TESOL Certification Online

An ESL Certification can also be called a TESOL or TEFL Certificate. We found a great program. The Norwood English Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a 120 hour correspondence course for anyone intending to work as an EFL teacher.

This Certificate Program for TEFL/TESOL is 120 hours @ 160 euros (approximately $170 USD)

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Is a TESOL Certification online worth it?

Yes it is worth it. But you need to find the right program.

Ok, so your getting ready to go teach and you have heard about the TESOL certification online so now you want to know is it worth it.  Well my answer is, it depends. On this site you can find a really good article here about the certification and what to look for.  But I want to provide another angle for you to consider.

Online education is still not looked at the same as traditional brick and mortar education.  I believe that one of the reasons is validity.  For example, did you get an education from some random dude that just took your money and gave you a diploma? Or did you actually study and learn something to earn that diploma?

The TEFL or TESOL Certification is no different, but the result will depend on what you want.  If you want a certification to add to your resume just to make it a little more full, then by all means go pay a few bucks to get one printed and stick it on there.  But will it actually help you get a job?  And more importantly, will it actually help you become a better teacher?

Help you get a job

Some people want to go to university to build relationships. I think this is a very valid reason.  In fact, I think it is one of the best reasons. But for a Tesol or Tefl Certificate, especially if you are doing it online, don’t expect to be introduced to a ton of people that can help you network.

With jobs also, I think that a certification program that helps you find jobs is just trying to fluff up their sales page.  I mean a simple google search for “ESL jobs” or “english teaching jobs in asia” or even just “jobs in asia” will give you a great set of resources to start your job search.

But the Certificate itself might be useful with actually landing a job.  If your resume is solid, meaning that you at least have these requirements:

  1. College degree
  2. No criminal record (and proof)
  3. Native English speaker (at least middle school through college in an English speaking country)

Preparing To Teach

Then you should expect to be in the mix for pretty much any entry level ESL job in Asia.  The determining factors are usually:

  1. Timing – your availability and the school’s availability
  2. Your demographics – this is sometimes a little more subtle but very often schools are specific about male or female, hair color, and age. Its unfortunate but sometimes true.
  3. Visa requirements – if you need a visa that could be a factor, but most people will need a visa so not a big thing, the job posts should clearly state weather or not a visa can be provided
  4. Certification – probably the least important factor

According to my experience this is usually the case.  Timing is pretty much everything.  One thing I didn’t include, that is maybe more important than timing, is if you know someone or have a personal connection.  This usually can’t be someone you met at a networking event or that you studied with through an online certification program.  It would have to be like your childhood best friend or family relationship.

ESL Certification online

Help you become a better teacher

I think that learning something from a tesol certification online will really depend on your effort and attitude.  But also it will depend on how much the program pushes you to succeed.  This program gives you a tutor that will grade your essays.  I think that is the best way to do it.

I would recommend that before you take any course you should read a few books about being an English teacher and also do some of your own research.  In my experience it is partially about actually teaching the kids something and partially about the kids being able to prove that you taught them something.  This is a common dilemma across all education but I think it is worth talking about here.

An Example

So if you want to be a teacher in Korea for example, then you need to show some really good results to the parents.  This won’t just happen.  You have to show them. It requires preparing your kids, putting on an open class, and invite the parents.  You need to actually tell the kids to go home and show their parents what they learned.

And, the students need to have improved their scores on whatever tests they are taking.  That is crucial.  ESL students have a chance to get their essays and research papers at an affordable cost from https://cheapwritinghelp.com.

If you look the part and are a fun and exciting teacher that the kids really like… that does help.  It is good, but it is not everything.

A TESOL or TEFL online certification should give you some good information that helps you become a better teacher, but nothing really beats the actual experience.

Get Your ESL Certification

I feel like I have jumped around a bit on this post but I want to close with letting you know that I help people find jobs teaching in Asia. I few years ago almost any native English speaker who applied to teach would get a job but now you have to distinguish yourself. An ESL Certification like a TESOL or TEFL is a great way to do that.

About this Program

This 120 hour program is a complete course for those with little or no teaching experience or anyone looking for an introduction to EFL methods.

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My favorite thing about this course is that they really push you to get it done. You can find plenty of information online about how to be a good teacher but through this course you have to submit assignments and they check them to make sure you understand what you are learning. They don’t just hand out certificates.

Below you’ll find a syllabus for the course and you can download the first unit for free.

The course is 160 Euros (approximately $170 USD)

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Unit One

Introduction to TEFL
Common Terms
Overview Of Methodologies
Theories and Approaches
Qualities of ‘The Good Teacher’

Unit Two

Students: Culture/Motivation/ Learning Difficulties
Classroom Management
Adults & Children as Learners
Presentation; Practice; Production.
Beginning a Lesson: Warm Up Activities
Beginning a Lesson: Presentation

Unit Three

Communication: Speaking; Listening; Reading; Writing.
Language Analysis
Controlled Practice

Unit Four

Teaching Materials
Using Audio & Video
Teaching Situations: One Student or Sixty?
Analysing A Lesson

Unit Five

Using What You Know
Finding Work
Higher Qualifications
Career Development
Living & Working Abroad
Homestays and Self-employment

After you get your TEFL Certificate, apply to teach in Korea!