unique characteristic—its refreshing atmosphere. Unlike many other popular cities in Vietnam that may be plagued by pollution or excessive urbanization, Danang offers a breath of fresh air, both literally and figuratively. If you find yourself exhausted by the chaotic pace of everyday life or seek respite from the polluted environments found in larger cities, Danang is an absolute gem worth considering. It seamlessly combines the desire for a modern, convenient lifestyle with a serene and healthy ambiance that leaves visitors feeling rejuvenated and fulfilled. Many individuals who have experienced life in Danang attest to the remarkable sense of balance and well-being they have found while residing in this remarkable city.

2. Reasonable Price

When it comes to traveling, one of the most frustrating things for tourists is falling into the dreaded tourist traps. But guess what? In Danang, the crown jewel of Vietnam, you can bid those worries goodbye! Despite being one of Vietnam’s most popular tourist destinations, Danang offers an incredible advantage: the cost of living here is incredibly reasonable. So, even if you’re a foreign visitor, you can live like royalty on a budget of just around 500 USD per month. Yes, you heard that right! It’s an unbelievably affordable price to experience the wonders of this stunning city. Say hello to your dream destination without breaking the bank!

3. Fresh Seafood At Incredibly Low Cost

Danang, with its extensive coastline spanning approximately 74 kilometers, boasts a remarkable abundance of diverse fish species. The majority of local residents in this area are fishermen who venture out to sea each night in pursuit of their livelihood, returning in the mornings to sell their catch at the market. As a result, Danang’s seafood is replenished daily, ensuring that culinary enthusiasts can indulge in the freshest and most flavorful dishes imaginable.

What sets the dining experience in Danang apart is the sight of live sea creatures in restaurant tanks. These tanks are not mere decorations; they serve a delicious purpose. When you step into one of these establishments, you’ll have the opportunity to personally select your desired creature—whether it’s a fish, crab, shrimp, or any other delectable sea-dweller. The restaurant owners will weigh your chosen treasure and provide you with the price before preparing your mouthwatering meal.

The best part? The cost of seafood in Danang won’t leave you gasping for air. For just a few dollars, you can savor a sumptuous and satisfying feast—a truly exceptional value when compared to other popular tourist destinations. So, get ready to dive into a culinary adventure like no other, where every bite is a celebration of the sea’s bounty.

4. Beautiful Natural Landscapes

Danang is a remarkable city that offers a unique combination of cultural beauty, beautiful beaches, and awe-inspiring mountains. This means that instead of having to visit different places to experience these attractions, travelers can now explore all of them in just one destination: Danang.

When it comes to things to do in this coastal city, tourists are spoilt for choice. If you’re someone who seeks excitement and enjoys adventurous or team-playing games, Danang’s numerous sea activities are perfect for you. You can engage in personal activities like swimming and surfing, or participate in team sports like volleyball. There’s no shortage of fun-filled experiences awaiting you.

On the other hand, if you’re a peace-seeker who craves serene moments during your journeys, Danang offers tranquil beaches where you can simply bask in the sun or gently float in the mild waves. The tranquility you’ll experience here is truly unique to Danang and will leave you feeling rejuvenated and at peace.

For those with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for history, Danang has a lot to offer. The Cao Dai Temple and Da Nang Cathedral are must-visit sites for history enthusiasts. Additionally, Danang’s architectural blend of Vietnamese colonial gothic-style buildings, museums brimming with historical artifacts, and French-inspired civic structures will captivate your curiosity. There’s no shortage of cultural and historical wonders to explore in this city.

Nature lovers will also find Danang irresistible. The stunning mountainous landscapes, particularly the Marble Mountains, will leave you in awe. Take your time to discover the hidden beauty that lies within these majestic peaks. If you’re lucky, you might even spot some rare plant and animal species that call this area home. Danang’s natural beauty is simply breathtaking and a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

One attraction that comes highly recommended for everyone visiting Danang is Ba Na Hills, often referred to as the “Way to Paradise.” To reach Ba Na Hills, tourists should head to the SunWorld complex, which boasts an impressive cable car network. This cable car system, recognized as one of the World’s Top Ten Most Remarkable Cable Cars by CNN, can transport up to 6,500 passengers per hour. Once you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a French village, tantalizing cuisine, and religious-themed structures. Moreover, Ba Na Hills benefits from a comfortable climate, supporting a diverse range of plant and animal life, including some rare species. Visitors can relax and immerse themselves in the lush mini-forests that house a variety of flora and fauna.

