16 Excuses That Slow Down Your English Learning

‘Actually, I wanted to go to the lecture. But I had a headache. I felt better in an hour, but nevertheless, I made the decision to stay at home. Health is way more important for me!’

Students invent excuses so that they do not have to do anything with their studies. They imagine something, simulate sickness or something else.

But you should not be exposed to your excuses, you must do something. And that is why essayforme.org has collected 16 typical students’ excuses for you in this article so that you never sabotage yourself in this way. And keep in mind that any time you have thoughts like “Could someone write my paper for me”, – they can do it.

1. ‘I Have Too Little Time’

Welcome to the club of slow students! We all have too little time and nothing can be done with this.  And if you do not have time for anything, it means that the certain matter is not important for you.  Think about what really matters to you and set clear priorities in your life. Then you will always have some time.

2. ‘I Do Not Want to Do That’

Studying is work. And work has little to do with pleasure. If you make your commitment to studying as much as you want, you will surely never be successful and happy. For studying, you do not need this, you only need a strong will.

 3. I’m Not Feeling My Best’

Your condition does not play a big role in studying. Of course, there are phases, in which you are super productive and do one task in record time. But this super condition is rare. In the meantime, you must cope with your reduced and normal strengths.

4. ‘I’ll Do That Later’

Postponing things until later dates is one of the most effective ways to lie to yourself and remain dissatisfied forever. Everything you postpone until ‘later’ or ‘tomorrow’ you consider subconsciously as unimportant and will most likely forget it or never do it. So be prepared to tackle important tasks right away.

5. ‘I Do Not Feel So Good’

Oh no, I’m really sorry. Here is your thermometer. Unfortunately, your university does not take into consideration the state of your health and feelings. To be exact, your lecturers don’t care at all. The daily lectures and homework continue even if you lie in bed in critical condition.

6. ‘It’s Too Hot/Too Cold’

Students often use the weather as an excuse. If it’s too warm, too cold, too windy, productive learning is simply not possible today. Stop immediately making your activity dependent on external influences. You have your own work and nothing can stop you.

7. ‘I Have Too Much to Do’

Are you going to reconcile your studies and your side job or family? Then we have a suggestion for you: reduce your work activity or take less care of your family and do your homework. Sounds impossible? Yes, it does. But if you want to study more, you have to do less of something else. Determine what is important for you and do it.

8. ‘It’s Not Worth It Anymore’

Yes, studies are worth it! Every minute you invest in your studies is a good time. It is an investment in yourself. You can spend twenty, ten, or even two minutes for this. The main thing is that you do something and work on your goals.

9. ‘I Have to Be Prepared…’

Without any doubt, a solid preparation is important. But it should not serve as an excuse to postpone your own tasks. In 99 percent of cases, you have everything you need to get started. You do not have to do anything before. You are ready. You just have to start right now.

10. ‘This is Too Exhausting’

Yes, your studies are exhausting. If you assume that you can avoid mental labor, then, unfortunately, we will disappoint you. In the course of studies, you have to work hard on everything.

11. ‘I Will Not Finish It Anyway’

You do not have to. It would only be enough if you started today because maybe tomorrow you could finish. No one has said that you have to do it all at once. So, do not use this phrase as an excuse.

12. ‘I Cannot Do That’

It is not very good that you do not know your current learning materials. Nevertheless, nobody knows their new tasks right away. Everyone has to struggle through an annoying learning process and learn the content step by step.

13. ‘The Others Are Better Than Me’

Do not think that your fellow students are better than you. There are students who pretend to be the cleverest, know everything and perfectly master their studies. But each of your fellow students has been just as unsure as you are. Take care of your self-confidence. That’s enough.

14. ‘I’ve Done Enough’

Studying is not enough. There is always something to do. The knowledge areas are so complex that you can never fully grasp them or fully understand every detail. Do not rest on your half-knowledge. Repeat the material you have already learned and deepen your detailed knowledge.

15. ‘I’m Not Lucky’

Then we have good news. For a successful and a happy studying, you do not need any luck. What really matters is a solid strategy, perseverance, and the ability to constantly motivate yourself.

16. ‘I Do Not Know Where to Start’

Instead of waiting for the perfect moment and setting up an elaborate plan, it is sometimes better to just start somewhere. Do not worry too much about your actions, just start and then see the results.  You only get your degree when you really do something for it. You must act.

Stop Finding Excuses At All!

Many students are constantly looking for various excuses and blocking their beautiful and happy future.

Excuses are a very natural function of the human psyche: they protect you from unpleasant changes.  The only problem is that these changes usually make you insecure in the short term. But they produce a positive effect and make you get a lot closer to your goals.

That’s why you should not use excuses at all. You must not believe in them.

Are there any more excuses for today?