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Top 7 Romantic Places To Visit in South Korea

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Sumptuous cuisine, dazzling architecture, flowery scenic strolls, and couples in love in all places you turn — no, we’re not talking about Rome or Paris. 

Are you bored with your typical dinner and a movie date? If you’re searching for an international romantic getaway or honeymoon destination that sets the stage for love, level up your plans by visiting the romantic getaways of South Korea! 

Journey to Love

If you’d like to travel with your date, Korea offers a lot of exciting romantic spots for couples. Not only will you have that exclusive bonding; you can also enjoy activities, get great food, and bask in the scenery while having a great time. Here are the top romantic destinations for you and the love of your life:

N Seoul Tower

A must-visit for all the lovers out there, N Seoul Tower is a symbolic landmark that is situated on top of Namsan Mountain. If you ever visit this sweet place, the best time to go would be before sunset or at night. 

This is the best place to make yourselves feel like a drama character since it’s a famous filming spot for Korean dramas. You can ride a cable car up to the top while overlooking the beauty of Seoul. While you’re at it, you can also buy a love-shaped padlock, and signify your love by hanging them at the love lock fences. Don’t forget to put romantic messages on those locks and make your wish at the wishing pond on the second floor, too! 

Han River 

Another popular spot for lovers in Korea is the Han River. In the morning, this place works as a recreational area so you can have your date for a morning jog, take a tandem bike, or have an exquisite picnic. At night, this place enchantingly transforms into a romantic destination where you can laze around on Seoul’s magnificent city nightscape. 

While you’re at it, you must not miss exploring out the Banpo Rainbow fountain, where you can see a display of colors as the water bombards out from the bridge. 

Ihwa Mural Village

Do you want an instagrammable date spot instead? If you’re looking for a scenic destination to get a picture-perfect capture of your date, Ihwa Mural Village is the best destination to go. It was once an old neighborhood fixed for demolition but has been magically transformed into a vibrant playground which attracts visitors from around the globe. 

When getting to the village, you can wonder at the murals, metal sculptures, and art installations from over 70 artists as you explore around! 

Lotte World 

Who said that theme parks aren’t romantic? Lotte World will keep you and your date a rollercoaster journey of activities that would make your heart skip a beat. If you ever want to have a reason to hold hands, they have a large skating rink. This is the perfect opportunity for you. 

Trick Eye Museum 

If you want to have a dreamlike experience with your date, the Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae is absolutely for you! You can defy gravity, lose your way in a Mirror Maze, and blend into traditional paintings. You can also take sweet and cheesy snapshots of each other while interacting with the artworks.

For extra travel inspiration, you can check out

Cheonggyecheon Stream

Want to have a peaceful time while delighting in nature? Loosen up at Cheonggyecheon Stream with your date instead. This once a minor hidden watercourse was later converted into a hidden sanctuary away from the busy city. 

Many couples relish wandering by the stream during nighttime because of the romantic ambiance that the pretty fountains and lights add to the scene.

Nami Island

Exploring Nami Island and the Garden of Morning Calm is essential when going on a South Korea romantic getaway. The island is superb all year round, with spectacular Korean greenery in autumn and attractive cherry blossom trees in spring. This iconic Nami Island was popularized by the Korean drama “Winter Sonata,” wherein many couples walk through the lovely path, even recreating scenes from the drama.


For those couples who like to escape from the city and spend time in nature, Korea is home to scenic countryside, stunning sunsets, and romantic ocean views that are perfect for a passionate drive. Koreans are very romantic people; their love for love can’t help but rub off on you.

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