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In summary, Danang is a city that caters to all types of travelers. Whether you seek adventure, tranquility, history, or the wonders of nature, Danang has something extraordinary to offer. It’s a destination where cultural beauty, stunning beaches, and dramatic mountains harmoniously come together, creating a truly unforgettable experience.

5. Amazing My Khe Beach

When it comes to beaches in Danang, there is one that stands out and captures the hearts of a wide range of visitors. We’re talking about none other than My Khe Beach, a true gem in this coastal paradise.

Situated conveniently in the center of Hoi An Port, a recognized World Cultural Heritage site, My Khe Beach has gained well-deserved recognition. Forbes Magazine has ranked it as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Vietnam and even on a global scale.

Once you set foot on My Khe Beach, you’ll be greeted by a breathtaking sight. The beach stretches for 20 miles, adorned with glistening white sand that meets the vast expanse of the blue sky. The backdrop of swaying coconut trees adds a touch of poetry to the scenery, creating a picture-perfect setting.

For those seeking relaxation, My Khe Beach is a haven. Its gentle waves and warm water throughout the year provide a safe and soothing experience, making it suitable for visitors of all ages, including young children and the elderly. The beach offers a sense of tranquility that washes away your worries and lets you truly unwind.

But My Khe Beach isn’t just for those who want to kick back and relax. Adventure seekers will also find their share of excitement here. The beach offers thrilling off-shore surfing activities that are sure to awaken the adventurous spirit in any weary traveler. Get ready to ride the waves and add a dash of excitement to your beach experience.

Around My Khe Beach, you’ll discover an array of high-end resorts that cater to your every desire. These luxurious accommodations provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable beach getaway. Picture yourself indulging in the mesmerizing view of a glamorous sunset, enjoying the warm sand beneath your feet in the morning, savoring delicious cuisine in the afternoon, and finally retiring to a comfortable bed at night. It’s a truly ideal way to experience life like kings and queens.

So why wait? Treat yourself to the splendors of My Khe Beach and embrace the ultimate beach experience. Whether you seek relaxation, adventure, or the lap of luxury, this beach has it all. Come and enjoy the best that life has to offer at My Khe Beach.

6. Located In The Central Area of Vietnam

Danang is a rapidly growing city strategically located in the Southern Central area of the Vietnamese Coastal region. With its abundance of ports, both commercial and tourist-oriented, the city serves as a crucial hub for national and international transportation, making it easily accessible to travelers from near and far.

One of the great advantages of Danang is its location at the crossroads of several important routes, which opens up a world of possibilities for exploring nearby tourist attractions. From Danang, you can effortlessly embark on journeys to renowned destinations. Whether you’re seeking the ancient charm of the World Cultural Heritage site, Hoi An, the majestic ambiance of Lang Co Bay and Hue Old Citadel, the remnants of the Ancient Cham civilization at My Son Sanctuary, or the heavenly beauty of Ba Na, known as the “way to paradise,” all of these iconic places are within convenient reach.

For those who crave thrilling adventures, a must-visit destination accessible from Danang is the Hai Van Pass. This legendary mountain pass offers an exhilarating experience that requires little effort to access. As soon as you set foot on this pass, you’ll be captivated by the sheer beauty of the region. From its elevated vantage point, you can feast your eyes on the breathtaking scenery below. The pristine natural landscapes blend seamlessly with the subtle influences of modern development, creating a picturesque panorama that will leave you breathless.

So, hop on a motorbike and set off on an unforgettable journey through Danang’s enchanting surroundings. The city’s strategic location and its easy connectivity to various tourist hotspots make it an ideal base for exploring the wonders of Vietnam. Experience the magic and immerse yourself in the captivating beauty that awaits you at every turn.

7. Danang’s Dragon Bridge and Golden Bridge

7.1 Golden Bridge

In recent times, one of the most renowned spiritual and religious destinations in Vietnam has emerged. Despite being a relatively new addition, having been opened in 2018, this place has gained immense fame and now attracts millions of visitors annually to the Sun World Ba Na Hills Theme Park. This captivating spot is none other than the Golden Bridge, a 150-meter-long architectural marvel that appears to be a delicate silk pathway leading people to the Divine World.

What sets the Golden Bridge apart is its unique structure, inspired by a tale of the Mountain God assisting humans in reaching their dream world. The bridge is supported by two colossal stone hands emerging from the ground, symbolizing the benevolent guidance of the God. The hands’ nostalgic architectural design, combined with the pristine natural surroundings, provides a stunning backdrop to the main bridge. Bathed in a radiant gold coating, the bridge’s distinct and remarkable color harmoniously blends with the scenery. Its splendid appearance is often compared to that of a celestial creature, leaving everyone breathless in its presence.

