How to Motivate Yourself to Compose a Catchy Essay That Hooks

When students write their essays, they have to give heed to various aspects. It’s necessary to write a great opener, craft a strong thesis, conclude effectively, and so on. One of the most complex parts of essay writing is a topic selection. If you don’t choose a relevant and catchy topic, nobody would like to read your paper at all. Not all students possess the art of defining a proper theme and so, they fail before they even start. At times, they struggle because they lack self-motivation. Therefore, we’ll show how to choose a great topic and motivate yourself.

To choose the right theme, it’s necessary to determine what makes an essay catchy. You should question the possible topic and get clear responses.

  • Is your topic relevant?
  • Is it helpful?
  • Will it solve a problem?
  • Can you narrow it?
  • Will there be enough information?

These are essential and reasonable questions. Your main question should be interesting for readers, focus on some important problems and solve them. Make sure the data you want to use is trustworthy.

Some Tips to Motivate Yourself

If you lack the motivation to choose a topic and disclose it, use a few tips to manage this task.

Firstly, you should choose the issue, which is interesting to you. If it’s appealing, you will be more enthusiastic about writing. Accordingly, your motivation will enhance.  Think about an issue, which really matters and is important for you too.

Secondly, set competitive deadlines. It’s a great motivational method because most people like challenges. The way they overcome different obstacles tells them what they’re capable of. You should schedule the working process step by step. Include to it every stage, which are a topic selection, research, introduction, thesis statement, main plot, and conclusion. Set timers for every stage and try to complete those stages faster than you’ve done it before.

Thirdly, keep away from distractions. You will not be able to focus on your writing if you pay your attention to something else. If you constantly play games or watch TV, you will never finish your essay on time. Therefore, turn off your phone, TV, and laptop. Don’t play video games, and so on. Thus, you’ll be fully devoted to what you do.

Fourthly, collaborate with someone else. At times, it’s good to challenge another author. Find another student who struggles with his/her essay. Discuss some terms of your competition. For example, promise to one another to write 200 words every day minimum. Afterward, try to write a bit more. Even if your competitor beats you, it positively reflects on your progress. You will be interested in winning the competition every day.

If you still cannot regain motivation to write, try online support. Many students ask – Can I pay someone online to write an essay for me – according to my requirements? They really grow desperate as they can’t choose a relevant idea to disclose. This is when they may use online support. There are a lot of online essay writing services. They can tackle any academic issue, including a selection of topic. They will provide 100+ ideas and each will be effective. Moreover, they offer a wide range of other benefits and conditions. Such help is worth a try.

Great Websites to Generate Ideas

If you still have no idea about how to choose a great theme for a discussion, surf the Internet. There are numerous websites, which offer relevant and interesting ideas to cover. We have also studied a few resources and so, we offer 3 great websites that offer multiple essay topics.

  1. This resource offers the latest ideas to cover in the year 2019. Students will enjoy 25 outstanding topics.
  2. If you visit this website, you will find 150 ideas for English essays. You will find topics divided into several categories. These are health, technology, social media, high school life, education, crimes, business, entertainment, sports, family, etc.
  3. You simply cannot ignore this website. It will surely become a great source of ideas and inspiration. It offers 440 topics for essay writing! They are divided into logical blocks that are suitable for different kinds of essays – persuasive, argumentative, compare and contrast, etc.

Things to Avoid

While students try to choose a good point to cover, they make some mistakes. You should be aware of them to never repeat them in the future.

  • Out-of-date ideas. Of course, you may use some topics that are always relevant. For example, these are love, friendship, finding yourself, etc. Nonetheless, your readers would like to read something new and special. Offer them an original idea and approach.
  • Too broad theme. You should narrow your topic if you want to complete it. If you cover a too broad topic, you won’t have enough space because the length of essays is limited. Therefore, choose a specific topic to focus on a small but concrete issue.
  • Reusing old topics. Some students are lazy to generate new ideas and try to play smart. They reuse some old topics. However, your professors will quickly understand that you’ve simply paraphrased something old.
  • Not checking the potential. Many students begin to cover a topic without researching. They don’t know whether they’ll find enough data to disclose it properly. Always research your topic!

Memorize these mistakes and never make them. Don’t forget about motivational tips to be focused and committed to your writing. We know you can succeed.

Pros and Cons Essay: Common Mistakes To Avoid

Narrative Essay Writing

If you have never written a pros and cons essay, this task may be rather challenging. After all, to examine the given topic from different perspectives is not that easy, not to mention that it requires time and good critical thinking skills. Thereby, to order this paper from Snappy Essays or another professional academic writing company may appear to be a smart solution, especially if you have a busy schedule.

