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Top Contact Lens Color Trending in Korea

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Koreans are one of the top fashion trendsetters in Asia. They became Asia’s top fashion center four years ago, passing over the vogues set by Asian trailblazers from Tokyo, Taiwan, Singapore, Manila, and Hong Kong. When Korean culture became a hit worldwide, everybody went crazy! Korean cuisine, pop music, and fashion have become the “in-thing” for most Asians and other world cultures. When it comes to fashion, many Asian ladies have been going for the colored contact lenses that first became a hit in Korea, Japan, and China.

Circle Contact Lenses

It is an aesthetic and non-corrective contact lens. It makes your eye’s iris look bigger and look more “doll-eyed.” It is also known as “circle lens” or “big eye contact lens.” 

Visibility Tints

These just color tints put into the lens. They are somewhat soft and does not affect one’s eye color.

Enhancement Tints

These contact lenses are meant to enhance the natural color of your eye. It gives your eye a more subtle change whenever you put it on. Enhancement tints are translucent.

Opaque Tints

These can change your eye color drastically. These tints are perfect for people who have dark eyes.

How It Became a Trend

It was nineteen years ago when a popularity contest in Korea became a huge fad. The one that garnered the most votes online shall get the “ulzzang” status. It is a Korean word that means “good-looking” or “best face.” Also during that time, these ”beautiful” people wore colored contact lenses in their pictorials. It became a huge fad during that time! Up to now, women (and men) in Metro Asia, ages 20-30 years would put on these colored lenses to look hip and fashionable.

At first, everybody was wearing these trendy contact lenses. Young students would wear them at school, as they try to imitate these “ulzzang” celebrities. But somehow, it became a huge health issue when these students began “sharing” their contact lenses amongst their circle of friends. Some of these youngsters experienced irritating eyesores, while others began to have dwindling eyesight. With these events, many schools restricted their students to wear colored contact lenses.

But it didn’t stop there. With the growing popularity of many K-Pop groups in Korea, these stars would continue to wear colored contact lenses during pictorials and TV appearances. And these didn’t just stop with the K-Pop groups. Many Korean TV and movie celebrities who would do a product endorsement for a beauty cosmetic would wear them! These led to the booming of many colored contact lenses shops all over the City of Seoul. In a way, these shops have become a tourist attraction in the city. Seventy percent (70%) of the sales came from tourists from China and nearby Asian countries! Many customers began buying these colored contact lenses in bulk because of its low price. Quality became an issue when people in the city began selling them like hotcakes. As a result, Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety conducted tests on the products found at these shops. After the test, customers were advised to be extra careful and selective when buying colored contact lenses.

These colored contact lenses are available in a wide variety of colors and color combinations. Let’s take a look at them.

Natural Colors

These colors are for people who want to give colored contact lenses a try. It has a diameter of about 12.8 mm to 13.5 mm on the colored-part of the lenses. These colors give the eyes a sharper look. It also makes your eyes look like your not wearing any contact lenses at all! Many Korean celebrities favor these colors when they’re not wearing any sophisticated garbs. Here are the natural colors for colored contact lenses:

  • Shades of Brown
  • Black
  • Shades of Gray

Funky Colors

These colors are for the adventurous and chic types! Many K-Pop Stars favor these contact lenses because it gives their eyes a funky, or trendy advantage. Especially when they are doing their music videos, TV appearances, concerts, even interviews! Funky colors come in a variety of hues. They come in these colors:

  • Shades of Pink
  • Shades of Blue
  • Shades of Green
  • Shades of Purple
  • Orange
  • Shades of Yellow

Korean Celebrity Color Picks

When it comes to setting the trend for people to follow, these Korean celebrities are the fashion world’s beacon. These color shades bring out the personality of any person or celebrity who wears it.

  • Russian Velvet Gold Circle Lens

It is the impeccable combination of light brown and hazel. It has a diameter of 14mm with blends naturally to the color of the Iris. Many Korean celebrities like this shade because it’s like having a funky and natural-colored lens rolled into one.

  • Rainbow Eyes

This color gives that rainbow tone around your iris. It resembles the magical eyes of an elf from different fantasy series in movies and on TV. Each rainbow tone has a specific color combination that melds gradually with your natural eye color. It is available in eight different rainbow combinations and has a diameter of 14.5mm, slightly larger than any other circle lenses.

  • Blue

Most Koreans have naturally brown eyes, and the color blue would be an excellent highlight for them! This funky color is the top choice of most Korean celebrities. It is 14mm in diameter and a top choice by Korean online sensation, beauty vlogger, Park Hye Min, also known as Pony.

  • Brown

Both celebrities and ordinary citizens alike adore this natural color. The lenses are slightly bigger than most circle lenses having a diameter of 14.2mm. This color highlights the natural look of your eyes. It makes the audience wonder whether a celebrity is wearing circle lenses or not, whenever they are wearing the color brown.

  • Super Pinky Violet

This funky color is the color of choice by most K-Pop stars. This color is also because it instantly features their eyes whenever you see their energetic performances. Korean pop singer Kim Taeyeon has naturally dark eyes but wears this pulsating color during shows.

There are a variety of colors and color combinations that can make your eyes “pop-out” in the crowd! These include honey, turquoise, gemstone, sterling gray, amethyst, sapphire, and so much more. No matter how many colors you have for your contact lenses, never forget to take extra care of your eyes. And no matter what’s trending elsewhere in the world, when it comes to colored contact lenses, Korea’s choices will always be on top!

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