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To visit the Golden Bridge, tourists need to enter the Sun World Ba Na Hills Theme Park, where it plays a pivotal role. However, there’s no need to fret, as this theme park has earned a reputation for satisfying even the most discerning visitors. Adding it to your travel itinerary will surely not disappoint.

The Golden Bridge is situated within the Sun World Ba Na Hills Theme Park, located in Hoa Phu, Hoa Vang, Danang. The park’s entrance fees are as follows: 700,000 VND per adult (approximately $30), 550,000 VND per child over 1.3 meters in height (around $25), and free admission for children under 1.3 meters.

The theme park operates from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., providing ample time for visitors to explore and enjoy all the attractions it offers. So, make sure to carve out a space in your schedule to experience the captivating beauty of the Golden Bridge and the wonders of the Sun World Ba Na Hills Theme Park.

7.2 Dragon Bridge

The Dragon Bridge, as its name suggests, features a magnificent golden dragon structure that spans along its length. This unique design holds great significance for the locals, rooted in their belief that dragons bring prosperity and nobility to the citizens.

With its six lanes gracefully crossing the Han River, the Dragon Bridge serves as a direct route from Danang International Airport to various main roads within the city. Since its construction in 2013, the bridge has provided tourists with a faster and more convenient access point to two incredible beaches in Danang: My Khe Beach and Non Nuoc Beach.

However, the dragon on this bridge is not just an ornamental piece; it holds a special surprise. The dragon is ingeniously designed to breathe fire and spray water, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. During the performance, flames will dance for two minutes before giving way to a spectacular water spray for three minutes. Enhanced by vibrant colored lights, the dragon’s show is an absolute must-see for anyone visiting Danang for the first time. Missing this captivating performance would mean overlooking an integral part of the Danang experience.

It’s important to note that the Fire Blowing and Water Spraying Performance of the Dragon takes place only at 9 p.m. on weekends and during holidays. Therefore, it’s crucial to plan your visit to Danang accordingly, ensuring you don’t miss out on this unforgettable display.

So, be sure to witness the Dragon Bridge’s extraordinary fire and water show, immersing yourself in the magic and awe-inspiring atmosphere that Danang has to offer. It’s a spectacle that will leave a lasting impression and become a cherished memory of your time in this vibrant city.

8. Friendly Locals Without Ripping Off Tourists

One thing that can often put a damper on an otherwise unforgettable travel experience is falling into tourist traps at famous attractions. But fear not, because in Danang, this frustrating issue will no longer plague you. This is one of the many reasons why Danang is a city worth living in and visiting.

When you arrive in Danang for the first time, you’ll be greeted with warm smiles from the locals, regardless of who you are, what you do, or why you’re there. The people of Danang, often referred to as Quang people, are incredibly friendly and welcoming. Their friendliness is so genuine that it will instantly make you feel at ease.

While you’re here, don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have. The locals will gladly provide you with detailed answers in the friendliest manner possible. Each person you encounter in Danang becomes a local guide, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by their hospitality. Some locals may even go the extra mile and help you create the perfect tour itinerary if you ask them.

Visiting Danang, you’ll witness the deep pride that the residents have for their city. They take great pride in their friendly city and consider it their duty to assist and help visitors understand and appreciate Danang better. Hospitality seems to flow through the veins of every person in Danang. As a result, most tourists feel a sense of regret when it’s time to leave this charming place with its warm-hearted citizens. The friendliness of the locals in this area leaves an indelible impression on the minds of visitors.

So, get ready to experience the genuine hospitality and kindness of Danang’s people. Their warm smiles, helpful nature, and genuine pride in their city will make your stay truly memorable. You’ll leave Danang with not just beautiful memories but also a heartfelt appreciation for the friendly spirit that defines this remarkable place.

9. Non-Profit Humanitarian Cancer Hospital

Danang is not just a city worth visiting but also a city worth living in, and one of the reasons is its remarkable non-profit humanitarian cancer hospital. Since its establishment in January 2013, this hospital has been providing opportunities for a healthier life to many underprivileged individuals. Supported by the city’s budget as well as various businesses, organizations, and individuals from all walks of life, this hospital stands as a symbol of love and compassion within the society.

Upon entering the hospital, one would be amazed by its luxurious appearance, resembling that of a five-star hotel. It is hard to believe that it is a hospital serving the marginalized. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and convenient amenities, this hospital strives to offer the best possible services to its patients.

