Water Lilies

Here are some beautiful water lily pictures for you. Feel free to use these images under the creative commons license with attribution to teachenglishinasia.net/asiablog/asian-water-lilies-and-lotus-flowers

Here is a beautiful pink water lily:

Beautiful pink water lily

A pretty purple one:

Beautiful purple water lily

A purple water lily in Beijing:

Beijing purple water lily

I think this pink flower by a lily pad is a lotus:

Purple lotus flower on a lily pad

Some of these water lily pictures were taken while traveling in Korea. If you want to learn more about Korean Culture, check out this article about 20 Interesting Facts you need to know about Korea.

Here is a white flower with pink trim…another lotus I think:

White lotus flower with pink trim

This pink one is a water lily:

Pink water lily in a pond

Here are some great water lilies and lotus flowers together:

Pink lily lotus blossoms

A purple lotus flower on a black background:

Purple lotus flower

Here is a beautiful shot of a purple/pink water lily beginning to flower:

Purple water lily flowering

Purple and while water lily on a lily pad:

Purple and yellow water lily

White water lily with reflection:

White water lily

White water lilies in a turquoise blue pond:

White and yellow water lilies on a blue pond

These images were taken while traveling in Asia. We got on a little role where we would take pictures all the time. We were teachers in Korea for several years and enjoyed every bit of it.  Teaching in Korea is very fun and exciting.

Some of these images were taken while we traveled to other Asian countries like Japan.