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Street Styles in Seoul: Fashion Ideas for Spring and Summer 2016

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There’s no room for the timid in Seoul’s trendiest streets. This spring, the fashion-conscious in the South Korean capital are taking every opportunity to celebrate the season with layers of bold hues, classic and eye-popping color combinations, and even metallic fabrics. The upcoming summer, on the other hand, is a great time to flaunt a bit of skin and a whole lot of color.

This love affair with playful hues and prints, however, doesn’t mean that you have to be prepared for a visual overload every time you hit the streets. It’s quite the opposite, actually. Korean fashion has an affinity for classic styles and utilitarian shapes and cuts that highlight their soft, dewy skin. These qualities give their street ensembles a generally clean and well-organized look.

Your interest in Asian fashion may be a follow up to adopting the Korean skincare routine. It may also be fueled by a profound love for K-pop idols (despite living half a world away) or a fascination with street styles and trends around the world. Regardless of your reasons and wherever you may be, feel free to try out these street-approved styles for the current and upcoming season:

Jacket + Dress

We’re just a few days from summer but the weather’s not hot enough to completely forgo wearing a jacket. At the same time, the rising temperature gives you every chance to wear short dresses and miniskirts. Combine your love for both articles of clothing when you need to do a bit of shopping and walking about. Studded leather jackets may be paired with just about any type of fabric. You can also go with tweed if you want to play around with colors and textures. Your top can be as short as you want it to be. But if you want more coverage, use stockings or find long dresses and skirts made of sheer fabric.

Suit Jacket + Matching Shorts

Wearing a suit jacket over a pair of matching shorts looks more fun than professional, so you probably shouldn’t wear it to the office anytime soon. But feel free to bring this slightly formal ensemble out in the streets, cafes, or the mall. Instead of a suit jacket, you can also switch it up with denim jackets and shorts.

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It’s perfectly fine to go out and about in a neutral-colored overcoat on a cool or rainy day. This choice is great if you’re travelling to your office on a regular weekday. Still, no one will question you even if you walk around the park with your overcoat billowing in the spring breeze.

Long-sleeved Dresses

If you’re simply done with layering clothes for the season, then long-sleeved dresses are for you. This season favors long-sleeve dresses that reach down to one’s knees. Make up for the simplicity of the cut by going with highly textured fabrics and materials, such as knitted wool or velvet. Colors can be as basic as variants of gray to gold and silver. Pair the dress with a statement bag and high boots, long socks, or stockings.

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