Pros and Cons Essay: Common Mistakes To Avoid

Narrative Essay Writing

If you have never written a pros and cons essay, this task may be rather challenging. After all, to examine the given topic from different perspectives is not that easy, not to mention that it requires time and good critical thinking skills. Thereby, to order this paper from Snappy Essays or another professional academic writing company may appear to be a smart solution, especially if you have a busy schedule.

However, if you want to complete this assignment yourself, you need to know several important things about this type of argumentative essay. First of all, to write a pros and cons essay doesn’t mean to simply list all positive and negative sides of the given topic – you need to thoroughly analyze this information and make conclusions. Second, you need to fully understand what to do and what not to do when writing this paper. Take advantage of the following list of common mistakes to learn how to compose a good pros and cons essay able to bring you an A!

1.One-sided topic

Unfortunately, many students don’t attach great importance to choosing the right topic for their pros and cons essay and opt for those with a single side of an issue. Do not repeat that mistake! Always look for a good debatable topic.

2.More pros, less cons

To write about only positive or only negative sides of the topic is a big mistake. You need to provide your reader with the complete picture of the given issue, which means that you should give equal weight to its both sides.

3.Cursory research

If you want to get a high grade, you need more than cursory research. Try to find credible information from reliable sources (e.g. scholarly journals, university websites, expert opinions, etc.) to provide strong pros and cons that deserve your reader’s attention.

4.Writing without an outline

Creating an outline is an important stage of essay writing, as it helps you make the paper logical and properly structured. Therefore, to skip this stage is a very bad idea indeed.

5.Weak hook

To include an appealing and interesting hook in your introductory paragraph is no less important than to develop a strong and clear thesis statement. After all, if you have a weak hook, no one will read your pros and cons essay.

6.Conversational English

Pay attention to the language you use to write the essay. Since a pros and cons essay is an academic paper, you can use only academic English. This means that you should avoid any intricate speech patterns, slang, or colloquialisms.

7.Scant conclusion

A bad conclusion may tarnish the whole essay, even a good one. Therefore, when writing a conclusion, ensure it is truly impressive and meaningful. You need to summarize your main points, restate your thesis statement, and show your own position on the given issue if necessary.

Now you know what to avoid when writing a pros and cons essay. Apply these simple yet effective tips, and you are sure to write a successful paper that will bring you an A!