However, if you want to complete this assignment yourself, you need to know several important things about this type of argumentative essay. First of all, to write a pros and cons essay doesn’t mean to simply list all positive and negative sides of the given topic – you need to thoroughly analyze this information and make conclusions. Second, you need to fully understand what to do and what not to do when writing this paper. Take advantage of the following list of common mistakes to learn how to compose a good pros and cons essay able to bring you an A!

1.One-sided topic

Unfortunately, many students don’t attach great importance to choosing the right topic for their pros and cons essay and opt for those with a single side of an issue. Do not repeat that mistake! Always look for a good debatable topic.

2.More pros, less cons

To write about only positive or only negative sides of the topic is a big mistake. You need to provide your reader with the complete picture of the given issue, which means that you should give equal weight to its both sides.

3.Cursory research

If you want to get a high grade, you need more than cursory research. Try to find credible information from reliable sources (e.g. scholarly journals, university websites, expert opinions, etc.) to provide strong pros and cons that deserve your reader’s attention.

4.Writing without an outline

Creating an outline is an important stage of essay writing, as it helps you make the paper logical and properly structured. Therefore, to skip this stage is a very bad idea indeed.

5.Weak hook

To include an appealing and interesting hook in your introductory paragraph is no less important than to develop a strong and clear thesis statement. After all, if you have a weak hook, no one will read your pros and cons essay.

6.Conversational English

Pay attention to the language you use to write the essay. Since a pros and cons essay is an academic paper, you can use only academic English. This means that you should avoid any intricate speech patterns, slang, or colloquialisms.

7.Scant conclusion

A bad conclusion may tarnish the whole essay, even a good one. Therefore, when writing a conclusion, ensure it is truly impressive and meaningful. You need to summarize your main points, restate your thesis statement, and show your own position on the given issue if necessary.

Now you know what to avoid when writing a pros and cons essay. Apply these simple yet effective tips, and you are sure to write a successful paper that will bring you an A!

Tips on How to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

essay writing

Students can be divided into two categories: those who enjoy writing essays and those who struggle with it. Some people have great ideas but can’t organize and express them in a proper way. Some write good essays but they want to know how to get their skills to the next level and become even better at writing. The following tips will help both students and novice writers create brilliant essays

Read other people’s works

If you want to write quality essays, you should read extensively. Reading enriches your vocabulary and forms your own writing style. That’s why read your fellow students’ essays as well as the ones written by the professional writers. Make sure you read diverse essays on diverse topics. Pay attention to the structure, sentence patterns, stylistic devices, techniques of persuasion, etc. Try not only to read but assess what you read. Write down nice and effective expressions you come across, make your own opinion about the ideas expressed, and pick the best techniques you will use in your works

Build your vocabulary

All quality essays are characterized by the clear structure and conciseness. In order to convey your ideas, you need to be able to put them into the right words. For this, you need to have a rich lexicon. One and the same thought can be expressed in different ways. It might take some people the whole paragraph to explain what they mean, while others can put it in one sentence using more advanced words. Readers get bored with long senseless sentences, so be more precise and concise communicating your thoughts on paper. There are different ways of enriching your vocabulary. The first and the most important one is to read a lot as well as consult a dictionary whenever you come across an unknown notion. To memorize new words, write them down into a vocabulary book

Improve your language skills

There is no room for mistakes and misprints in a good essay, so pay attention not only to what you write but also to how you write. Writing an essay is not an easy task and it’s even more challenging when you write it in a foreign language. If English is your second language, make sure you have a good command of grammar, syntax, and punctuation. If you’re not sure about spelling or some grammar structures, consult dictionaries, use different handbooks, and online resources. Although many students don’t pay appropriate attention to English punctuation, it’s important to know how to use it properly when writing essays.

Avoid repetition

One of the most important steps towards improving the quality of your writing is to start using synonyms instead of repeating one and the same phrase throughout the whole text. The easiest way to do so is to underline that word or phrase and try to find a substitute (synonym) for it. Make thesaurus your best friend but choose familiar alternatives and always take into account the context.

Steer clear of trite phrases

It’s great that you know a lot of idioms and metaphors but your reader expects to see something fresh. Probably, you have your own associations and even some witty comparisons – use them. However, make sure the type of your essay allows novelties

Meet the requirements

Before you get down to writing an essay, make sure you know the requirements for this very type of essay. They vary in terms of structure, content, argumentation, tone, etc.

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