Top 5 Reasons to Teach English in China

teach in china

Teaching English in China is a fantastic and lucrative experience. China is an excellent location with a rich cultural diversity. For people looking to teach English abroad, China should be the first option because it offers exciting and adventurous opportunities. China’s economy is expanding year after year and Chinese parents now realize that for their children to meet standards in a competitive world, they need to be fluent in English.

Many young Chinese students now take English classes to increase their chances of enrolling in international universities. As for you, the English teaching job in China will impact your life in unprecedented ways. Let’s see how:

1. It sets your career onto a strong path

Teaching English in China means that you have to travel to a new place, live among new people and acquire new perspectives in life. The skills you will get regarding cross-cultural communication, management and knowledge of Mandarin are entirely transferable to other fields of work. These skills can be applied in diplomacy, business, and media.

To further emphasize the point, China is fast rising to be a world economic powerhouse. Having a Chinese work experience on your resume could be a hot selling point for your big career endeavors in the future.

2. You get to work and live in great places

The demand for English teachers in China is high. This means that there are great opportunities for you to teach and live in some of the best places. You could opt for big cities like Beijing, Coastal cities like Shanghai or the tropical locations like Guangzhou. Just imagine experiencing China like a tourist, yet still bringing in a good monthly income.

Chinese people have such a rich, deep culture that few foreigners take the time to learn in a meaningful way. China is full of constant change and growth, with new cities taking on levels of growth and speed that no other industrialized nation has seen. New skyscrapers, fast trains, and picturesque countrysides fill the lands and whenever you are free, you could explore all the niceties that China has to offer

3. Great salary and benefits

Foreign English teachers get nice pay and benefits in China. A full-time native English teacher in China can earn up to 3000 USD per month. Life in China is very affordable, and that means that you will have disposable income that you can either save for the future or spend in the present on luxury. Aside from that, you will enjoy low expatriate tax rates as a foreign teacher in China.

Most English teaching jobs in China also have additional benefits like vacation, free flights, and health insurance!

4. New friends and exciting opportunities

Teaching English in China exposes you to a whole modern world of new people, friends, and even potential business partners. From the colleagues you meet at school to your neighbor or fellow patrons at a bar, you have a chance to bond and develop close ties.

There are perks that come with this new socialization. Some foreign English teachers in China are treated almost like celebrities, as the Chinese are often excited to see foreign presence as well as curious about you. Many foreigners may be asked to participate in TV shows and commercials or can even take up part-time modeling! As you walk down the streets, Chinese locals often will ask to take selfies with you so that they can share with their friends. Many English teachers from western countries in China have earned extra income from gigs like modeling and marketing, some of which they may not have been able to achieve in their home country.

5. An unparalleled cultural experience

China is home to the world’s most ancient civilization. Your career as an English teacher here will help you get an exclusive glimpse into the undying culture of the Chinese people. Aside from the big cities and their futuristic train networks, much of China’s countryside remains pristine and serene.

When you need a break from your daily routines (either on the weekend or during one of your many paid holidays), you can seek peace and tranquility in the mountains of Tibet. Perhaps you like spicy food and decide to visit Sichuan or want to hop on a short flight to visit Taiwan and taste some delicious street foods. You can head East to the Yunnan province where you can find traditional, Chinese cities situated on tall mountains.  Many of these cultural experiences can take place either on paid vacations or during the long Chinese New Year, where you can experience the celebrations of first-hand.

Whether you decide to teach ESL in China or anywhere else in the world, you will be impressed by the benefits and experiences you can gain from taking on this rewarding work.