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Underprivileged citizens of Danang and Quang Nam Province, as recognized by their respective local governments, receive free treatment at this hospital. Additionally, cancer patients from all over Vietnam are granted a 23 percent discount compared to the prices charged by state-owned hospitals.

Since its inception, the Non-Profit Humanitarian Cancer Hospital has been serving around 150,000 cancer patients annually, making a remarkable contribution to the battle against cancer in Vietnam. This hospital serves as a beacon of hope for those in need, providing them with quality care and support during their challenging journey.

The establishment of this non-profit hospital showcases the compassionate and caring nature of Danang’s community, demonstrating how a city can come together to make a significant positive impact on the lives of its residents. It is truly a testament to the spirit of solidarity and generosity that thrives within the city, making it a place where compassion and health intertwine.

10. Free WiFi Spot All around the City

Tired of running out of 3G data or not having enough money to buy a drink at a Wifi Coffee? Well, the government of Danang has come to the rescue! Since 2014, they have implemented a solution to this problem by providing free wifi access nearly everywhere in the city, thanks to approximately 329 access points.

The primary goal behind this initiative is to ensure that both the local citizens and visitors can keep up with the advancements of the 4.0 technology era. By offering free wifi access, the authorities hope to encourage more people to embrace internet usage and take advantage of the city’s public services.

But that’s not all. This wireless internet system also serves as a valuable warning system. Through the wifi network, users receive immediate updates on the latest information about traffic conditions, social order, and other important announcements. In times of disasters, internet users will be promptly notified, allowing for swift and appropriate actions to be taken. This forward-thinking approach is seen as the first step towards an e-government system, signaling the arrival of the 4.0 era.

Now, you can freely browse the internet, stay connected with your loved ones, and access important information wherever you go in Danang. Whether you’re enjoying a stroll along the beach or exploring the city’s vibrant streets, you won’t have to worry about being disconnected. The government’s commitment to providing free wifi demonstrates their dedication to improving the lives of residents and ensuring the convenience and safety of all visitors. So, go ahead and make the most of this wifi-enabled city as you embrace the digital age in Danang!

11. 5-star Public Toilets Found Around the City

To enhance tourism and uplift the living standards of its citizens, Danang has taken a remarkable step by introducing a series of 5-star public toilets throughout the city. This thoughtful initiative aims to provide both tourists and locals with an exceptional experience during their time in Danang. So, whenever you come across a blue logo that says “Thoải mái như ở nhà” (Comfort as home), you can confidently enter these modern and convenient toilets without any charge.

These public toilets have been designed with utmost care to ensure the highest level of comfort for visitors. Step inside, and you’ll find clean and well-maintained facilities that rival the standards of a luxurious five-star establishment. The attention to detail and the commitment to excellence are evident in every aspect of these toilets.

By offering these 5-star public toilets, Danang is not only providing a basic necessity but also striving to create a memorable experience for everyone. Whether you’re a tourist exploring the city’s attractions or a local resident going about your daily routine, these public toilets will ensure that your comfort and convenience are prioritized.

So, the next time nature calls and you spot the inviting blue logo, rest assured that you can enter these modern facilities without worrying about any fees. Danang’s commitment to providing top-notch public toilets demonstrates their dedication to creating an exceptional environment for all. Enjoy the city to the fullest, knowing that comfort is always just a step away!

12. Beaches Without Gabbages

The unfortunate sight of beaches strewn with rubbish has become all too common. It’s disheartening when a peaceful stroll along a beautiful sandy beach is marred by discarded bottles or litter. But fret not, because in Danang’s beaches, you don’t need to worry about that.

Along the coastline, you’ll find a multitude of penguin-shaped trash bins strategically placed to encourage proper waste disposal. Additionally, you’ll often come across locals who are vigilant about maintaining the cleanliness of the beaches. They’ll kindly remind you to dispose of your trash responsibly or even take the initiative to pick it up themselves. This collective effort ensures that Danang’s beaches remain pristine and inviting.

Furthermore, there are rules in place that prohibit camping or dining activities on the beaches. This helps maintain the serenity and cleanliness of the shoreline, creating a space where people can truly enjoy swimming, leisurely walks, and relaxation.

So, is Danang worth visiting? Absolutely! Danang caters to a wide range of visitors, from the vibrant and adventurous youth to those seeking a tranquil retreat. Regardless of your age or interests, you’ll undoubtedly find something that resonates with your spirit in this captivating city. Danang’s allure is undeniable, and it plays a significant role in shaping Vietnam’s reputation as a top tourism destination.

Come and experience the charm of Danang’s pristine beaches, where the warm sun, gentle waves, and a commitment to cleanliness create an idyllic environment for all to enjoy.

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