The Weather in Incheon

Current Weather in Incheon

The current weather in Incheon South Korea can be found by going to the link below on naver

Sometimes this is gets changed up a bit but if you aren’t fluent in Korean you can still get some value out of this weather widget.

( I don’t recommend your normal weather apps, they might be slightly accurate but in Korea the Korean apps are way better)

You should be able to recognize the temperate in degrees (will be shown in Celsius, you can google Celsius to Fahrenheit to get the conversion). Above that you might see something like 06시 현재 (the first two digits will change depending on the current time). The next character means ‘hour’ so its talking about the current hour. This is telling you the current temperature.

Below that you might see:

어제보다 -2℃| 강수확률0%
미세먼지 보통

어제보다 – means difference in temperature from yesterday

강수확률 – chance of rain/snow

미세먼지 – airpolution/pollen/and dust particles

보통 – means normal

The next blocks will show the forecast with highs and lows as well as morning and evening averages.

Normal Weather in Incheon

Average temperatures in Incheon are very similar to Seoul. It does get a little more humid due to the proximity to the ocean but that also brings a more cool breeze in the summer time.

It does snow in the winter and there are a few places to go by the beach in summer.

History of Weather in Incheon

The coldest month is January with an average low of negative 5 Celsius or 23 Fahrenheit and the hottest month is August with an average high of 29 Celsius or 84 Fahrenheit.

Overall the weather is very pleasant. Locals do complain about the dust and pollution but it general it is a little better than Seoul.