Practice Your English Skills Online For Free and Get A High School Diploma

How many of you are tutoring on the side while teaching in Korea, Japan, China, or other Asian countries? For extra fun English practice, get them check out High School Diploma which allows students to take the whole Dalloway course for free.

Most people I meet in Korea are willing to even separate from their families just to give their kids a chance to learn English as a high school student in the United States or Canada. When I first heard this I was shocked. I know how much family means to the people here and what the sacrifice really means when they send their kids off for a better education.

I realized that what they were doing was a selfless act. They know that even if their kids hate it, they will thank them later for having a strong understanding of English and a basis for a solid network in a native English speaking country. I don’t know if it will always be this way but for now English seems to be the second language of choice in Asia.

I did find a way that students on a lower budget can stay in their own country and get a high school diploma online. The Dalloway Course offers students the chance to get a high school diploma as recognition of their command of the English language.

Supplement to Tutoring

I recommend High School Diploma as a secondary teaching tool for the students you already have. When you first tell them they can get go to English high school while they are still in their own country they will probably think you are going to tell them about a really expensive program or private school. Well the Dalloway course is actually free. You only have to pay for the Diploma once you pass the course.

This is of course for the more advanced of your young students. Some will be much more of a beginner level and will require more simple tools that can be found at or

One of the most difficult things I have found as I tutor students is making the language learning real for them. It seems like they can learn it like they learn math or science, but it’s just another subject. Even if they are really good at it and can pass tests they don’t realize that it is different from other subjects. They don’t realize that people actually use this to communicate and it’s not just something parents force their kids to learn.

Extra practice for those in English Speaking Institutes

The other groups of students I have are already in English schools and are learning with others. They can also benefit from High School Diploma by adding it to their current course work. It will give them a real glimpse into what native high school students are doing. Since it is free they really don’t have much to lose. I know the parents will go for this.

Additional Resources

A great way to learn English and practice is by listening to English podcasts. There are those that specialize in teaching English like or others here . One of my personal favorite podcasts is the Freakonomics podcast. They have mentioned on one of the podcasts that people often listen to their podcast as English practice. I think this is a great idea since they speak very clear and the subject is really interesting.

As a learner of other languages I can understand how making it interesting can be a huge help when it comes to practice.

Well, I hope you will find some valuable information here and continue to help your students continue to learn.