Teach English in Korea

The demand for English teachers in Korea greatly exceeds the supply, and just about anyone from an English-speaking country with a four-year university degree can find a job here. These TEFL jobs provide salary, airfare to and from Korea, housing, and severance pay.

English teaching jobs in Korea should also pay for half of the money put into the mandatory national pension fund, though at present only American and Canadian citizens are eligible for pension fund reimbursement. Most employers offer these benefits so if you don’t see them in your contract, you should seriously consider looking for another job.


The high demand for native English teachers in Korea ensures competitive salaries and a lot of money can be made teaching English there. Subsequently, there are a fair number of Koreans in the English school business specifically for that reason, some of whom have little sympathy or care for people coming from other countries to work for them. There have been countless stories of Westerners coming to teach English in Korea under promises of large salaries, bountiful bonuses, and competitive benefits only to find that their work conditions were very different from those they were promised. Of course, if you have done any research online about teaching English in Korea then you already know this.

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That being said, most people who come to Korea to teach English enjoy their experience and find the vast majority of Koreans to be kind and friendly people. English teaching salaries start at around 1.8-2.2 million won per month and go up as high as 3 million won or more, making them very competitive when compared with the relatively low cost of living in Korea.

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