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Why teach English in Vietnam?

English is a popular language and widely spoken across the world. In fact, this is one language that is most understood. It is no surprise to see English gaining popularity, and there is a steady rise in the member of students aiming to learn English as well as the number of teachers providing English lessons.

English in Vietnam

Teaching English is rapidly gaining popularity in Vietnam. The place boasts of colorful markets, a fascinating culture and friendly people. Bordering three other countries and located up the coast of the South China Sea, Vietnam has become a hub for travelers and backpackers.  Thus, it is no surprise to see the demand for English speakers growing in the region. The country is already a hub for English teachers, and the area needs English speakers who can tutor both adults and children. For the locals, learning English is a great way to break the poverty circle they feel trapped in.

It is easy for a fluent English speaker to get a job teaching English in Vietnam. The difficult part would, of course, would be to teach and control a class of noisy kids. Many European and English teachers find it difficult to live and work in a completely different culture. Still, one can earn a good salary as an English teacher in Vietnam, and one can easily make around $20 per hour depending on their experience and qualifications. One gets opportunities to teach all ages. They can get a full-time or part-time contract at one of the major schools or take multiple part-time contracts at smaller centers.

While one is asked to use English only in the classroom, it can be tough for the grade one and two students, who are just five and six-year-olds and speak almost no English at all. Thus, at times it can be incredibly challenging to teach English to children from scratch, and Vietnamese teaching assistants are often used to translate instructions. English classes are generally held on evenings and during weekends. Class sizes can be from a few students to well over fifty. Students here are very energetic and competitive, and it is fun to teach them.

It is advisable for the English teachers to secure a job before they arrive in Vietnam. An essential qualification they would need is a degree and the second most important factor is being a native English speaker. As a non-native English speaker, one may find it a bit difficult to find teaching work as compared to the native English speakers.

If you need to move from one centre to another, to teach, then travel shouldn’t be a worry. Taxis are very cheap by international standards, and Kiwitaxi is a good and reputed name. You can get very affordable rates and for excellent transfer services. It is advisable to travel only with reputable or recommended companies. One can also use buses or cycle around.

Vietnam is constantly changing and adapting and relatively new in the world of teaching and learning English. This is just the right time to dive in as the demand is rising steadily.

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