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Want to study and live in Australia? Here’s what to look out for

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Let’s be honest here. It’s not just to study, right? With all the beauty and excitement in Australia comes the thirst for adventure and the sheer glory of being in the state down under.

If only it’s as simple as boarding on a plane and doing everything you want after school, right? If you don’t do prior research, you might end up in a bind or facing harsh difficulties once you’re here.

Do your research. Make sure to read up about Australia’s culture, lifestyle, politics, and other important stuff before setting out to study abroad here. For instance, what is the capital of Australia? It’s Canberra! Are you surprised that it’s not Sydney or Melbourne? Well, that’s our point. You can impress everyone here by knowing a bit more than the average Joe.

First things first. You’ll need a Visa. If you’re studying for a degree course, then you’ll need a visa. The process for applying is relatively easy. It can be accomplished online and is digitally linked to your passport. However, the fee is expensive, so you need to be financially prepared.

Carefully consider where you want to study. There’s a total of 43 accredited universities in Australia comprising 40 Australian universities, two international universities, as well as a smaller private specialty university. Many educational courses and qualifications are also offered by some non-university providers in the higher education sector.

Living accommodations. The cost of living accommodations in Australia will obviously depend on which region you will study. Since you will be staying for a long time, it’s imperative that you find a steady location to live that’s near the University and all necessary conveniences. You may start to find homes for sale in Australia online right now to find all apartments and homes within the city where you’ll study.

The more rural areas of Australia, or those you will find in the western and northern Australian states, will typically have a lower accommodation costs.  In more urbanized areas, like those around Sydney and the ACT, will have higher rates, especially if you choose to stay downtown.

You may be required to get a health insurance. This needs extensive research. If you’re going to Australia on a school program, it may be included, but if you’re studying straight with a university, chances are you’ll be obligated to get health insurance once you’re in Australia.

Other considerations. Of course, there are other things that you will have to think about with regards to the cost of living if you decide to go and study in Australia. Many of these costs are based on your personal entertainment, while others are based on typical transportation, and a little bit of luxuries.

This may include a fitness club, monthly transportation pass, gasoline, taxi, meal out, beer, coffee, or a combo meal at a fast food restaurant, etc. Every individual will have different needs, so evaluate yourself based on your hobbies, food choices, and other needs/wants.

The grading system. It’s worth mentioning here that grading system may be different than your country. A “D” is in fact a good grade! Most Australian schools/universities use HD (High Distinction), D (Distinction), C (Credit), P (Pass), and F (Fail) as their general grading system.

There you have it! Being aware of these simple facts will make your study in Australia heaps better. Heaps? Ha! Get used to it since you’re bound to hear it a lot (among other jargons) while you’re here, mate. Best of luck!

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