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Top 10 Korean Songs – Timeless Hits

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The world’s fascination with South Korea keeps on growing and growing. From their TV dramas, quirky variety shows, the culture of Mukbangs, skincare, and Korean makeup, to their colorful music industry, people keep going crazy about Korean trends. In this article, we highlight Korean pop music and the timeless hits you should listen to have a grasp of why people can go crazy over Kpop. These are the top hits that almost everyone born between the 1990s and 2000’s (today!) would know.

1. I Am the Best – 2NE1

In 2009, the pop music world went crazy with this amazing girl-group from South Korea called 2NE1. This four-piece composed of Bom, CL, Dara, and Minzy was formed by YG Entertainment. This song came with a music video that’s apocalyptic and futuristic with an edgy musical style. “I Am the Best” has a hook that will get stuck in your head, which perhaps is why it won Song of the Year at the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards. The song was also released in the US by Capitol Records during 2014 where it ranked 1 on the Billboard’s World Digital Songs Chart.

2. I Know – Seo Taiji & The Boys

Seo Taiji used to be a part of a heavy-metal band, but when it broke up in 1991, he played around with Musical Instrument Digital Interface, which we know by now as MIDI. With “I Know,” Seo Taiji with his band introduced dance-pop to Korean music. This song was heavily criticized at first, but the band has molded a new line of music that has shaped Kpop as we know you. Seo Taiji is also known as the Godfather of Kpop.

3. Fantastic Baby – Big Bang

Big Bang is a band that does not actually require an introduction, because they are the biggest band in the Kpop scene, owning the charts for more than a decade. This band comprises of five members that have been successful in South Korea, Asia, Europe, and the United States.  “Fantastic Baby” made Korean music history when it became the first song by a Korean group to hit 200 million views. Though the band is successful when they are together, their members have also been successful in their own solo projects.

4. Resignation – Lee Young Hyun / Big Mama

Also known from the title “Giving Up,” “Resignation” is a ballad that will tug at your heartstrings. Originally, this song was performed by the girl group Big Mama. Though this girl group has members that are more voluptuous than your usual Kpop artists, they have impressive vocal ranges that will wow you. Looking at the lyrics of this song, “Resignation” is about a girl saying that she is willing to give up on a relationship with her partner if it is what would make him happy. If you ever experienced a feeling like that in a relationship or a pseudo one, then grab your earphones and give this a listen.

5. Fire – BTS

Similar to Big Bang, BTS is taking the world by storm, and their fame has traveled the seas to reach fame in the United States. This seven-membered boy group that debuted in June of 2013 does not look like a manufactured group the way that we are used to seeing them. The music of BTS is raw, and their vocals are worthy of the fame that they are enjoying now. Their dance skills and choreography can blow you away, including the way they perform “Fire.” Though this group is fairly new, BTS is making the world see and appreciate Kpop.

6. You Don’t Know Love – K. Will

Korean music has its own share of performing balladeers, and K. Will is one of them. K. Will is well-known for his amazing vocal range, which is so amazing that his fans even call him the Male Mariah Carey of Korea. If you are looking for music that can boost your mood and make you feel in love, listen to K. Will’s music, including “You Don’t Know Love.” Bonus: Listen to some of his songs: “I Need You,” “Talk Love,” and “You Call It Romance.”

7. Wedding Dress – Taeyang

“Wedding Dress” is one of the perfect songs to match your mood during sad, emo days. This song recorded by Taeyang in 2009 under YG Entertainment is an R&B hit that’s well-loved all over the world. Looking at its lyrics, you will be able to hear about a man who was in love with a woman that is set to marry another man. Also, “Wedding Dress” is one of the Korean songs to gain international attention. It went viral on Youtube and became one of the most covered, translated, and parodied songs. Because of this, Taeyang’s album Solar reached #1 in the Canadian and #3 in the US iTunes R&B Album Chart. It also peaked at #3 on the US Billboard World Digital Chart.

8. Gee – Girl’s Generation

With cute hairstyles, colorful clothing, and adorable dance moves, everyone wanted to be part of Girl’s Generation, or SNSD, their original name. With the song “Gee,” the girls skyrocketed into fame with the help of their management, SM Entertainment. “Gee” also led the girls to stay on top of the Korean music charts for about 2 months.

9. Beautiful – Crush

“Beautiful” rose to fame due to the famous K-drama “Goblin.” This has reached surprising popularity in the country and has become a top choice in wedding dances of the past year. From the vocals of Crush to the sweet lyrics, people will swoon from the ambiance this song can set.

10. Sorry Sorry – Super Junior

In 2009, when Super Junior released this pop hit, the boyband suddenly became extremely famous over the entire country. With 11 members, the group is amazing to watch, especially when they are dancing in synchronized movements. This song can be considered the most successful single of the boy group, and it has helped to make Kpop gain popularity in nearby countries. This song charted in China, Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand, and they will be remembered by Kpop fans in the years to come.

Like everything in this world, Korean music continues to change and develop to match the tastes of listeners all over the world. As more and more people fall in love with Korean music, one thing’s for sure, their unique style has made a mark in the global scene and will continue to be important in the years to come. Get the songs in DVD and enjoy with interruption, check out the full review on DVDs!

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