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What time is it now in hai phong vietnam ?

Title: Current Local Time in Hai Phong, Vietnam – A Complete Guide

What time is it now in hai phong vietnam ?

Introduction: In the vibrant city of Hai Phong, Vietnam, time flows as gracefully as the tranquil waters of the Gulf of Tonkin. As one of the country’s major port cities, Hai Phong boasts a rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and a captivating cultural heritage. Whether you’re a local resident or a curious traveler, knowing the current local time in Hai Phong is essential for planning your activities and immersing yourself in the rhythm of this captivating city. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with accurate information about the current time, time zone details, weather, and other helpful insights about Hai Phong, Vietnam.

What time is it now in hai phong vietnam ?

1. What Time is it in Hai Phong, Vietnam?

At the moment, the current local time in Hai Phong, Vietnam is 23:57:41 ICT on Saturday, 24 June 2023. The city follows the Indochina Time (ICT) zone, which is UTC/GMT +7 hours. Unlike some regions, Hai Phong does not observe Daylight Saving Time, so the time remains constant throughout the year.

2. Time Zone and Clock Changes in Hai Phong:

Hai Phong, being located in the Indochina Time (ICT) zone, does not undergo clock changes or Daylight Saving Time adjustments during the year 2023. The time offset remains consistent at UTC +7 hours throughout the entire year.

3. Weather in Hai Phong, Vietnam:

Hai Phong enjoys a pleasant climate, offering visitors and residents a comfortable atmosphere to explore the city’s attractions. The average temperature in Hai Phong during the current time is 26°C, accompanied by passing clouds. Here’s a brief overview of the upcoming weather forecast:

  • Monday, 26 June 2023: 30°C / 25°C with passing clouds.
  • Tuesday, 27 June 2023: 28°C / 25°C with passing clouds.
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Please note that weather conditions may vary, and it’s always a good idea to check the latest updates before planning your outdoor activities in Hai Phong.

4. Sunrise and Sunset Times:

Witnessing the golden hues of the sunrise and sunset can be a magical experience in Hai Phong. Here are the sunrise and sunset times for the current period:

  • Sunrise: 05:13 (Northeast direction, 64°)
  • Sunset: 18:37 (Northwest direction, 296°)
  • Day length: 13 hours, 24 minutes (3 seconds shorter than the previous day)

5. Moon Phase and Tides in Hai Phong:

Gazing at the mesmerizing moonlit sky and experiencing the ebb and flow of tides are enchanting aspects of Hai Phong. Here’s the current moon phase and tide information:

  • Moon Phase: The moon is currently at 34.8% illumination. The next significant moon phase is the First Quarter, which will occur on 26 June 2023, at 14:49.
  • High Tide: The high tide is at 21:32.
  • Low Tide: The low tide is at 09:30.

6. Airports Near Hai Phong:

For those planning to visit Hai Phong, there are two primary airports that provide convenient access to the city:

  • Cat Bi Airport (HPH): Located approximately 7 km southeast of Hai Phong.
  • Noi Bai International Airport (HAN): Situated about 99 km west-northwest of Hai Phong.

These airports offer domestic and international flights, ensuring seamless travel connections for visitors.

7. Upcoming Holidays in Vietnam:

If you’re planning a trip to Hai Phong, it’s helpful to be aware of upcoming holidays that might impact your travel plans. Here are a couple of significant holidays in Vietnam during the near future:

  • Independence Day Holiday: Celebrated on 1 September.
  • Independence Day: Commemorated on 2 September.
  • Independence Day Holiday: Observed on 3 September.
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During these holidays, various festivities, cultural events, and ceremonies take place across the country, offering a glimpse into Vietnam’s rich heritage and patriotism.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q1: What is the official language spoken in Hai Phong, Vietnam?

A1: The official language spoken in Hai Phong, Vietnam is Vietnamese. However, English is also spoken and understood in many tourist areas and establishments.

Q2: What is the local currency used in Hai Phong?

A2: The local currency used in Hai Phong and throughout Vietnam is the Vietnamese Dong (VND).

Q3: What is the country code for Vietnam?

A3: The country code for Vietnam is +84. When making international calls to Hai Phong or any other city in Vietnam, remember to include this code.

Q4: What is the elevation of Hai Phong?

A4: Hai Phong is situated at an elevation of 11 meters above sea level.

Q5: How far is Hai Phong from Ho Chi Minh City?

A5: Hai Phong is located in northern Vietnam, while Ho Chi Minh City is in the southern part of the country. The approximate distance between the two cities is around 1,550 kilometers.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Hai Phong, Vietnam, with its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and bustling port, beckons travelers to immerse themselves in its charm. Understanding the current local time, time zone details, weather conditions, and other essential information can greatly enhance your experience in this captivating city. So, whether you’re planning to explore the historical sites, indulge in the local cuisine, or simply soak in the unique ambiance of Hai Phong, let the knowledge of the city’s current time be your guiding companion.

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