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The Main Purpose of Essay Writing in Education

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Be it high school or college, classrooms around the world require writing of at least a few essays during coursework. For some students, the tasks may be tedious, grueling, and possibly even futile in writing essays. And while writing my essays can be a very long and boring process, its practice is anything but tough. The skills needed to successfully craft an essay are skills that transcend into many other areas of life.

When learning essay writing skills in school, you learn how to develop arguments, transform your thoughts into concise, fluid sentences, and organize, along with improving grammar, spelling and punctuation. Which later on helps you with nearly everything in life – from future employment to daily tasks, it even helps improve reading proficiency. Due to its ability to prepare students for the “real world” it’s an important skill to be learned in the classroom.

Simply put, the main purpose of teaching and reinforcing writing is to prepare students, but the practice has many other purposes and benefits, such as: Enhancing communication, teaching organization, Improving grasp of the language (grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling), Encouraging self-expression, etc. Now a word about each of these:

Enhancing Communication

Essay writing enhances communication skills by helping students learn how to transform their thoughts into well-informed and crafted sentences. If they’re able to write it out on paper or type it on a computer, then they should be able to express it in both casual conversations and intellectual debates. However, for some, writing their thoughts is a lot easier than communicating them aloud to another person. This is due to two reasons: First, writing is easier for an individual to express (a young girl or boy writes in their diary) or, second, expressing thoughts out loud follows the initial process of writing (a presidential nominee writes out their speech before delivering it).

In either regard, communication is being, not only learned, but practiced. Like in the pages of a diary, emotions and memories are recorded, allowing its writer to better understand themselves and better express or explain their emotions to others. In the same way, speech is written with the intent of orating it, typically to a group of people, and so the written words are transcending from their initial drafting process to the activity of speaking them. This furthers communication skills by introducing the necessities of essay writing first. If essay writing is mastered, then formulating thoughts, ideas, and arguments into clear sentences is mastered.

Teaching Organization

When drafting an essay, especially a lengthy one, organization it is always emphasized by teachers to their students. If the arguments and thoughts of the essay aren’t structured in a way that makes sense, important points are ignored. Therefore essay writing in education is to help master the ability to not only write, not only formulate ideas but to make those ideas as easy to understand as possible. Even if the grammar and punctuation were perfect – no comma out of place, no misuse of present or past tense – it would all mean nothing to a teacher if the essay did not exhibit proper organization and flow. Learning to organize helps students become better at processing information and arranging it in their mind in a way they can understand and let others to understand. A systematized essay is a persuasive essay, and a persuasive essay indicates a student who is learning and succeeding.

Improving Grasp of Language

While teaching students a language that is not their native tongue, writing is always a big part of the curriculum. This is because you will learn the proper spelling of words, sentence structure, proper grammar, correct forms of punctuation. And mastering of all of these skills will allow you to write credible emails, resumes, reports, and any other form of writing a future career may require.

Encouraging Self Expression

Another purpose of essay writing is to teach them to be creative and express their thoughts clearly. Even for academic essay writing, a great deal of creativity is required, possibly encouraged by the company like All of these steps call for a certain amount of creativity and the freedom of choice. If a student becomes particularly interested or excited in their topic, their urgency to express their ideas on the subject matter will really show in their essay writing.

Essay writing in education is important for students to learn more about themselves as writers and individuals, as it teaches them how to communicate, express their ideas, and, of course, improves their capabilities as students in learning organizational skills and the language arts. Instructors enforce the practice of essay writing for their students’ greater benefit.

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