Tips on How to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

essay writing

Students can be divided into two categories: those who enjoy writing essays and those who struggle with it. Some people have great ideas but can’t organize and express them in a proper way. Some write good essays but they want to know how to get their skills to the next level and become even better at writing. The following tips will help both students and novice writers create brilliant essays

Read other people’s works

If you want to write quality essays, you should read extensively. Reading enriches your vocabulary and forms your own writing style. That’s why read your fellow students’ essays as well as the ones written by the professional writers. Make sure you read diverse essays on diverse topics. Pay attention to the structure, sentence patterns, stylistic devices, techniques of persuasion, etc. Try not only to read but assess what you read. Write down nice and effective expressions you come across, make your own opinion about the ideas expressed, and pick the best techniques you will use in your works

Build your vocabulary

All quality essays are characterized by the clear structure and conciseness. In order to convey your ideas, you need to be able to put them into the right words. For this, you need to have a rich lexicon. One and the same thought can be expressed in different ways. It might take some people the whole paragraph to explain what they mean, while others can put it in one sentence using more advanced words. Readers get bored with long senseless sentences, so be more precise and concise communicating your thoughts on paper. There are different ways of enriching your vocabulary. The first and the most important one is to read a lot as well as consult a dictionary whenever you come across an unknown notion. To memorize new words, write them down into a vocabulary book

Improve your language skills

There is no room for mistakes and misprints in a good essay, so pay attention not only to what you write but also to how you write. Writing an essay is not an easy task and it’s even more challenging when you write it in a foreign language. If English is your second language, make sure you have a good command of grammar, syntax, and punctuation. If you’re not sure about spelling or some grammar structures, consult dictionaries, use different handbooks, and online resources. Although many students don’t pay appropriate attention to English punctuation, it’s important to know how to use it properly when writing essays.

Avoid repetition

One of the most important steps towards improving the quality of your writing is to start using synonyms instead of repeating one and the same phrase throughout the whole text. The easiest way to do so is to underline that word or phrase and try to find a substitute (synonym) for it. Make thesaurus your best friend but choose familiar alternatives and always take into account the context.

Steer clear of trite phrases

It’s great that you know a lot of idioms and metaphors but your reader expects to see something fresh. Probably, you have your own associations and even some witty comparisons – use them. However, make sure the type of your essay allows novelties

Meet the requirements

Before you get down to writing an essay, make sure you know the requirements for this very type of essay. They vary in terms of structure, content, argumentation, tone, etc.

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